Friday, August 30, 2013

31 August...50 years of Suffering under UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong Regime.... Evil Reigns in Malaysia!!

What have changed after all these years........nothing, nada, ziltch, kosong..elek...  @#$%^&

The same Sick Cult islamic ideology is being drum into your hearts, brain, soul without thought, thinking and reasons.....

The innocent are persecuted, charged, shamed, made example of.....  like the Penans killed, displaced,  Sri Pristina Schools students being force to eat in toilets in Ramadan, non muslim students doing better than muslim in Exams and DISCRIMINATED in the name of Allah...@#$%^&....For blogging about bak kut teh during Ramadan is serious...for being buddist and using a place USUALLY used by muslim cult malay to Pray is a serious issues that the building needs to be demolished....  This is the Sickness of Malaysia UMNO Islam Cult.

No wonder NO ONE wants to help muslim Sick cult ideology in Syria regardless of children, 500,000 thousands people die...regardless of Chimical weapons used...regardless of Saudi Arabia paying someone to detonate the mass Killing Weapons......because no one trust the OUTCOME....especially in a Muslim Regime.  That means Brace yourself for Taking what is yours in Malaysia and Don't let the injustice carry on......  That means its time forr GOOD muslim to deal with Evil Racist bigots Muslim Regime or your Suffering will be like Muslim in Egypt, Syria, Sudan........  The world is sick of ISLAM type Injustice.  Its a SHAM...... SHAM in every expect and WE WILL NOT BE ROMANTICS to YOUR EVIL RACIST RELIGIOUS BIGOTS SHAM.......  We are not sure how our kindness will be returned...

The sickness of the Islam Cult ideological justice cannot be measured in terms of consistency...  Murderer of Altantuya by muslim malay loyat to Islam-UMNO + Sultan-Agong cult chief inspector Azilah Hadri and former corporal Sirul Azhar Umar....let free...because they admitted to the C4 of a person...  The muslim malay loyal to Islam-UMNO + Sultan-Agong cult   child rapit in Sabah allowed to marry the girl he raped.....

Anyone who hurt these Fragile UMNO + Islam + whatever manner they deem  will be shown the full force of the Racist Bigots Islam Cult Injustice....  Then more muslim malay will die, go in hunger, live in misery and poverty until this sickness in Malaysia is Removed..

On this day we need to start our MIGRATION to Sabah Sarawak and Slowly take Power and SACK MALAYA.....leave the Mess for UMNO-Sultan-Agong to manage a few generation of Malay-muslim wanting to fight to their death the EVIL of the Alliance of UMNO-Sultan-Agong.  We isolate ourselves from the Evil or we Fight the Evil to the Death????....which would it be.....  these UMNO-Sultan-Agong racist bigots ideology islamic cults are like Assad and Gadaffi........they do not realise their Evil until they are NEAR DEATH.....just look at the Tun Bapa Merosot Mahathir Malaysia......all UNREPENTED!!!

Keep up the Disrupt...disrupt.....disrupt....  Malaysia Eonomy is Crumbling on the weight of a PONZI Zimbabwe malaysia......  when that happens....get the UMNO-BN leaders & children + sultan Agong for insurance!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lets Gather ..Perform prayer and religious rituals in Mosque, Surau ALL Over Malaysia.......

Then All mosque and Surau will be Demolished by the Mullah Taliban of Malaysia Muslim Council with Sultan-Agong Approval.  Easy now to have these Islam Cult religion Umno-Sultan-Agong Obliterated from Malaysia!!!  Lets do it, youtube it and see their Stupid OVER Reaction!!  The Sheer stupidity of the demolition of the Kota Tinggi Resort surau is the REFLECTION of Racist Bigots Islam CULT in Malaysia under the supervision of defender of Islam cult Sultan - Agong..... Gone ABSOLUTELY-ABSURDLY stupid & Wrong!!  @#$%^....  must we be ROMANTICS to their Stupidity, racist and evil bigots acts??/#$%^......  Yes this is seditious but so is the act of demolishing the surau.....but hey do more loss to non-muslim and make sure you don't use tax payers HARAM money to re-built....otherwise you have to demolish it again and look for those who have been built with HARAM , Corruption money to build of prayer.....evern the abode of Sultan-Agong Defender of Islam Palace and house!!!!...then go back to living on tree house as mentioned in the encyclopedia in the 1980......

Mufti, mullah, sultan-agong should start suicide soon as the blood transfusion you are using, the cups and spoons have ALL PIGS DNA and been Defiled by non-muslim.  Mosquito who have bitten a pig/pork and Haram food eater would have also bitten you again and Demolish yourself and go meet your maker!!!   Remember any Islam Cult followers who have been given blood transfusion in hospital....better start writing your WILL and prepare for death soon as a Decree to Demolish you will be issued soon!!  #$%^&*.  This is Malaysia cult islam- muslim doing a SELFIE on their own Cult believe.......truly unbelieveable.....Keep up the GOOD WORK!!....More muslim cults needs to be demolished soon in racist UMNO-Agong-Sultan Malaya who sack Singapore for Race and Racist reasons!! Today is a reflection of their Racist Absurd Utopia in Malaysia!!

The Sham of  Sri Pritina School at Sg Buloh still ongoing and time to make Suprise Citizen Arrest of the teachers there, the head master.... no need to mention their religion......  no need to mention when...  We MOB Arrest and send them to police station because their ACTS of forcing your children eat in the Toilet instead of the school canteen during the muslim fasting onth is SEDITIOUS.......   Let the courts Decide!!

The SHAM of having to stand in Cinema before a show starts to the NegaraKu national Anthem..... if not police will arrest you.  HOW ABSURD STUPID Can Malaysia UMNO-BN in Cahoots with Sultan Agong get???......No wonder WE Hate Malaysia Everyday under UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong.  Instead of tackling the UMNO-Sulu terrorist in Sabah...they BULLY unarmed they BULLY and Intimidate students of Sri Pristina Schools at Sg Buloh to admit to Sham and make a charge of sedition to parents of student.  The Stuff the student Said is INADMISSIBLE to the COURTS as it WAS DONE UNDER DURESS..>>>.....Go Arrest the Teachers and Headmaster for Sedition and causing Hygenic Truma to students eating in Toilets.....all in the name of not hurting weakling muslim cult students during Ramadan!!....  No wonder malays also HATE UMNO+Sultan-Agong these days for Dumbing them down!

Gather, Occupy.....DEMAND....SACK UMNO-BN from Government - Malaysia Style......August 30, Dataran Merdeka.....Malaysia RENEW!! 2013.  Wear BLACK!!!

We cannot Allow this SHAM, Injustice to prolong another minute under UMNO-BN Racist with Sultan - Agong Approval.    Make no mistake that Royalty is in cahoots with UMNO-BN to maintain their Dominance over 65% of Malaysian against their people in Egypt against Morsi, of Syrians against Assad or Libyans against Gadaffi.

60% of Malaysian  are not ROMANTICS to UMNO-BN  in cahoots with Sultan-Agong EVILS RACIST Acts!!   Sabah-Sarawak.....sack Malaya and give Malaysian a better place to migrate....

Monday, August 26, 2013

Nothing is shocking anymore in Malaysia.....

Corporal Sirul Azahar Umar, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri AND Azilah's long-time girlfriend, Lance Corporal Rohaniza Roslan....Are All Murderers for having admitted to C4 on Altantuya - No Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval.

Army - Police Died from UMNO-SUlu Terrorist Attack and continual Attack on Sabahans....No Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval.

Sit for same exam, same passing marks and distinction BUT Cannot get into University of Choice because of Skin colour or religion - No Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval.

Police shoots SUSPECTED gangsters, Murder them in custody, MACC Killing innocent people, Army Leaving Barracks and Killing Kg Medan Resident - No Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval.

Muslim Sabah Rapist of underage age girl and then Girl Forced to Marry Rapist - No Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval.

Corruption left right centre, malaysian in hunger, crime escalating, house break in, murder, sham - No Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval.

School Kids FORCED to eat in Toilet during muslim fasting Ramadan regardless of hygine by muslim Headmaster - No Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval.


Using ALLAH - BIG Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval. 

Buddist praying inside Hotel multi-purpose Hall - Surau - BIG Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval. 

People posting face book on eating Bak Kut Teh on Ramadan - BIG Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval. 

People coming out to demand freedom, fairness, equality, - BIG Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice  .CRUSH THEM, DESTRAOY THEM, Obliterate them..with Sultan-Agong Approval.

 This is the state of malaysia.......  Lets give them BIGGEST PROBLEM on August 30, OCCUPY DATARAN MERDEKA, Live Telecast of the Beginning of UMNO-BN End.  Do UMNO-BN dare to do a Syria or Libya or Egypt on Malaysian........  we return in Kind the same treatment accorded to Mohd Gadaffi......Global Peace recipient Crap that Tun Dr. Bapa kemerosotan Malaysia is trying to promote!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

UMNO racist corrupted bigots PRIVATISE and Steal PUBLIC Wealth but SOCIALISED the DEBT for Rakyat to Pay.....

TOL - Already Paid off but privatise it for Rakyat to keep feeding UMNO Racist Scumbags.

MAS - the corruption legacy is legendary...use public money to bail them out or to be sold CHEAPLY to UMNO crony and somehow 60% rakyat malaysia against UMNO still have to pay for the Payout...

Sarawak - no need to mention how UMNO-Taib-Terrorist....SAPU and gasak the land from true Orang Asli, take the timber, prime land, forest....TAKE the profit but make Sarawakians bear the Social problems, debt that UMNO-TAIB can be seen as SUPERMAN coming with some $$$$ to give Village Chief some $$$$$ to help shut his villages mouth.  Not realising that $$$$$ is actually BLOOD Money...of Penan killed, Raped and Tortured!!

Public transport companies killed by UMNO-BN racist also the name of Issuing Private university having to study the UMNO CRAP syllabus. ...moral and religious bias Crap of UMNO!!

This is the modus operandi of UMNO-Racist Bigots with some MIC, MCA, PBB, PBS scums together with Sultan-Agong GLADLY taking the $$$$$$ blood money withour remorse or THINKING!!

Now you know why these UMNO-BN+ Sultan-Agong need to be GADDAFI - kan.....or you could end up like some of SYRIA citizen being poison by Assad.......with Chemical Weapons....  When a Regime IS TOO Powerful and Rule with IMPUNITY......Learn to know the moment to take them down like Gadaffi, Morsi, Mubarak, Nepal King......don't end up like Zimbabwe...North Korea...Burma....Sudan.....

CRUSH these EVILs of Society before YOU ARE CRUSHED......60 years of single regime must END DRAMATICALLY....Forget SHAM Election..>Take POWER.....VIA People POWER....

Make 30 August ...Black OCCUPY DATARAN Telecast UMNO-BN demise!!!

Meanwhile bombs and attacks still happening by UMNO-Sulu terrorist on Sabahans.......time to gather, unite & obliterate UMNO-PBS and SACK malaya!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Time TO CRUSH Malaysia SHAM Racist Bigots Economy....ALL will be Affected but make sure UMNO-BN leaders Are Caught!!

The Winds of Economic terrorism is upon Malaysia....You know this from 1997...1987......when economy in trouble....burn the Surau down that is used by Buddist monk ON  A RESORT......  Foreigners STOP investing in Malaysia.  UMNO trying to fan the fire of STUPIDITY and Hatred.....lets CRASH Malaysia Economy and see UMNO Leaders suffer like Gadaffi....

Each time you walk into a place and if that place is used before for some muslim CULT UMNO Islam Ritual...You run the risk of LOSING YOUR ENTIRE BUSINESS....all for the sake of Politics and SHAM for UMNO With Sultan/Agong Approval....mind you...  They Dream up all kinds of Insult you can never defend.........because you are talking to IRRATIONAL Brain washed Media, Judges, UMNO Cult Worshippers of Cult Islam in Malaysia.

The Crime Sham and UMNO-SULU Terrorism SHAM is ever increasing....Bombs....murder....kidnap......this is Malaysia Not Blessed by Allah.  When Racism and Islam Bigots rise....Malaysia Economy will collapse and people still wonder why.....  ITS THE UMNO-BN + Sultan Approval SHAM and inept and incompetence management of economy, resources, law and order.

The Timing of the Winds of Change should coincide with August 30, Occupy Dataran Merdeka and Live Telecast UMNO the INSULTER of ISLAM Demise.  This CULT religion of UMNO-Islam with Sultan /Agong Approval must end.

Economy with Deficit like Malaysia, India, Indonesia......will have MORE Money Withdrawn from the region and time to REMEMBER WHERE those Corrupted Thief of UMNO-BN + Royalty lives........they ARE Responsible FOR ALL YOUR ILLS.........60 years with 40% citizen malaysia supporting the SHAM must be TAUGHT A LESSON of Greed and EVIL.

OBLITERATE THEM and Make it happen sooner if Possible....otherwise Malaysia is on the PATH of Zimbabwe and those Failed states.  That is the Best time to SACK MALAYA from Sabah/Sarawak......and LUMP thoese $1 Trillion debt to UMNO+ Sultan-Agong Approval to deal with + People Anger and turn the Tables of Slavery to Freedom from their EVIL Racist Agenda of 60+ years.....

Again Who and Why did these SCUM Sack Singapore ...If its not for  EVIL Racist Agenda??

Slave no more to UMNO+ Sultan + Islam Racist Cult ILKS and RUBBISH!! ......go demolish the place of Islam Defiled by Buddist monks using the RESORT FACILITY......Racist Stupidity is WHY FOREIGNERS SHOULD LEAVE MALAYSIA investment scene...better return elsewhere.......

Meanwhile how many more muslim need to die in Syria with that Sick Regime of UMNO-Assad Alliance..Bortherhood of Islam -UMNO??  ...Is UMNO-SULU terrorist planning to use Poison Gas, Chemical weapons on Malaysian...with Lynas??....and so many other places...deforestation ...burning also a form of Poisoning of Malaysian.....

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ALL Muslim who share UMNO SICK Ideology who have taken Blood Transfussion from a non- muslim should START Dying Now and ask for DEATH Because the Blood have Pigs, dog, and ALL TYPES of Defiled stuff eaten and enjoyed by non muslim....

Malaysia is in CRIME SPREE Denial......

Also High cost of Living Denial.....

and Romantics to UMNO-BN inept and incompetence Government Denial ....

When UMNO-Sulu Terrorist Attack Malaysian Police, public Army....its negotiate...bincang...discuss issues..

When its criminal suspect....its KILL on sight.......Show Decisiveness......ESPECIALLY if they are NON Malays-muslim cult of UMNO with Sultan Approval....  That is the modus operandi and Malaysian should take heed.  More so from those in Sabah-Sarawak THAT HAVE THE POWER TO SACK Malaya and LEAVE MALAYA with $1 TRILLION DEBT to manage....AT THE SAME TIME WIPE YOUR OWN DEBT Clean...

When the REAL Issues gets too hot for this UMNO-Sulu and Sultan Sponsored Regime....they will Sell their Race ..>Religion and Insult Royalty sedition bogey man out from their RACIST Magic Box....

So now trying to distant itself from Muslin brotherhood terrorist group......and trying to side with Saudi Arabia (who incidently, people there also trying to get rid of the monarchy there like in Bahrain and other Arab Monarchy)....  Who wants this type of muslim??  Muslim brotherhood burn churches, killing christian ...and trying to introduce Syriah......Serve you right for the coup....not that I support coup or killings of innocent people but sometimes when you get cocky with your 40% support like UMNO-BN....  you ask for it.  We need to Topple UMNO-BN .. in the same manner like they did to Gadaffi and InshahAllah to Assad of Syria.

When these SCUMS of UMNO-Muslim Cult terrorist gets cornered...they hide in the mosque like those Muslim Brotherhood......When you step into their Surau, they want to tear it down...demolish....but when muslim brotherhood use it for their TERRORISM ACTS....storing guns...ammunition......its ALLAH Approved.....the World have seen your Hyprocrisy....GET LOST and CHANGE to another Religion and Reflect on the SHAM and SHAM Muslim brings to ISLAM!!...BERAMBUS Agong-Sultan FAKE Defender of Islam in Malaysia with the APPROVAL of  SAMA-SUKA-SAMA muslim Child Rapist in Sabah and the subsequent Marriage to HER!!  THIS IS ATROCITIES! ABOMINATION!  Understand!

Foreigners should NEVER...Never...Never Buy NY Malaysian company like MAS a good airline rotten to the core like UMNO.  Like Sabah/Sarawak...when you are RAPED Dry of your resources....  UMNO+ SULTAN will SACK you to the UMNO-SULU Terrorist or other UMNO-Muslim Terrorist Organisation......    SO Sabah-Sarawak...> SACK malaya and Obliterate UMNO-BN from your territory.....otherwise your state is UMNO TERROR-tory.....

When you are doing well, tehy FORCE you to SELL it back to UMNO-BN Terrorist cronies and get lost like so many non-malay business...Tong Fong Bus, taxi, petrol station, and any business that makes money.....FREE CAPITALISM IS DEAD IN MALAYSIA!!  BOYCOTT MALAYSIA STUFF!!

Wear Black on August 30,  OCCUPY Dataran Merdeka...Live Telecast the Atrocities of UMNO-Police Terrorist!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Never Trust the UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong approved regime....

Just like Zimbabwe...Malaysia is on the same projectile if this rubbish of Surau to be torn down because Buddist monks prayed in it & Hotel Manager/owner charged, remanded for 4 days and stripped of PR status.  If I were the owner of that Hotel, I would put it for sale, cut the loss and NEVER...NEVER....NEVER EVER Invest in Malaysia.

Now they want to Sell MAS for 30 cents to some GULLIBLE private investor, who will work their guts off to bring it back to profit...then UMNO-BN + Sultan will cause a SHAM within MAS so that you sell it back to them after it is in profitable mode and you lose money.    So ...again ...cut the loss and NEVER...NEVER....NEVER EVER Invest in Malaysia.  This is the theme ANY Investor should make when they consider investing in Malaysia.  Better invest in Sabah/ there is a move now to end the UMNO-BN regime and SACK MALAYA and throw the DEBT of $1 Trillion to malaya + UMNO-BN-Sultan-Agong to manage.....good luck to them with dealing with the anger and huger of the people!!

Like in Egypt, give the Munafiq/hypocrite  Islmist type UMNO-Sultan defender of their Cult Islam and their wealth, you get SHAM.  SHAM Islam Cult of Malaysia.  If this Islam Cult in Malayasia is so holy and want to tear down the Surau in Johor after being used by the Buddist monk......Then ALL Muslim who share UMNO SICK Ideology who have taken Blood Transfussion from a non- muslim should START Dying Now and ask for DEATH Because the Blood have Pigs, dog, and ALL TYPES of Defiled stuff eaten and enjoyed by non muslim....where is your AURAT-Holiness..???  @#$%^&  Muslim ALL over Malaysia of UMNO-Sultan Islam Cult+ mufti, mullah,Fatwa should now TEAR DOWN their OWN body and just DIE like the planned DEMOLITION of Surau.  Lets take it to that Extreme for goodness sake!  Malaysia would be a better place, 100% Guranteed for sure!!

Remember EVERY Muslim malay with UMNO-Sultan Cult Islam ideology and sickness of Malaysia who believe and share their sickness Cult Islam Religion...should suicide because Blood used for 60 years in Malaysia have PIGs, Dog, snake...and every imaginable HARAM-Defile ingredient that should SHAKE your piety and religiousity.  So DIE ...ok....a better Malaysia would emerge......sooner.

As usual UMNO MONEY BANK in Turmoil with 39% Malaysian support trying to use race, islam, royalty SHAM to create ILLUSION of 95% support of Malaysian like Brotherhood of Islam in Egypt....  Say No To ISLAMIST and NO TO SICK RACIST ISLAM CULT Ideology in Malaysia supported by UMNO+ Sultan-Agong!!

Wear Black Merdeka  on 30 August ....OCCUPY.  DATARAN MERDEKA......Obliterate UMNO-BN and Create a Better Malaysia!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Everything wrong with these Scumbag Muslim, JAIS, Jakim, Mukim, Mufti, Mullah....etc of Islam Cult Malaysia...

Looks like the game the UMNO+Sultan Approved Moral Brigade Muslim cult is on the Band wagon of OSTRACISM!!  A word to describe the Islamic Malaysia cult way of retaining power, seeking unity to PERPETUATE their EVIL Racist bigots Acts in malaya.  We need to start using malaya as that is the status of Malaya UMNO-Sultan-Agong islamic cult Intellect after independence.  Using Riches of malaya to enrich themselves...(that is why MAS have a program call ENRICH...@#$%^&*)....and tax payer 60% rakyat Malaysia pay for MAS bail out Mark 5....@#$%^&!

Making an issues of nothing is their those Buddist praying in Surau of a Hotel....@#$%^    Who the hell are those Scums that can Arrest and Remand the hotel manager for 4 days......There is no crime in providing customer service....  For being nice and caring this is the Crap UMNO-BN + Sultan Islamic cult wants malayan to suffer.  $%^&!  These Islamic Moral Cult want to define your IDEOLOGY, Morality yet Fall short of them like Sultan Kelantan Stealing throne from father and Sultan Pahang Rogol/Rape crime and Former Sultan Johor Murder job or Sultan Selangor/Perak Corruption....

Now you know why these islamic moral brigade cult have to create situation, issues on MSM media of Malaysia to perpetuate their HIDDEN Evil Agenda and to DEFLECT the FOCUS back on them!....NOW ASK THESE Moral Defender of UMNO-SULTAN Islam Cult......  WHAT You did is WORST and How do you Justify  THAT??

Mind you all these racist - bigots Islamic cult acts is approved by UMNO-Sultan the same manner they got together to sack Singapore and now Practice OSTRACISM!!  An UMNO-Sultan act to isolate, unite in order to make their EVIL corruption, murderous, racist bigots EVIL deeds look ANGELIC and pure.....  Wake up and DEMAND they clean their backyard first before trying to show Malaya how to behave Appropriately!!

No wonder we need to RALLY continuously....Plan Occupy....take Malaya back to the path of Progress rather than DEGENERATION NOW!  LETS  OSTRACISE  UMNO-BN+ Sultan Agong with 60% Voting and PEOPLE POWER!!...Growing now to 65%....daily...  Believe in the POWER of UNITY and DEMAND Justice that is Applied Correctly to EVERYBODY and CONSISTENTLY!!

Not like the Insult, sedition Sham taking place......or the hanging of Malaysian with Guns but discuss with UMNO-Sulu Gun trotting terrorist in Sabah....or the Muslim malay child Rapist in Sabah with the right to marry the RAPED Child???@#$!.....and you said Sultan-Agong Defender of Islam....its Defender of ISLAM CULT SHAM!! @#$%!  Time to OSTRACISE these Evil Scums whichever way you look at it!!  this is 2013 not 1456!! @#$%^!

Monday, August 12, 2013

How much longer Malaysian must tolerate the lies and Sham of this UMNO-Sulu Terrorist war on Sabah??

Sabahans time to take up arms, kick the UMNO-Sponsored Sulu terrorist out of Sabah and SACK malaya....  How many people needs to die to uphold the racist UMNO-withSultan Agong Approval Agenda??  #$%^  I mean these people sack Singapore thinking they were so smart, for the sake of a racist agenda and Rape the entire country wealth for their own.  The Sultan/Agong have properties to the tune of  Billions of Pounds in England with their UMNO cahoots all over the world.  You have Taib with his Billions and Tun Dr Bapa Kemerostan/Father of malaysia demise in the Billions $$$$$$ wealth hidden from you......and now using their wealth to create Fear, murder and Artocities and EVIL for their own family Gadaffi.....Assad of Syria....Kim Dynasty of north Korea......

We need to end this type of Ongoing .... repeated EVIL by UMNO-BN with Sultan/Agong Approval sooner rather than later.  We should not try to understand their EVIL....we need to OBLILTERATE their EVIL acts.  We cannot have a child rapist in Sabah roaming freely and forcing their POOR parents to accept his Genuine" marriage....This is EXPLOITATION!!....  In the same manner Sabahans, Orang Asli, Iban and ALL Malaysian have been EXPLOITED.

We have an education system that provide multiple path of entry to Local University and Scholarship.....Yet order to Exploit your rights, Malaysian of Many generations have tasted the Racist Bigots Unfair education systems in Malaysia.  60 years and the EXPLOITATION is still on going.....the Rapist UMNO is getting richer and creating their NEW generation of exploiters while we continue to play the EXPLOITED game.... #$%^&*   STOP!!,,.....  DISRUPT the Evil Racist Agenda of UMNO-BN + Sultan Approval!! 

Do your little bit to disrupt the flow of things in malaysia...Like what Mat Kilau did to the British.....Criminal One day...Hero another......  Like Gadaffi.....we need to end the EVIL and EVIL is on the Increase ALL over Malaysia ....thanks to UMNO-PDRM - Samseng-triad-Sulu Terrorist Alliance.  If we do not stand up against this will end up like that little Girl.....Raped.....and a Life of misery to a Criminal..

YOU educated Malaysian are no different to this type of injustice.....

Wear Black August 30....Occupy the place where there will be live telecast of Merdeka......We will want an Independence Day on 31 August from the EXPLOITATION of UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Approval.

Make no mistake ....the Agong-Sultan is in Cahoots with UMNO for their Racist Bigots Race, Religion, agenda.....   How else then can they justify and EXPLAIN the reason for Sacking Singapore and Not Sabah - Sarawak......  were the Leaders of Sabah-Sarawak Bribed then like NOW........  Then We need to get rid of these Current Leaders from Sabah-Sarawak to create a better Singapore.  60% of citizen can Obliterate the FICTICIOUS and Minority 40% of people supporting UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong.

We need to Drag the Sultan-Agong into the mess because they too are the Architech of the SHAM of what Malaysia is today.  With Due respect...they are no God!!
 Don't Keep repeating this Rubbish.....when you meet a Royalty....

“Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan.

You do not ask forgiveness, when you pray to god .....all the time ...yet these mere humans have created a saying that elevate the status of Sultan to GOD Like....that too is EVIL and Sinful!!   Wake up to the reality of the 21st Century!!

In hunger and anger we will Obliterate UMNO-BN and ALL those racist Rubbish associated with 60 years of Racist Rule in Malaysia!!!

Friday, August 09, 2013

The UMNO agenda with the shooting and Killings.....

Sell it hard so that ALL Rakyat against UMNO-BN + Sultan Approval can be sent to jail without EVIDENCE of Proof....#$%^& That is all in these killings, shooting....sensationalising all the EVIL crime of UMNO-Sulu terrorist, UMNO-PDRM terrorist.....UMNO EVIL Regime is in over drive to continue the Mantra of Making Malaysian slaves to their whims and fancies.

As we speak the UMNO-Sulu Terrorist still terrorising some have come to malaya to Find easy money in Penang, KL, Johor, Perak.........because UMNO encourage this discuss with criminals instead of hanging the UMNO-Sulu Terrorist caught with guns.   If you ordinary Malaysian caught with guns, its the gallows....If its you are an UMNO-SULU Gang, terrorist....there is Room for discussion and money to resettle....#$%^&*!....  Hang these UMNO-Sulu Islamic terrorist Cult....if there is Justice in Malaysia!!!

Fortunately  Crooks also targeting UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong cronies and relatives in their need to find BETTER Income.  They are not wrong there....these scums are the only one with money and not those citizen/Rakyat Malaysia.  Go check their names and their relationship to UMNO + Sultan Agong and Chances will be good that you will hit some Jackpot.

They stole rakyat money.....they cannot hide in banks in case a clerk expose their all the Gold bars, jewellery are in their house...those Massive Bangalows with 5 BMS and 6 Mercedes benz and some SUV + those Gold painted Fences......etc and the Last giveaway is their Chidren ALL goes to English Medium Private schools.  They have the money to make sure their children are more important than 60% of citizen that when they grow up...they can be your children Masters...ALL OVER Again.

We can all END this REGIME NOW.....if the mind set is strong....End the misery, crime, injustice, lies, murder....

DO A Wear Black on Merdeka .......  Occupy Dataran Merdeka 30 August,  Live telecast 31 August...UMNO-BN Collapse.......PEOPLE REVOLUTION POWER....!!!  SOLIDARITY Against Racism, Murder, EVIL UMNO regime!!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Lets Keep Rallying against Injustice..... MANSUHKAN- ABOLISH STPM in education ......

Yes we need to end the Racism in education....the injustice in education....and the EVIL of Malay medium of instruction that have failed after 60 years of UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong Approval.  What stupidity is this of having to do 2 years of Form 6 ....only to be pushed aside at university entry by those UMNO racist acts to allow mediocre student who did ONE year to get in?? $%^&*    I Urge ALL MALAYSIA Parents and Student to Boycott Form 6, try to do online or study in private college or university after Form 5......I am trying to help you to avoid being demoralised, cheated and in suicide mode.....this is HOW THE EVIL of UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong wants you to be....mindset wise.  That way they can invoke their FEAR and GREED Psyche!!

I don't want to dissapoint those who are doing Form 6 for 2 years but 60 years of Racism can end with this BOYCOTT.  With this Boycott, we Force Government to sack those mainly UMNO malay teachers and adminstrator and Sham associated with the exam.  We put a Spanner into their 60 years of RACIST machinery.....and we stop the Racist Exploitation.....FOREVER!!

Meanwhile the Sultan-Agong + UMNO-BN keeps sending their children to English medium private university in mercs and BMW and SUV......and then to overseas on your parents tax money...#$%^&*(!
Rise up Malaysia against the slave making, misery making, freedom destroying, education dumbing down of your children...this is 2013 not 1960......  WAKE UP and Destroy the EVIL of UMNO+ Sultan-Agong racist ideological islamic CULT Regime....

Raja Petra talk big about 3 R's - Race Religion Royalty.........Is that the most important thing to these UMNO racist malay ideology.???......Not Food, Job and reduce cost of living.......ala enjoy life without misery and suffering??  So easy to have a FOCUS when there is failure and EVIL within the whole ideology...ever since the Sultan -Agong in cahoots with UMNO to sack Singapore.  Basically using whatever power at disposal to continue the Evils of Racism, incompetence and EVIL .... to profit from citizen Malaysia.  So use whatever FREEDOM Left to Put an END to UMNO-BN Evil Racist bigots ideology!!

The UMNO-BN Fear and Greed will play out the same way for Gadaffi and President Assad and we make sure that is their destiny in the days ahead.  Leave no room for mercy when the time comes......60 years of this Racist ROT and UMNO-Sultan Misery making ideology must BE ENDED.  Malaysia deserve better and the Best out come would be to SACK Malaya from Sabah/Sarawak.  The power in your constitution can do that.  MAKE the CHANGE!!  CHANGE for the Better....LET INJUSTICE FAIL and Pay for their Failure!!

Wear Black ...30 August...Dataran Merdeka...Occupy,,,,REMOVE UMNO-BN...Live Telecast....put a spanner to the Evil Regime works!!!!!

Monday, August 05, 2013

Islam is the perfect religion to give justification for those who feel under attack and to maintain the eternal victim" fantasy.

That is how the Bak kut teh incident and the School canteen in toilet by Headmaster Mohamad Nasir Mohd Noor of SK Seri Pristana in Sungai Buloh and Balik Cina, India Headmistress Puan Hajah Miss Yati binti Dani.... injustice and  VICTIM Fantasy are being played out for the world to see.  One is charged for 3 counts of sedition and the other 2 apology accepted.  What Sham is this.  This is the EVIL of UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong Islamic Cult ideology of Racism.

We fight these Evil to the deaths and if they don't like it go migrate to Saudi Arabia or Afganistan or Pakistan......  We stand our ground and Hit back hard if there is another Kg Medan Inceident in the making, May 13 or Killing of penans.  This time we take out the Perkakas UMNO like PDRM, Army,  Power infrastructure, transport, telecomuunication and everything to Bring Malaysia to its Mat Kilau did to the British.  Criminal today, Hero tomorrow when we Sack Malaya. 

When UMNO losing malay support its always Islam - Ramadan shouts of unity echoing across Malaysia.  With all those prayers room, surau, we see Malaysia improving....more like Disintegrating to Zimbabwe status.  Foreigners, Fund Managers Get out of Malaysia QUICK.....If you have a bit of money buy gold, move money to Singapore or Thailand......protect your base...and sell those expensive houses and leave one to live in.

More shootings and killings in Sabah by either UMNO-Sulu Sponsored terrorist......or UMNO Samseng....or whatever law and order that exist there.  When Malaysian carry guns or 20g of drugs...its hanging.....when UMNO-Sulu Terrorist carry guns and drugs....its Discuss/Bincang.....Hang the Buggers.....What is the delay apart for insurance sake in case Sabah/Sarawak Sack Malaysia.    Sack Malaysia and offer these buggers the prospect of Singapore 2 & 3 or Taiwan or South korea...If don't like can go to Malaya or back to Phillipines....  UMNO-Police-Army blaming rise of crime due to EO being repel....#$%^.  How about your inept and incompetence and your corruption of only protecting UMNO+ Sultan Agong and ask rakyat Malaysia to provide their own security??? @#$%^&!  What you expect??  You justify your inept incompetent to arrest without warrant, torture, kill and murder in custody???@#$%^&

Don't Let injustice and Racism halt your WILL to Be Better and Progress.  We need to UNITE and OBliterate UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong and their racist-bigots-religious Islamic Cult Ideology!!

We know UMNO racist is trying to create tension to rule forever.....even if Blood is spilled on the streets to gurantee another 60 years....THIS TIME WE MAKE SURE Malaysia DO NOT EXIST IN THE SAME NUMBER OF STATES.....This time we make MALAYSIA PAY for their EVIL.  Progress with 60% of Rakyat / Citizen Malaysia or Suffer the same fate like GADAFFI, soon President Assad or Like Nepal King......Ignore the writing at your own the powers to be.....


Wear Black August 30, 2013....Occupy Dataran Merdeka....Highjack and Live Telecast the Collapse of UMNO-BN!!

Friday, August 02, 2013

Malaysia is Ponzi their LIE and you will SUFFER Misery

UMNO-BN+ Sultan Agong are all living in FEAR and Greed....

The Fear of what Rakyat malaysia 60% would do to them when their ponzi scheme ends and Malaysian are living in Hunger, misery and anger.

The Greed keeps telling these UMNO-BN+ Sultan Agong Approval Ideology to keep the Ponzi going Whatever it takes.....Kilings, intimidation, murder, lies, injustice, bring UMNO-Sulu Terrorist and Islamic terrorist and ALL kinds of Army and Police to intimidate 60% Citizen malaysia against the Ponzi Sham.

A Ponzi is when there is INCONSISTENCE Application of Law and Order......cover up...more lies....create smokescreens....delay....Kill...shut the troublemakers seen as holy, charitable, kind, do more Evil to cover other EVIL!

We need to Kick malaya out or start thinking Autonomy......Selangor, Penang, Sabah, Sarawak.....Kelantan.....What IS REALLY the Benefit after 60 years???  Seriously...

More crime, murder, racism in education, business, opportunity, making children stupid with the force Malay language WHILE the UMNO+ Sultan-Agong ALL.....I mean ALL send their children to English medium private that these SCUMS preserve their Advantage....and you 60% continue to be 3rd class.....  SAY NO to MISERY .... Wear Black on Merdeka 2013.....Padang Merbok.....  RALLY TO END RACISM and EVIL double standard Laws!!!