Sunday, August 18, 2013

Never Trust the UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong approved regime....

Just like Zimbabwe...Malaysia is on the same projectile if this rubbish of Surau to be torn down because Buddist monks prayed in it & Hotel Manager/owner charged, remanded for 4 days and stripped of PR status.  If I were the owner of that Hotel, I would put it for sale, cut the loss and NEVER...NEVER....NEVER EVER Invest in Malaysia.

Now they want to Sell MAS for 30 cents to some GULLIBLE private investor, who will work their guts off to bring it back to profit...then UMNO-BN + Sultan will cause a SHAM within MAS so that you sell it back to them after it is in profitable mode and you lose money.    So ...again ...cut the loss and NEVER...NEVER....NEVER EVER Invest in Malaysia.  This is the theme ANY Investor should make when they consider investing in Malaysia.  Better invest in Sabah/ there is a move now to end the UMNO-BN regime and SACK MALAYA and throw the DEBT of $1 Trillion to malaya + UMNO-BN-Sultan-Agong to manage.....good luck to them with dealing with the anger and huger of the people!!

Like in Egypt, give the Munafiq/hypocrite  Islmist type UMNO-Sultan defender of their Cult Islam and their wealth, you get SHAM.  SHAM Islam Cult of Malaysia.  If this Islam Cult in Malayasia is so holy and want to tear down the Surau in Johor after being used by the Buddist monk......Then ALL Muslim who share UMNO SICK Ideology who have taken Blood Transfussion from a non- muslim should START Dying Now and ask for DEATH Because the Blood have Pigs, dog, and ALL TYPES of Defiled stuff eaten and enjoyed by non muslim....where is your AURAT-Holiness..???  @#$%^&  Muslim ALL over Malaysia of UMNO-Sultan Islam Cult+ mufti, mullah,Fatwa should now TEAR DOWN their OWN body and just DIE like the planned DEMOLITION of Surau.  Lets take it to that Extreme for goodness sake!  Malaysia would be a better place, 100% Guranteed for sure!!

Remember EVERY Muslim malay with UMNO-Sultan Cult Islam ideology and sickness of Malaysia who believe and share their sickness Cult Islam Religion...should suicide because Blood used for 60 years in Malaysia have PIGs, Dog, snake...and every imaginable HARAM-Defile ingredient that should SHAKE your piety and religiousity.  So DIE ...ok....a better Malaysia would emerge......sooner.

As usual UMNO MONEY BANK in Turmoil with 39% Malaysian support trying to use race, islam, royalty SHAM to create ILLUSION of 95% support of Malaysian like Brotherhood of Islam in Egypt....  Say No To ISLAMIST and NO TO SICK RACIST ISLAM CULT Ideology in Malaysia supported by UMNO+ Sultan-Agong!!

Wear Black Merdeka  on 30 August ....OCCUPY.  DATARAN MERDEKA......Obliterate UMNO-BN and Create a Better Malaysia!!

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