Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Lets Keep Rallying against Injustice..... MANSUHKAN- ABOLISH STPM in education ......

Yes we need to end the Racism in education....the injustice in education....and the EVIL of Malay medium of instruction that have failed after 60 years of UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong Approval.  What stupidity is this of having to do 2 years of Form 6 ....only to be pushed aside at university entry by those UMNO racist acts to allow mediocre student who did ONE year to get in?? $%^&*    I Urge ALL MALAYSIA Parents and Student to Boycott Form 6, try to do online or study in private college or university after Form 5......I am trying to help you to avoid being demoralised, cheated and in suicide mode.....this is HOW THE EVIL of UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong wants you to be....mindset wise.  That way they can invoke their FEAR and GREED Psyche!!

I don't want to dissapoint those who are doing Form 6 for 2 years but 60 years of Racism can end with this BOYCOTT.  With this Boycott, we Force Government to sack those mainly UMNO malay teachers and adminstrator and Sham associated with the exam.  We put a Spanner into their 60 years of RACIST machinery.....and we stop the Racist Exploitation.....FOREVER!!

Meanwhile the Sultan-Agong + UMNO-BN keeps sending their children to English medium private university in mercs and BMW and SUV......and then to overseas on your parents tax money...#$%^&*(!
Rise up Malaysia against the slave making, misery making, freedom destroying, education dumbing down of your children...this is 2013 not 1960......  WAKE UP and Destroy the EVIL of UMNO+ Sultan-Agong racist ideological islamic CULT Regime....

Raja Petra talk big about 3 R's - Race Religion Royalty.........Is that the most important thing to these UMNO racist malay ideology.???......Not Food, Job and reduce cost of living.......ala enjoy life without misery and suffering??  So easy to have a FOCUS when there is failure and EVIL within the whole ideology...ever since the Sultan -Agong in cahoots with UMNO to sack Singapore.  Basically using whatever power at disposal to continue the Evils of Racism, incompetence and EVIL .... to profit from citizen Malaysia.  So use whatever FREEDOM Left to Put an END to UMNO-BN Evil Racist bigots ideology!!

The UMNO-BN Fear and Greed will play out the same way for Gadaffi and President Assad and we make sure that is their destiny in the days ahead.  Leave no room for mercy when the time comes......60 years of this Racist ROT and UMNO-Sultan Misery making ideology must BE ENDED.  Malaysia deserve better and the Best out come would be to SACK Malaya from Sabah/Sarawak.  The power in your constitution can do that.  MAKE the CHANGE!!  CHANGE for the Better....LET INJUSTICE FAIL and Pay for their Failure!!

Wear Black ...30 August...Dataran Merdeka...Occupy,,,,REMOVE UMNO-BN...Live Telecast....put a spanner to the Evil Regime works!!!!!

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