Monday, May 30, 2016

PAS - UMNO Hudud Bill is a Hidden Agenda to Make non-Muslim be Dhimmi and submit to IS Islam Racist terrorist Agenda..... Wake up and Fight the IS Islam of Malaysia...continue to Dissent and Disrupt!!

Azmin MB Selangor is Malay UMNO-DNA born Islam Muslim....  so we need to understand why he needs to Kahwin 4....  one with UMNO Tun Dr May 13, satu isteri Amanah,  satu usteri PAS dan satu lagi isteri DAP.

Ragad Waleed Alkurdi Taib wife to Governor Taib if Sarawak is a Bumiputera Citizen sufficient Proof that Melayu are Pendatang.....To end any Controversy...Lets Do a DNA test that whoever within a space of 15 months have the Highest percentage DNA link to Parameswara bones be Made KING of Malaysia Forever and End the Sultan-Agong Sham ketua kampung legacy....All sultan-agong were once just Penghulu...village Head....Parameswara NEVER Embrace Islam.... Orang Asli , Iban, Murut, Kadazan, Penan are the Real Bumiputera and NO Malays are Orang Asli!! mealyu tak malu curi Hak Istimewah orang Asli!!...berambus celaka kononya Pendatang/Migrants of Malay archipelago !!

M. Indira Gandhi's children being FORCE TO CONVERT TO ISLAM and Still after 7 Years the Delay in Justice have meant that the Child is Forced and Tortured into the ways of IS UMNO-PAS - Hudud Peadofile Islam Racist Terrorist Ideology. Take every Explanation by pro PAS-UMNO-Hudud Islamic terrorist Bloggers agenda as an act against Humanity malaysian. These Scumbags tax payer funded Jakim, Syriah, JAIS... can divorce you from Grave like Last Sultan johor, Convert your child to Islam, make you Islam via NRD without your knowledge and the speed to reverse the EVIL Hidden Islam Agenda is like Hell Freezes over....allow altantuya murderer Sirul on Bail and end up in Australia.... Continue your Dissent ...Disrupt...and Kudos to the Ninja that made the flood and aero like Mat Kilau unseen..unheard....Disrupt...Criminal today, Hero Tomorrow in District 12.... and Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak...Ongkili-Pairin-Adenan and brother in Law Taib Govenor Support PAS hudud!!....ha ha ha!! Snookered UMNO-Bangsat Negara components shoe licker!!

Judge Abdul Rashid Daud handed down the decision after the prosecution succeeded in proving the case against Vivian Lee May Ling, 27.  Wow...  Lowyat Robber causing seditions acts and violence across KL by UMNO-Bangsat Negara Red Shirt Babi Bangsat melayu UMNO only 3 months.....

Lawyer Chang Joo Tian Defending Vivian Bak Kut Teh Vivian Lee Should Show this Photo to the Muslim Judge

And ask If this is seditious type posting or acceptable done in Jest?? That would put these Muslim IS Islam judges of Amar Maaruf Nahi Mungkar CRAP in a spot to highlight his Racist Bigot Bias racist terrorist IS Islam -Hudud PAS-UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan -Agong -Govenor EVIL Agenda Islam Justice terror!! It is your right to eat whatever and upload whatever. Just say I don't know what meat was eaten only Racist terrorist IS ISlam Muslim -Malay thinks its always pork and Haram Stuff..... Bak kut teh can be boiled with Cow, sheep, goat, chicken, frog, crocodile, tiger meat.... Make Police Report against the 3 Hijab-Tudung Malay girls for sedition and play the IS ISlam Terrorist Game of terror!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

1 % UMNO-Bangsat Negara malays in cahoota with Sultan-Agong-Govenor controlling the wealth of 99% Malays cannot leave Malaysia with their life intact if they keep PLUNDERING the Equity Wealth of Malaysians and Malay......only SOUL can leave Malaysia....GET IT!!

So to all those relatives of 1 % UMNO-Bangsat Negara malays controlling the wealth of 99% Malays Very careful in the days of REVOLUTION...  Not only you CANNOT Leave Malaysia.....the only Manner to leave Malaysia is when you Give UP your Soul at the Hands of the 99% of Malays that have their Wealth Equity Stolen and living in Hunger and Anger.....

Don't you worry the Indians, Chinese, Iban , Dayak, Kadazan, Murut, Orang Asli will also Join in In making sure none of these SCUMBAGS Leave Malaysia Like these UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan -Agong-IGP-Immigration Dept Chief threaten VOCAL Malaysia by being Barred form Leaving the Country when NO CRIME IS Committed like the UMNO Murderer Sirul Altantuya Murderer.

Do no concern yourself with these constant UNCONSTITUIONAL Running Law implementation like cannot wear Yellow, cannot use Allah...cannot The CRAP of your Life.....  IF NO CRIME IS COMMITTED did nothing wrong. We will sue the Pants of the UMNO-Bangsat Negara Government OR RISE UP TO CATCH THEM and OBLITERATE THEM...  TIME TO BREATH FEAR NOT ONLY TO THESE CELAKA MELAUY UMNO-BANGSAT NEGARA SCUMBAGS IN CAHOOTS WITH SULTAN-AGONG.... To their Relatives too and close associated we WILL make sure these UMNO Scumbags do NOT ESCAPE Malaysia thinking they can Enjoy the Corruption 99% Equity Wealth they have stolen from 99% of Malays....

Police Report also Lodge against Sultan of Pahang for Raping the maid and Against Sultan of Kelantan for Stealing the throne of his fater..... Also a police reposrt Lodge aginst these 3 AURAT Tinggi celaka Laskar Puteri UMNO-PAS IS ISlam Terrorist perempuan Melayu Malaysia ... Pakai tudung-hijab Macam Rosmah serta makan telur HALAL tinggikan laki sikap Moral Melayu Islam IS terrorist UMNO-Pas dengan Izin sultan -agong-govenor- IGP MalaySIAL!!! PAdan muka Barang Naik, dapat Rahmat Allah Zika, Banjir, Kekurangan Air, sengsarra Hidup bagi 99% melayu yang suka Bagi Harta Ekuiti kepada 1% melayu UMNO-Sultan-agong-Governor dan anak2 mereka!! Mulakan Najib Go to HELL Malaysia Campaign !!

So we need to embrace Islam to comment and pass judgement on these 3 Aurat tinggi Hijab/tudung ladies of high Islamic upbringing of UMNO-PAS-Sultna-Agong-Govenor Defender of Islam Racist terrorist IS Silam ideology??? Any commented so far?? Is this Worst than Bak kut teh during Ramadan?? Where are police repost and chargers in high courts for sedition....?? So Go to Hell that we need to masuk Islam to Comment on Islam...No Need.... Disrupt...disrupt and ready for the day of Attempted Penan Genocide Again....this time Respond DISPROPORTIONATELY like Isreal....!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Vocal Malaysians should check travel status before going abroad -Go to HELL Nur Jazlan ..another celaka Melayu IS Islam UMNO Bangsat Negara Racist terrorist trying to frighten Malaysia. Tell that to the Sultan of Johor or TMJ....Celaka Melayu UMNO-Bangsat Negara.... Go to HELL!!

Vocal Malaysians should check travel status before going abroad -Go to HELL Nur Jazlan  ..another celaka Melayu IS Islam UMNO Bangsat Negara Racist terrorist trying to frighten Malaysia.  Tell that to the Sultan of Johor or TMJ.   

However Murderers(like Sirul the Altantuya Killer and C4 Explosive expert on her dead body destruction with Najib's Unborn Son...Done with instruction from Rosmah-Najib), peadofile, terrorist IS Islam are free to Travel abroad and hope More UMNO-PAS Malay muslim die in Syria, Iraq, fighting for their New Dead Caliph state of TERROR in the land of Prophet Mohammed.......

PAS Hadi Awang kata Rosmah perlu Pakai tudung, tutup aurat agar Suami dia iaitu Najib Razak boleh dilihat sebagai Pendekar islam macam Mohammed Saw dan Sultan-Agong-Govenor.....Ptui!!!

Ku Li the 4th...and he thot he was D'Artagnan and Rosmah - Milady de Winter....and not forgetting the Sultan-Agong-Govenor Characters too.......Fat hopes... BUT alas they are ALL actually the mother and Father of Malaysia destruction and demise.... All IS ISLAM Racist terrorist Scumbags ...the 1% Melayu Holding the Equity Wealth of 99% Malays...keeping Malays poor so that they can continue to SELL their TRASH IS ISLAM Racist Ideology of Other Race have stolen their wealth.... Give us political power to restore the Equity wealth of forward 60 years later...same old..same old 1% Melayu having the Wealth Equity of 99% malay...  

With bangla, Syrian, Indonesia IS ISlam coming..... good luck to 99% melayu getting any more Wealth Equity....sembayang 5 Kali, terima Rahmah Allah, dengar lagi hak melayu tergadai sambil lihat anak awak tidur lapar..... Kalau cerdik, Bangun, Ubah Agama, Berontak dan tangkap itu 1% melayu yang curi Harta 99% Ekuiti Melayu!! Ayuh..ABU ...UBAH!!


Monday, May 16, 2016

Start Stuffing the BINS of UMNO-Bangsat Negara BINS with Random STUFF so that they Pay the $50 Fine Every Week for failure to separate their household waste !!

Especially into the BIN of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan DAILY.  Do it to EVERY UMNO-Bangsat Negara members house, the place they rent and also the Sultan-Agong-Govenor Bin.......But Alas even if they are Fined these Scumbags doe not need to Pay because they Don't Pay Tol, Don't Pay Traffic fine, Allowed to Breed Aedes/Denggue Mosquito on their Vast Palace, Don't Pay Tax, can earn Unlimited income Overseas like Najib $3 Billion 1 MDB corruption money...Just imagine the 3% interest its earn like $90 Million Ringgit untaxed daily.....  These are the 1% Melayu that Owns the Equity Wealth of 99% Malay....If Malaysian Not carefull and START THEIR REBELLION .....or Smart these 1% Melayu wants to Earn 99% of Malaysian Wealth......then Malaysia will be the Next bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Afganistan, North Korea..The pariah of Asia!!......  Wake up and continue to Push Malaysia to 12 New District!! ABU UBAH Pecat malaya!! Don't Be Dumbed Down !

Maria Chin Abdullah Of Bersih Ban from Leaving Country....every Customs police UMNO-Bangsat Negara Apparatus on High Alert to Stop this Terrorist to UMNO from Leaving.... Celaka Malay Sirul Azhar Umar
the Altantuya Murderer under Najib-Rosmah-Umno bangsat Negara Instruction and with JOYFUL approved by Council of Rulers-Sultan_Agong-Govenor.... Managed to leave Malaysia...No problem...  Imagine an IS Islam Terrorist Murderer allowed on Bail and move freely and leave Malaysia.... That is why Malaysia Needs to Go to HELL and the 1% Malay Controlling 99% of EQUITY WEALTH of 99% Malays need to follow the same path....TO HELL!!!! Time will come...Allah can give accident, crash, heart attack, cancer ,,,all types of Zika to these 1% Malay Scumbags!!

Pakatan Can win the by Election  if they Field ONE of SULTAN of Johor Sons ...... the UMNO-bangsat Negara in cahoots with INNER Circle of Sultan-Agong -Govenor Now trying to Isolate the Sultan Johor....?? Is it Worth it to stay as Malaysia with $1 Trillion Debt and No Progress or Zero Foreign Debt and New District like Singapore..... Stupid 99% Malay thinks they can have some the Equity of 99 % Wealth Held by UMNO-Najib-Rosmah-Taib-Adenan Satan-Musa Aman.. UMNO Cronies and some Sultan-Agong-Govenor..... Bila Anak mati kebuluran adalah Terlambat....Kemarahan terhadap IS ISlam racist terrorist celaka UMNO-Bangsat Negara perlu bermula bila anak awak sihat & Kuat!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Anwar Going to Die in Hospital from BLOOD Poisoning....Like the same Nuclear Poison given to the Russian KGB Agent in Britain??

Celaka Melayu UMNO-Bangsat Negara have poisoned Anwar in prison with Sultan-Agong-Govenor-IGP APPROVAL??....Now blood problem is somethings VERY serious. Anwar Going to Die in Hospital from BLOOD Poisoning....Like the same Nuclear Poison given to the Russian KGB Agent in Britain??  Like the Approval to ask Sirul to C4 Altantuya followed by some Sham Justice/court day without any criminal found and allowed to roam freely...and Murderers Allowed the Freedom to Roam freely in hood and escape the country......  Malaysia Deserve the coming Chaos Perhaps it was Tun Dr M ..wanting  to create some sort of Tsunami to end Najib-Rosmah -BN - Sultan-Agong-Govenor  reign .....Lets call it Collateral Damage to continue the Dream to end Najib...and promote son or Ku Li..or muhiddin.???  remember Ringgit TAK Laku and Useless when Chaos Starts.....Create 12 New District...malaysia is Doomed!! ABU UBAH _ Pahatkan 12 negara baru!!

Of UMNO bangsat Negara Najib puting an end to the misery of Anwar.....blame it on Tun Dr M conspiracy.....while malaysia Economy implode and a good distractions to all the wealth Najib-Rosmah have accumulated and with NEW Bank Negara Govenor a Yes Najib Man...allowing $10 Billion Ringgit to be transferred to overseas account and have Jet Plane on stand by to escape for Family ASAP??

...Remember all this with the Holy Approval of Sultan_Agong-Govenor IS ISLAM Racist terrorist Defender of Racism .  Make sure when CHAOS Strike Malaysia....  KNOW WHO YOUR Friends,  KNOW WHERE is Safe and KNOW WHAT Infrastructure needs to be taken Down to Have a level playing Field to Carve out 12 New District....

Take down RTM and ALL Mobile Phone Transmission Tower across all tall building...

Take Down Power supply and Disrupt the Water supply.....and as the UMNO-Bangsat Negara workers work Hard to restore things..Take down the Banks and ATM.....  

MOST IMPORTANT is to Transact and buy Necessity with Foreign Currency......  RINGGIT  IS TOAST By then.... use Singapore Dollar, Aussie, USA..>For goodness sake don't use Zimbabwe or Rupiah......Be a BIT Smart!!  At ALL TIME TAKE Silver/GOLD as payment!!!

The Chaos Is coming!!

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Malaysia UMNO Sponsored Abu Sayaf, Sulu IS Islam Sabah-Sarawak Terrorist Shot Down Helicopter in Sarawak thinking it was USA Helicopter???

PAS Hadi Awang says Helicopter Crash is because Allah giving Warning to Sarawak, IF they choose a NON IS Islam Muslim as Chief Minister or Govenor or entertain such thoughts of giving non-muslim any position of power.  Helicopter Crash is also because Hudud Not implemented yet in Malaysia!!!  The true colour of IS ISLAM Racist Terrorist PAS is for all to see.  After the Sandiwara with Nik the  Real PAS Agenda is for all to see....  Amar Maaruf, Nahi Mungkar Kepala Otak Kau  Islam racist terrorist cult Malaysia!!

UMNO-PBB bangsat negara(BN) Adenan Satan was overheard by a sources saying "let the helicopter Crash be a STRONG warning to those who try to undermine my Leadership in the Barisan National - PBB Alliance even if we do poorly in the coming state election.  Sarawak belongs to me and in time Govenor Taib & their Children will also have to YIELD to my demands and opportunity to make $Billions Ringgit$$$"

Just remember...the moment IF the Sarawak opposition gets a 1 Seat Majority....waste NOT A moment and Converge on the Palce of Adenan Satan and Taib Mahmud s.a.w and Tangkap - Citizen Arrest them and ALL PBB - Bangsat Negara(BN) ADUN.... Sack the Govenor.... Sack Malaya.... No need to wait for IGP, Agong-Sultan-Conference of Rulers Approval or Putrajaya Clearance Crap..... Make Ringgit Tak Laku.....Use Singapore Dollar or Any Foreign Currency!! 

ABU UBAH... New ERA & Nation Born...Fifa Soccer Ranking 89.....
Adenan Satan Have Instructed Jakim-JAIS-Syriah to Appeal to the Federal Court on the Muslim convert to Christain... Adenan PBB - UMNO -BN(bangsat Negara) also wants to set up this IS Islam UNIVERSITY DARUL QURAN ISLAMIYAH in Sarawak   University Darul Quran Islamiyah Sarawak

Monday, May 02, 2016

Sarawak Adenan SATAN and Govenor Murder Penan Taib says after election that Bloody muslim Convert to Christain will be CHANGED back to Muslim via PBB NRD,Jakim,Jais, IS Islam Sarawak Terrorist Police ...

Adenan SATAN and Govenor Murder Penan Taib says after election that Bloody muslim Convert to Christain will be CHANGED back to Muslim via PBB NRD,Jakim,Jais, IS Terrorist Islam Sarawak Police ... " Kita buat untuk media dengar sekarang, lepas tu Kita tukarkan agama Kristian tu kepada Islam kembali". Lepas Pilihanraya, Kita akan Paksa semua Kaum Kriatian, Buddah, Hindu bawa buku SUCI mereka dan Bagi CAP "Strictly for non-Muslims usage only and shall not be published or used in any part of the state of Sarawak pursuant to section 9 (1) Non-Islamic Religions (Control of Propagation Amongst Muslims) Enactment 1999".
Lepas tu Kita Laksankan Corak HUDUD-PAS Hadhari yang Sesuai bagi Sarawak......

ABU UBAH Pecat Adenan Satan dan Taib ...kemudian Pecat Malaya....use Terror like Mat Kilau and Tok Gajah...Terrorist One DAy...After Sacking Sarawak...Hero and National Treasure the next day!!..."C'est la vie"

Now I am in sarawak...making smoke, smog, water disruption...telling people Adenan Satan says "If smoggy, stay at home and turn on air con".... other place...Adenan Satan UMNO PBB clearing more land for their own children profit on 99% Sarawakians EQUITY...that means 1 % UMNO -Bangsat negara PBB taking 99% of Sarawakians wealth...and all kinds of small water, electricity disruptions and BLAME it on Adenan - TAIB -UMNO-Bnagsat Negara in cahoots with sultan Agong-Govenor FAULT....simple things for simple people...complex things for complex people!

Ayuh..ABU..UBAH... PEcat UMNO-Bangsat Negara PBB dari Sarawak!!

Sarawakians still in Sarawak be better off doing the DISRUPT... DISRUPT.....DISRUPT by making water flow slow, electricity off, phone line off and blame it on the UMNO-PBB-BN-Bangsat Negara Government trying to frighten Sarawakians of more disruption if Opposition DAP, PKR, UBF are voted in.... The coming DRAMA to Sarawakians is the possible making of Friday and Saturday as Off Day in Sarawak like in those backward IS Islam States of Johor, Kelantan, Trengganu, Perlis and order to give glory to the Hudud IS ISlam Allah Cult. Also your children will be force to recite Koran verses in Schools and unilateral conversion of minors to Islam in Sarawak which takes 7-10 years to reverse like M. Indira Gandhi’s three children,...and still fighting. Some Christian Schools in Sarawak will suffer the fate like St Johns Institution with changed Name to Garuda Mas...other like Victoria Institution in KL change to Sekolah Harimua Unta....or some lame Islamic Malay names..... 

REJECT Adenan PBB..ABU..Tangkat Taib Adenan-Pecat Malaya Era baru sarawak...Fifa Soccer ranking 89....