Thursday, May 05, 2016

Malaysia UMNO Sponsored Abu Sayaf, Sulu IS Islam Sabah-Sarawak Terrorist Shot Down Helicopter in Sarawak thinking it was USA Helicopter???

PAS Hadi Awang says Helicopter Crash is because Allah giving Warning to Sarawak, IF they choose a NON IS Islam Muslim as Chief Minister or Govenor or entertain such thoughts of giving non-muslim any position of power.  Helicopter Crash is also because Hudud Not implemented yet in Malaysia!!!  The true colour of IS ISLAM Racist Terrorist PAS is for all to see.  After the Sandiwara with Nik the  Real PAS Agenda is for all to see....  Amar Maaruf, Nahi Mungkar Kepala Otak Kau  Islam racist terrorist cult Malaysia!!

UMNO-PBB bangsat negara(BN) Adenan Satan was overheard by a sources saying "let the helicopter Crash be a STRONG warning to those who try to undermine my Leadership in the Barisan National - PBB Alliance even if we do poorly in the coming state election.  Sarawak belongs to me and in time Govenor Taib & their Children will also have to YIELD to my demands and opportunity to make $Billions Ringgit$$$"

Just remember...the moment IF the Sarawak opposition gets a 1 Seat Majority....waste NOT A moment and Converge on the Palce of Adenan Satan and Taib Mahmud s.a.w and Tangkap - Citizen Arrest them and ALL PBB - Bangsat Negara(BN) ADUN.... Sack the Govenor.... Sack Malaya.... No need to wait for IGP, Agong-Sultan-Conference of Rulers Approval or Putrajaya Clearance Crap..... Make Ringgit Tak Laku.....Use Singapore Dollar or Any Foreign Currency!! 

ABU UBAH... New ERA & Nation Born...Fifa Soccer Ranking 89.....
Adenan Satan Have Instructed Jakim-JAIS-Syriah to Appeal to the Federal Court on the Muslim convert to Christain... Adenan PBB - UMNO -BN(bangsat Negara) also wants to set up this IS Islam UNIVERSITY DARUL QURAN ISLAMIYAH in Sarawak   University Darul Quran Islamiyah Sarawak

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