Monday, June 13, 2016

Lets abandon political correctness and join to Fight radical Islamic racist bigots terrorism that UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong-Govenor -IGP-Bank Negara Supports.......

Disrupt...Deny... undermine ANYTHING Associated with ISLAMIC Rules and Law Not applicable to your Race and Religion!!

Did PAS Hadi Ask Muntahdin to Kahwin 2 like him dapat 2 kereta baru from UMNO- no problem....Tapi Kalau Isteri macam Najib Rosmah.... sediakan UTK dan C4 untuk hapuskan sesiapa yang cuba nak jadi isteri #2..... UMNO=PAS = sultan-agong-govenor =radical Islamic racist bigots terrorist Lovers & sympatizer..... Semua Sokong Pembunuhan 50 Gay kat Olando... alham duliah and all those Crap islamic Praises!! ABU .. UBAH - Tolak PAS & UMNO Kat pilihanraya!! No Islamic Bias Nation is Ever Good!!...all going to HELL!!...and that is fact! Shameless Islamic IS Malay bloggers wants the western freedom, demoncracy, development and social security yet continue their EVIL Islam Radical Trash!!

All this Bodoh Bangsat UMNO-sultan-agong-Govenor approved IS Islam Racist terrorist trying to Con Malaysian with Hudud Bill disquised as Syriah then Supreme LAW and Order for Malaysia citizen GULLIBLE!... RESIST..Condemn!! Luckilly we are all smarter now than to give these Tak Malu Islam Guna Wang Haram Tax bukan Islam to build mosque, surau, Jakim, Jais terrorist Club. Just use your own Stupid halal Zakat or Jizya for your own Crap!! Give back M. Indira Gandhi’s three children.....and reverse ALL their Conversion especially the youngest one Prasana Diksa..... & years ago before talking amendment to Syriah-Hudud-Islam Bangsat Pukimak celaka BILL in Parliament..... and make NRD slaves to whatever religion we want on IC..........Cakap Bodoh Celaka!! ... Semua air dan Makanan di Malaysia ada 0.000000000001% ARAK dan Babi!!!......Kalau Islam melayu UMNO-PAS Cult makan apa pun...semua Masuk Neraka!!...Itu Rahmat Awak... ABU--UBAH ...Keluar Islam!!

No need to apologise Pendatang dan melayu tak malu curi hak Istimewah bumiputera dari Iban, Kadazan ..murut penan...orang asal Malaysia..... take the apology to the barn and SHOOT it , burn it or Bury it... As long as Prasana Diksa the Force Child Convert To under the malay muslim fake sultan-Rulers agong-govenor -UMNO-bangsat Negara IS Islam PAS hudud Approval....... the Will be No respite to Fighting the Evil IS ISlam MALAY Terrorist Racist Agenda..... 7.5 Years and counting...Praise to Allah...More UMNO-Celaka Melayu leaders are facing unnatural Zahid Hamidi's Son in Law..... Helicopter.... watch this space on the cover up...!!


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