Friday, August 30, 2013

31 August...50 years of Suffering under UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong Regime.... Evil Reigns in Malaysia!!

What have changed after all these years........nothing, nada, ziltch, kosong..elek...  @#$%^&

The same Sick Cult islamic ideology is being drum into your hearts, brain, soul without thought, thinking and reasons.....

The innocent are persecuted, charged, shamed, made example of.....  like the Penans killed, displaced,  Sri Pristina Schools students being force to eat in toilets in Ramadan, non muslim students doing better than muslim in Exams and DISCRIMINATED in the name of Allah...@#$%^&....For blogging about bak kut teh during Ramadan is serious...for being buddist and using a place USUALLY used by muslim cult malay to Pray is a serious issues that the building needs to be demolished....  This is the Sickness of Malaysia UMNO Islam Cult.

No wonder NO ONE wants to help muslim Sick cult ideology in Syria regardless of children, 500,000 thousands people die...regardless of Chimical weapons used...regardless of Saudi Arabia paying someone to detonate the mass Killing Weapons......because no one trust the OUTCOME....especially in a Muslim Regime.  That means Brace yourself for Taking what is yours in Malaysia and Don't let the injustice carry on......  That means its time forr GOOD muslim to deal with Evil Racist bigots Muslim Regime or your Suffering will be like Muslim in Egypt, Syria, Sudan........  The world is sick of ISLAM type Injustice.  Its a SHAM...... SHAM in every expect and WE WILL NOT BE ROMANTICS to YOUR EVIL RACIST RELIGIOUS BIGOTS SHAM.......  We are not sure how our kindness will be returned...

The sickness of the Islam Cult ideological justice cannot be measured in terms of consistency...  Murderer of Altantuya by muslim malay loyat to Islam-UMNO + Sultan-Agong cult chief inspector Azilah Hadri and former corporal Sirul Azhar Umar....let free...because they admitted to the C4 of a person...  The muslim malay loyal to Islam-UMNO + Sultan-Agong cult   child rapit in Sabah allowed to marry the girl he raped.....

Anyone who hurt these Fragile UMNO + Islam + whatever manner they deem  will be shown the full force of the Racist Bigots Islam Cult Injustice....  Then more muslim malay will die, go in hunger, live in misery and poverty until this sickness in Malaysia is Removed..

On this day we need to start our MIGRATION to Sabah Sarawak and Slowly take Power and SACK MALAYA.....leave the Mess for UMNO-Sultan-Agong to manage a few generation of Malay-muslim wanting to fight to their death the EVIL of the Alliance of UMNO-Sultan-Agong.  We isolate ourselves from the Evil or we Fight the Evil to the Death????....which would it be.....  these UMNO-Sultan-Agong racist bigots ideology islamic cults are like Assad and Gadaffi........they do not realise their Evil until they are NEAR DEATH.....just look at the Tun Bapa Merosot Mahathir Malaysia......all UNREPENTED!!!

Keep up the Disrupt...disrupt.....disrupt....  Malaysia Eonomy is Crumbling on the weight of a PONZI Zimbabwe malaysia......  when that happens....get the UMNO-BN leaders & children + sultan Agong for insurance!!

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