Monday, December 02, 2013

MORE BARANG NAIK - price RISE + Pain After Election and Serve you right for Voting them again...Still time for NATIONAL Citizen Arrest of UMNO-BN Leadersand Sack Malaya....

Need to understand that children unlike animals, have running cost that cannot be quantified like fixed cost of feeding chicken, dog, cow, cattle or even plantation.  They have ongoing cost like allocation needed for food, leisure, entertainment, clothing, shoes, education.  The more children you have the more competition you create within yourself and your well being.  Not only do children need to compete for love and joy within your household, you have external peer pressure that limits your children expectation against society peer pressure.

So you think by having more children and justifying it via UMNO malays Political and Racist dominance means Eutopia in the current are sadly mistaken.  You are made stupid by these UMNO Evil Racist Ideology who only do it for their own benefits and none for you.  Malays are like pawns to UMNO racist + Sultan and that have been proven.  These scumbags only care about their share of the pie which cannot reduce, regardless of what it is going to happen to you and yourchildren SIMPLY because they have guns in the Police, Army, militia and the UMNO-SULU, Umno-Abu Sayaf Islamic terrorist to take you down should you try to Rise and challenge their position as Master of your life.

That is the UMNO racist + Sultan only agenda and will do anything to try to push the BOUNDARIES of their EVIL and see HOW MISERABLE you can tolerate your life!!  Sick Ideology but true.  Sabahans and Sarawakians Just take Power and SACK Malaya.  In the same way UMNO+ Sultan Sacked Singapore because they had leaders with Spine.  Sabah / Sarawak need to find leaders with Spine from those in the Jungle who have the ability to take on these UMNO sponsored Islamic terrorist, Army, Police who will give up the moment they see their BASE is Obliterated by the Citizen Arrest Day.  Arrest on a single day, and SACK Malaya the next.

Malaysia be better off to start selling your property now, and migrate to Sabah/Sarawak.  Otherwise they will WHACK you with Even Higher Land Tax, Rent Tax, Electricity.....etc.  Serve those Chinese, Indians, Iban, Kadazan and Malays who voted Barang Naik and wanted case of riots if UMNO lost the election.....UMNO Gave you $500 and now you have to pay up $10000 in total over 5 years of UMNO-BN Rule.....with all kinds of BN (Barang Naik)  enjoy the peace and keep complaining on Rally that people make to take down UMNO-BN.

....Padan Muka for the Fake Peace in exchange for misery to those BN Chinese, Indians, Iban, kadazan & malays !! Sultan UMNO & scums have been able to Orchestrate their DEMONcracy, Robbery, Stealing, killing and you are just accepting it??@#$%^ after election  What Crap is this.  Don't insult the Gods you worship by being a slave to the UMNO + Sultan + Racist Ideology Sham.......  Don't give in to Demons,  fight them, citizen arrest them, obliterate them, sack them and send all the DEBT BACK to MALAYA!!  A country with ZERO DEBT can Progress Faster than a Malaya with $1 trillion and growing Debt......
Now UMNO racist are asking for more within the elites and you have to fork it out via more too make slaves of UMNO racist out of your own children and you think Allah is blind??

Shootings by UMNO-BN Sponsored terrorist in Sabah-Sarawak is Gunman......don't pay tax is treason....Defy Allah Word, Insult Islam.....Go To HE $%^&LLLLL  UMNO-BN Scumbags!!  Malays, Chinese, Indian Orang Asli, Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Iban struggling to survive....Change our lifestyle.....and PM Electricity Bil is $7,000,0000 a year.....  Time to Change Government BY FORCE of the PEOPLE...Bangkit Bantah.....INI KALI LAH!!

Barang naik is UMNO-BN - from Sugar-Gula, Tol, Petrol, Land Tax-cukai tanah, Elecktrik, GST,.......KELUAR...BANTAH ...BANGKIT...PECAT UMNO-Malaya.....Era Baru Sabah - Sarawak...... THE MOVE have begun......anytime.....all timing.....TIME TO SACK MALAYA.....

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