Monday, December 30, 2013

UMNO - BN Better be thankful they are still ALIVE..... Otherwise its wise to Start Leaving Malaysia....

In Case the Rakyat revolt with Barang Naik and Bangkit Bantah - Tangkap Serentak Malaysia.  Catch these UMNO-BN Goons, scumbag and Send them all to Bangladesh.

Kuantan Wanita Umno chief Datuk Zaiton Mat has drawn flak over her alleged call to those who dislike the Barisan Nasional-led government to “leave Malaysia and live elsewhere”.

Dataran Merdeka - 31 December 2013   - We are Gathering there because I am Paying all of you one cent as my EMPLOYEE to attend this Important meeting.  We are meeting there because you are employed by me on a casual basis.  There is no need to lodge police for gathering ....otherwise ALL Employers in MALAYSIA will have to Lodge a PERMIT for ALL their employee to attend Office.....365 times a year for the rest of their business life!!  WE ARE NOT ROMANTICS TO Higher cost of Living neither are 65% of Rakyat the remaining 35% who are excited with the increase....stay home and worship UMNO-BN with Sultan Approval!!

I will take all charged under this stupid Malaysian law to the high court....No problem!!...Even police gathering to monitor our gathering need a make sure you Video/YOUTUBE these UMNO PDRM running Dogs and use that as prove that the police did not have permit!!

So on 31 December 2013....we gather at Dataran Merdeka and Send another Shockwave to UMNO-BN Mullah + Agong that we will nt TOLERATE their SHAM and SCAM of making 65% of Malaysia slave to their OPULENT  Life style of Rich and famous while giving lip service that we 65% of Malaysian should change our life style to accomodate THESE SCUMBAGS of UMNO-BN + Sultan Approval Agenda!!

Lawyers will take any arrested to the highest court and we will make a SHAM of this Permit to gather and make Malaysia a LAUGHING STOCK of  the world and Investors beware of INVESTING in MALAYSIA.  It could be your WORST Cyprus....while UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong are still in cahoots!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Change ..>>We must.....of the Present...and not be Romantics of Past or Future.....

The current UMNO-BN + Sultan Sulu + Abu Sayaf terrorist are the present ILLS that have DESTROYED MALAYSIA.  No point trying to negotiate with deft, dumb, evil minded racist and slavery driven agenda Leaders.  Out they go now, today and the future WILL change for the Better.   UMNO-BN + Sultan Munafiq Islam Mind set is set in stone with all their wealth and trappings.  Cannot give up on the easy money to enjoy the live, while in a fake sense show their concern via Permata, child care, disable, surau, temple, and feel good Malaysia Brain washing media stories....

Nothing that is left Unchanged in the present, can make a better tomorrow.  EVIL ends Today is better than a continuous EVIL tomorrow......and there is a possibility that a new Evil can emerge tomorrow or a GOOD LIFE agenda starts tomorrow.

The paradigm we need is to Change Today...this second, minute hour...  No matter how hard you try, you cannot change the past or the future...that is the reality.  The reality is NOW....this moment in history, not next hour or tomorrow.....the reality is NOW.  NOW is this second.  That is the reality.  Sit ponder and wonder are you any better off with racist slave making UMNO-BN +  Sultan-Agong??  If not then Change it NOW....  Not tomorrow but now.  Don't make the tomorrow another 60 years of racist bigots rule of UMNO-BN + SUltan Agong Approval.

Make to Sabah/Sarawak, when this reality happens, sack malaya.  Let the Terrorist UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong approval ponder on what could have been......  We have the destiny of Change Today for a Different Tomorrow.  That means we need to Sack terrorist sponsoring UMNO-BN with Sultan -Agong Approval from running and RUINING our lives.

It is a Good Christmas to ALL....lets be MERRY and SACK Malaya..leave malaya with $1 Trillion Ringgit debt to manage & the CHAOS that follows....  We have a New tomorrow and a New Nation to build in Sabah & Sarawak......>Singapore Welcome to Join.  Use Allah word Freely because we CHOOSE to DEFY, Defend and EXERCISE OUR FREEDOM ..>TODAY!!

Sack malaya & the Racist Agenda of UMNO-BN & Sultan Munafiq Islam Agong!  Here they are defender of Islam ....there somehow they can lay their hands on johor Malay reserve land and Sell it for $4.5 Billion and benefit the same CIRCLE of Shamful Sultan-Agong family & UMNO-BN.  This is TERRORISM of the highest order because no poor Malaysian will benefit from these SCUMS corruptions.....multiply that with 9 Sultan-Agong + UMNO-BN Scums and the money goes out of Malaysia is about $200 Billion.  Same for Felda, Petronas....etc..etc...and billions and billions out flow....Rakyat happy to accept this reality because
Nothing was done for 60 Years to end it Today!!  Because it is not ended today,  it continues tomorrow....simple logic  Sultan Perak Munafiq Islam gave an insight of what money can buy during the election of 2008 and the daughter of Sultan Perak is the wife of current Sultan Johor.......Now the alliance is complete...lets see how they insult the people or bring REAL progress....they are the ones with UMNO-BN who have the Billions $$$$$ of your money.....or will CONTINUOUS Natural disaster strike Malaysia until people wake up to corruption infrastructure Sham....flood, roof collapse, release Dam water to Kill,  Landslide from logging to Kill, Road tol to kill....  People will soon realise WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME???

Today change must happen!!  Merry Christmas!! Migrate to Sabah Sarawak and SACK Malaya...agenda 2020!!

Bangkit ..Bantah and RALLY...the Rally against price rise and continuous evil regime and Election Sham!! Rally against INJUSTICE, CRIME and UMNO-SULU -ABU SAYAF terrorist to end !!  2014 Year of RALLY!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Rules of engagement

We have an Objective

We need to stop making changes to Accomodate the brain washing of Peace, safety when Crime, injustice terrorism attack on Sabahans and Terrorist criminals are running the streets of Malaysia.  In the midst of some UMNO Islamic agenda, criminals and Crime in Malaysia all called terrorist, but UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf terrorist under approval of Agong/Sultan are called Gunmen roaming the streets.

Don't be romantics to Malaysia Brain washing media lies and sham....

Name sake Tanah melayu...bumiputera plot of land but Sultan Munafiq Islam UMNO Johor somehow can get his hands on Hecters of Land and Sell to Chinese and other developers for $4.8 Billion ringgit.  Only recently this murderer son of Sultan Johor demolish a surau because buddist used it for prayer in a resort.....
In one hidden swoop...he conned the malays and orang asli of a windfall using the usual Religion blanket to cover the eyes so that corruption and cahoots between UMNO+ Sultan not seen.  Thanks to internet, more malays...yes mind you malay are rebelling and waiting for the time to end the UMNO+Sultan Munafiq Islam Alliance.

UMNO-BN malay and Sultan lemmings like to sing to this Sick tune of Misery and slavery for malays....not knowing malays are singing their demise on that ONE FINE DAY of CITIZEN Arrest.

UMNO Malay  Racist + Sultan/Agong have Delusion of Grandeur.    They want to make islam holy friday in Johor again like in days of past......but those who oppose will be seen as anti Islam, Sultan and malays in one hit.  When the Barang Naik / Price increase and Hunger strikes....lets see if Allah help the Sultan and the UMNO leaders in their day of reakoning.  Malaysia is doom and now is the right time to make preparation to migrate to Sabah-Sarawak and create a more advance and better world.  Surely this Sham of Sultan getting Cash payment $4.5 Billion should not shock you too much....previously for the sake of Democracy in Perak, that Sultan Munafiq also got a few Billions via proxy of Gamuda the builder of the LRT and rail extension to the tune of $10 Billion....

Looks like the bumiputera malays have really been screwed proper after 60 years of shouting Nationalistic malay unity Sham.....  Now in hunger and weak...its on your own and the UMNO+ Sultan UNDERSTAND your PLIGHT but will help 5 Families but SHOW it on RTM and Reported on MEDIA 365 times a year and do a documentary to feed your ILLUDION Driven mentality....  But soon Hunger and Anger will wake up to bring an end to this UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Grandeur Illusion.

Word of advise is, don't be in hospital with drip feed trying to change Malaysia for the better....DO IT NOW!!

Bangun Bangkit Bantah KOS HIDUP tinggi, High Tax/tax tinggi and Cukai tanah tinggi....  Lodge a permit DAILY to RALLY on the Streets of Malaysia.....and give the PDRM Terrorist HELL!!@#$%^

Monday, December 09, 2013

Proven UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf is also UMNO-Hamas Terrorist Organisation

Fancy meeting with Hamas leader and talking reconciliation....Hamas - Hezbollah - Taliban - Sulu - Abu Sayaf - Jemmiah Islamiah all have terrorist links to UMNO and Sultan/Agong.  Did you see the Agong/Sultan speak out against terrorist as Defender of Islam Malaysia??  Ziltch.  Now it is getting clearer that the Sham of Racist Islamic Cult UMNO + Sultan to Sack  Singapore and retain Sabah-Sarawak is to Force them under Duress to sign their slavery away.

It is nothing wrong to RIGHT the wrong of History.  You have paid and corrupted Scums like the MCA and MIC and Now PBS and PBB....they signed away rights of Chinese, Indians, Iban, Penan, Kadazan, Murut, Orang Asli.  Now the Agong - Sultan + UMNO are in an Alliance to do the same tango that sacked Singapore.....this time its seems WHATEVER it takes to Destroy any Rebellion.  Even if the rebellion is in thoughts, words and deeds of Boycott.

Mandela died,  but Tun Dr,.Racist M says he admire him the most......??@#$%^& The Father of malaysia demise and racist God of UMNO...  what an insult to Mandela legacy.  The cheek of Tun to associated with him.   There the UMNO claim they honour Mandela and here we have hand shake with HAMAS-Hezbollah Terrorist groups by UMNO and Approved by Sultan-Agong. ...You wonder Allah can bless have FLOOD.....  A testerment to your Munafiq Islam Cult UMNO - Approved by Sultan -Agong.  The Blessing from Allah is more floods, economic crisis and chaos...and only the Death of UMNO and Sultan - Agong Aproved racism can stop the trouble ahead of malaysia or Sabah-Sarawak SACK Malaya!!!

Sabah - Sarawak need to start attracting migration from those seeking to retire and preserve wealth from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, England...etc.  Why take islam terrorist like Abu Sayaf, Jemmiah Islamiah, Umno-PBS -Sulu terrorist??  Sell stuff in Malaya like properties then Sack Malaya.  We don't need the munafiq Terrorist sponsoring UMNO + Sultan Approved racist acts to govern our lives.  We have the will and the power to migrate and it has started in 2013.  by 2020 we Sack malaya and have ENGLISH as the Medium of commerce, need to send children to private schools and be seen disadvantage anymore.  ALL UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong send their children + relative to ENGLISH Medium private schools in the name of making you dumber and preserving theUMNO Islam Cult + Sultan -Agong Racist dominant legacy.  Fortunately when you want population dominance, you suffer malnutrition + misery if you keep following the UMNO-Islam Cult of born malay = Islam sickness.

A great man Mandela is in his version of Truth & Reconciliation tribunal......Mandela did not go the Zimbabwe or Malaysia way of forcing whites and discriminating against them in business.  Today South Africa is one the richest nation in Africa.....albeit its problems with crime.  Its time to Migrate to Sabah/Sarawak and SACK Malaya....that is the Agenda 2020 for Malaysian.  Law & Order, Judiciary, education, election commission are all STUFFED with UMNO Nazi Goons - approved by sultan-agong to continue the racist agenda.  Now the Ponzi is about to explode...they talk Islam , race and Royalty.  If these things cannot feed your children then you need to take action and OCCUPY.....Citizen Arrest all UMNO-BN leaders......leave the Sultan-Agong in their Ivory glass tower as a museum piece.... a legacy of what they REALLY did to alleviate your current Need.... do nothing to these leeches too!!...But Spare not the UMNO-BN scums and their Islamic terrorist they sponsor in Sabah - Sarawak.  Show no mercy and DON'T be a ROMANTIC to Crime and Terrorism!!

Help the Iban, Penans, Orang Asli, the Kadazan, Murut, malays, chinese, indians,  that are NOT them to migrate too to Sabah-Sarawak...and send the UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf islamic terrorist to Malaya!!

Monday, December 02, 2013

MORE BARANG NAIK - price RISE + Pain After Election and Serve you right for Voting them again...Still time for NATIONAL Citizen Arrest of UMNO-BN Leadersand Sack Malaya....

Need to understand that children unlike animals, have running cost that cannot be quantified like fixed cost of feeding chicken, dog, cow, cattle or even plantation.  They have ongoing cost like allocation needed for food, leisure, entertainment, clothing, shoes, education.  The more children you have the more competition you create within yourself and your well being.  Not only do children need to compete for love and joy within your household, you have external peer pressure that limits your children expectation against society peer pressure.

So you think by having more children and justifying it via UMNO malays Political and Racist dominance means Eutopia in the current are sadly mistaken.  You are made stupid by these UMNO Evil Racist Ideology who only do it for their own benefits and none for you.  Malays are like pawns to UMNO racist + Sultan and that have been proven.  These scumbags only care about their share of the pie which cannot reduce, regardless of what it is going to happen to you and yourchildren SIMPLY because they have guns in the Police, Army, militia and the UMNO-SULU, Umno-Abu Sayaf Islamic terrorist to take you down should you try to Rise and challenge their position as Master of your life.

That is the UMNO racist + Sultan only agenda and will do anything to try to push the BOUNDARIES of their EVIL and see HOW MISERABLE you can tolerate your life!!  Sick Ideology but true.  Sabahans and Sarawakians Just take Power and SACK Malaya.  In the same way UMNO+ Sultan Sacked Singapore because they had leaders with Spine.  Sabah / Sarawak need to find leaders with Spine from those in the Jungle who have the ability to take on these UMNO sponsored Islamic terrorist, Army, Police who will give up the moment they see their BASE is Obliterated by the Citizen Arrest Day.  Arrest on a single day, and SACK Malaya the next.

Malaysia be better off to start selling your property now, and migrate to Sabah/Sarawak.  Otherwise they will WHACK you with Even Higher Land Tax, Rent Tax, Electricity.....etc.  Serve those Chinese, Indians, Iban, Kadazan and Malays who voted Barang Naik and wanted case of riots if UMNO lost the election.....UMNO Gave you $500 and now you have to pay up $10000 in total over 5 years of UMNO-BN Rule.....with all kinds of BN (Barang Naik)  enjoy the peace and keep complaining on Rally that people make to take down UMNO-BN.

....Padan Muka for the Fake Peace in exchange for misery to those BN Chinese, Indians, Iban, kadazan & malays !! Sultan UMNO & scums have been able to Orchestrate their DEMONcracy, Robbery, Stealing, killing and you are just accepting it??@#$%^ after election  What Crap is this.  Don't insult the Gods you worship by being a slave to the UMNO + Sultan + Racist Ideology Sham.......  Don't give in to Demons,  fight them, citizen arrest them, obliterate them, sack them and send all the DEBT BACK to MALAYA!!  A country with ZERO DEBT can Progress Faster than a Malaya with $1 trillion and growing Debt......
Now UMNO racist are asking for more within the elites and you have to fork it out via more too make slaves of UMNO racist out of your own children and you think Allah is blind??

Shootings by UMNO-BN Sponsored terrorist in Sabah-Sarawak is Gunman......don't pay tax is treason....Defy Allah Word, Insult Islam.....Go To HE $%^&LLLLL  UMNO-BN Scumbags!!  Malays, Chinese, Indian Orang Asli, Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Iban struggling to survive....Change our lifestyle.....and PM Electricity Bil is $7,000,0000 a year.....  Time to Change Government BY FORCE of the PEOPLE...Bangkit Bantah.....INI KALI LAH!!

Barang naik is UMNO-BN - from Sugar-Gula, Tol, Petrol, Land Tax-cukai tanah, Elecktrik, GST,.......KELUAR...BANTAH ...BANGKIT...PECAT UMNO-Malaya.....Era Baru Sabah - Sarawak...... THE MOVE have begun......anytime.....all timing.....TIME TO SACK MALAYA.....