Friday, August 02, 2013

Malaysia is Ponzi their LIE and you will SUFFER Misery

UMNO-BN+ Sultan Agong are all living in FEAR and Greed....

The Fear of what Rakyat malaysia 60% would do to them when their ponzi scheme ends and Malaysian are living in Hunger, misery and anger.

The Greed keeps telling these UMNO-BN+ Sultan Agong Approval Ideology to keep the Ponzi going Whatever it takes.....Kilings, intimidation, murder, lies, injustice, bring UMNO-Sulu Terrorist and Islamic terrorist and ALL kinds of Army and Police to intimidate 60% Citizen malaysia against the Ponzi Sham.

A Ponzi is when there is INCONSISTENCE Application of Law and Order......cover up...more lies....create smokescreens....delay....Kill...shut the troublemakers seen as holy, charitable, kind, do more Evil to cover other EVIL!

We need to Kick malaya out or start thinking Autonomy......Selangor, Penang, Sabah, Sarawak.....Kelantan.....What IS REALLY the Benefit after 60 years???  Seriously...

More crime, murder, racism in education, business, opportunity, making children stupid with the force Malay language WHILE the UMNO+ Sultan-Agong ALL.....I mean ALL send their children to English medium private that these SCUMS preserve their Advantage....and you 60% continue to be 3rd class.....  SAY NO to MISERY .... Wear Black on Merdeka 2013.....Padang Merbok.....  RALLY TO END RACISM and EVIL double standard Laws!!!

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