Wednesday, October 23, 2013

60 + Years of Excuses, incompetence, inept UMNO-BN with Sultan-Agong Approval government and INJUSTICE..another cover up of CORRUPTION INFESTED MALAYSIA!!Sack Malaya..

The Agenda 2020 need to start now.......start selling properties in KL, Perak, Penang...ALL over Malaya to and prepare to migrate to Sabah/ areas where we want to SACK UMNO-BN-PBS candidate and make citizen arrest on the same day we sack malaya....

The incompetence is Mega and can be found in the Altantuya murderer, Cow gate of Sharizat, Rape of minor in Sabah, Killing of Teoh, Sarbini....etc.  NOW the murder of victims in Cameron highlands due to incompetence of those people operating the DAM there.  They should at least be charged with manslaughter of 3 for opening the DAM gate and not giving ANY warning to the people below at ALL.  This is murder in the same manner as one drink driver or negligent driver accidently kills the Genting bus Crash....RTD no blame due to Corruption but human lives lost......another cover up of  CORRUPTION INFESTED MALAYSIA!!  Foreigners & Foreign Investtor GET OUT OF MALAYSIA 2013, 2014 and Forever until a new nation is created!!!

Is this the same operative of UMNO-POLICE Shoot first then investigate later after the DEATH?? @#$%^&*  But if you know how to use guns, rocket launcher, RPG, Heavy weapons like the UMNO-SULU-Sabah terrorist, UMNO-Thai Muslim terrorist....there is room to discuss/BINCANG first to avoid death and Blood Shed????@#$%!!!

 I am slowly getting the mantra/agenda of this Racist Evil - regime of UMNO-BN approved by Sultan -Agong........  End the regime and those SUPPORTING the EVIL of UMNO-BN whether in silence or pretend to voice concern....ALL the UMNO Racist + Royalty are just Lip service with the knowledge that their turf is protected by more GUNS and corruption money........Go learn to hold a gun when you are a student overseas.........  When EVIL is at its Peak like UMNO-BN + sultan-Agong approval......Genocide can happen with justification of Malaysia SHAM LAWS!!!.....   Malaya Cannot - Allah, Sabah - Sarawak Can Allah.....  TIME TO SACK MALAYA Yesterday!!

Financial Crisis is actually Upon Malaysia.......but UMNO-Malaya thinks they are like Japan and USA who can print money........  But Malaysia Printing money will suffer the same fate like Zimbabwe, Argentina, Indonesia.........because SHAMS gets exposed BIG time AFTER the EVENT.    So I also shoot first to bring Malaysia Economy Down.....Rakyat migrate to Sabah/Sarawak to create a new world and SACK DEBT Stricken $1 Trillion malaya with Zimbabwe money.....  At least now your $350,000 house can get you $100,000 US dollar.......can still buy nice property in Sabah/Sarawak......  After the EVENT of Collapse Malaya...$350,000 Ringgit is like $1000 USD and dropping everyday ...... and you wonder why when you sell your $350,000 for $3,500,000 million dollar house still worth $1000 USD......

Don't wonder....just March to UMNO-BN leaders and members + Sultan-Agong Homes and make citizen Arrest......Lets see how many police & army can help protect these SCUMS at that time!!!

Agenda 2020.....Bermula hari ini....INI KALI LAH!!...HIJRAH ke Sabah-Sarawak!!

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