Monday, May 30, 2016

PAS - UMNO Hudud Bill is a Hidden Agenda to Make non-Muslim be Dhimmi and submit to IS Islam Racist terrorist Agenda..... Wake up and Fight the IS Islam of Malaysia...continue to Dissent and Disrupt!!

Azmin MB Selangor is Malay UMNO-DNA born Islam Muslim....  so we need to understand why he needs to Kahwin 4....  one with UMNO Tun Dr May 13, satu isteri Amanah,  satu usteri PAS dan satu lagi isteri DAP.

Ragad Waleed Alkurdi Taib wife to Governor Taib if Sarawak is a Bumiputera Citizen sufficient Proof that Melayu are Pendatang.....To end any Controversy...Lets Do a DNA test that whoever within a space of 15 months have the Highest percentage DNA link to Parameswara bones be Made KING of Malaysia Forever and End the Sultan-Agong Sham ketua kampung legacy....All sultan-agong were once just Penghulu...village Head....Parameswara NEVER Embrace Islam.... Orang Asli , Iban, Murut, Kadazan, Penan are the Real Bumiputera and NO Malays are Orang Asli!! mealyu tak malu curi Hak Istimewah orang Asli!!...berambus celaka kononya Pendatang/Migrants of Malay archipelago !!

M. Indira Gandhi's children being FORCE TO CONVERT TO ISLAM and Still after 7 Years the Delay in Justice have meant that the Child is Forced and Tortured into the ways of IS UMNO-PAS - Hudud Peadofile Islam Racist Terrorist Ideology. Take every Explanation by pro PAS-UMNO-Hudud Islamic terrorist Bloggers agenda as an act against Humanity malaysian. These Scumbags tax payer funded Jakim, Syriah, JAIS... can divorce you from Grave like Last Sultan johor, Convert your child to Islam, make you Islam via NRD without your knowledge and the speed to reverse the EVIL Hidden Islam Agenda is like Hell Freezes over....allow altantuya murderer Sirul on Bail and end up in Australia.... Continue your Dissent ...Disrupt...and Kudos to the Ninja that made the flood and aero like Mat Kilau unseen..unheard....Disrupt...Criminal today, Hero Tomorrow in District 12.... and Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak...Ongkili-Pairin-Adenan and brother in Law Taib Govenor Support PAS hudud!!....ha ha ha!! Snookered UMNO-Bangsat Negara components shoe licker!!

Judge Abdul Rashid Daud handed down the decision after the prosecution succeeded in proving the case against Vivian Lee May Ling, 27.  Wow...  Lowyat Robber causing seditions acts and violence across KL by UMNO-Bangsat Negara Red Shirt Babi Bangsat melayu UMNO only 3 months.....

Lawyer Chang Joo Tian Defending Vivian Bak Kut Teh Vivian Lee Should Show this Photo to the Muslim Judge

And ask If this is seditious type posting or acceptable done in Jest?? That would put these Muslim IS Islam judges of Amar Maaruf Nahi Mungkar CRAP in a spot to highlight his Racist Bigot Bias racist terrorist IS Islam -Hudud PAS-UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan -Agong -Govenor EVIL Agenda Islam Justice terror!! It is your right to eat whatever and upload whatever. Just say I don't know what meat was eaten only Racist terrorist IS ISlam Muslim -Malay thinks its always pork and Haram Stuff..... Bak kut teh can be boiled with Cow, sheep, goat, chicken, frog, crocodile, tiger meat.... Make Police Report against the 3 Hijab-Tudung Malay girls for sedition and play the IS ISlam Terrorist Game of terror!!

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