Monday, August 05, 2013

Islam is the perfect religion to give justification for those who feel under attack and to maintain the eternal victim" fantasy.

That is how the Bak kut teh incident and the School canteen in toilet by Headmaster Mohamad Nasir Mohd Noor of SK Seri Pristana in Sungai Buloh and Balik Cina, India Headmistress Puan Hajah Miss Yati binti Dani.... injustice and  VICTIM Fantasy are being played out for the world to see.  One is charged for 3 counts of sedition and the other 2 apology accepted.  What Sham is this.  This is the EVIL of UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong Islamic Cult ideology of Racism.

We fight these Evil to the deaths and if they don't like it go migrate to Saudi Arabia or Afganistan or Pakistan......  We stand our ground and Hit back hard if there is another Kg Medan Inceident in the making, May 13 or Killing of penans.  This time we take out the Perkakas UMNO like PDRM, Army,  Power infrastructure, transport, telecomuunication and everything to Bring Malaysia to its Mat Kilau did to the British.  Criminal today, Hero tomorrow when we Sack Malaya. 

When UMNO losing malay support its always Islam - Ramadan shouts of unity echoing across Malaysia.  With all those prayers room, surau, we see Malaysia improving....more like Disintegrating to Zimbabwe status.  Foreigners, Fund Managers Get out of Malaysia QUICK.....If you have a bit of money buy gold, move money to Singapore or Thailand......protect your base...and sell those expensive houses and leave one to live in.

More shootings and killings in Sabah by either UMNO-Sulu Sponsored terrorist......or UMNO Samseng....or whatever law and order that exist there.  When Malaysian carry guns or 20g of drugs...its hanging.....when UMNO-Sulu Terrorist carry guns and drugs....its Discuss/Bincang.....Hang the Buggers.....What is the delay apart for insurance sake in case Sabah/Sarawak Sack Malaysia.    Sack Malaysia and offer these buggers the prospect of Singapore 2 & 3 or Taiwan or South korea...If don't like can go to Malaya or back to Phillipines....  UMNO-Police-Army blaming rise of crime due to EO being repel....#$%^.  How about your inept and incompetence and your corruption of only protecting UMNO+ Sultan Agong and ask rakyat Malaysia to provide their own security??? @#$%^&!  What you expect??  You justify your inept incompetent to arrest without warrant, torture, kill and murder in custody???@#$%^&

Don't Let injustice and Racism halt your WILL to Be Better and Progress.  We need to UNITE and OBliterate UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong and their racist-bigots-religious Islamic Cult Ideology!!

We know UMNO racist is trying to create tension to rule forever.....even if Blood is spilled on the streets to gurantee another 60 years....THIS TIME WE MAKE SURE Malaysia DO NOT EXIST IN THE SAME NUMBER OF STATES.....This time we make MALAYSIA PAY for their EVIL.  Progress with 60% of Rakyat / Citizen Malaysia or Suffer the same fate like GADAFFI, soon President Assad or Like Nepal King......Ignore the writing at your own the powers to be.....


Wear Black August 30, 2013....Occupy Dataran Merdeka....Highjack and Live Telecast the Collapse of UMNO-BN!!

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