Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Everything wrong with these Scumbag Muslim, JAIS, Jakim, Mukim, Mufti, Mullah....etc of Islam Cult Malaysia...

Looks like the game the UMNO+Sultan Approved Moral Brigade Muslim cult is on the Band wagon of OSTRACISM!!  A word to describe the Islamic Malaysia cult way of retaining power, seeking unity to PERPETUATE their EVIL Racist bigots Acts in malaya.  We need to start using malaya as that is the status of Malaya UMNO-Sultan-Agong islamic cult Intellect after independence.  Using Riches of malaya to enrich themselves...(that is why MAS have a program call ENRICH...@#$%^&*)....and tax payer 60% rakyat Malaysia pay for MAS bail out Mark 5....@#$%^&!

Making an issues of nothing is their those Buddist praying in Surau of a Hotel....@#$%^    Who the hell are those Scums that can Arrest and Remand the hotel manager for 4 days......There is no crime in providing customer service....  For being nice and caring this is the Crap UMNO-BN + Sultan Islamic cult wants malayan to suffer.  $%^&!  These Islamic Moral Cult want to define your IDEOLOGY, Morality yet Fall short of them like Sultan Kelantan Stealing throne from father and Sultan Pahang Rogol/Rape crime and Former Sultan Johor Murder job or Sultan Selangor/Perak Corruption....

Now you know why these islamic moral brigade cult have to create situation, issues on MSM media of Malaysia to perpetuate their HIDDEN Evil Agenda and to DEFLECT the FOCUS back on them!....NOW ASK THESE Moral Defender of UMNO-SULTAN Islam Cult......  WHAT You did is WORST and How do you Justify  THAT??

Mind you all these racist - bigots Islamic cult acts is approved by UMNO-Sultan the same manner they got together to sack Singapore and now Practice OSTRACISM!!  An UMNO-Sultan act to isolate, unite in order to make their EVIL corruption, murderous, racist bigots EVIL deeds look ANGELIC and pure.....  Wake up and DEMAND they clean their backyard first before trying to show Malaya how to behave Appropriately!!

No wonder we need to RALLY continuously....Plan Occupy....take Malaya back to the path of Progress rather than DEGENERATION NOW!  LETS  OSTRACISE  UMNO-BN+ Sultan Agong with 60% Voting and PEOPLE POWER!!...Growing now to 65%....daily...  Believe in the POWER of UNITY and DEMAND Justice that is Applied Correctly to EVERYBODY and CONSISTENTLY!!

Not like the Insult, sedition Sham taking place......or the hanging of Malaysian with Guns but discuss with UMNO-Sulu Gun trotting terrorist in Sabah....or the Muslim malay child Rapist in Sabah with the right to marry the RAPED Child???@#$!.....and you said Sultan-Agong Defender of Islam....its Defender of ISLAM CULT SHAM!! @#$%!  Time to OSTRACISE these Evil Scums whichever way you look at it!!  this is 2013 not 1456!! @#$%^!

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