Monday, November 25, 2013 Johor Sultan and Sultan UMNO for going back to Friday / Saturday in a secular Malaysia........Nothing good in this...

Same Sultan with murderous history with father and Bullying with Son.....what use is this to Sabah-Sarawak??  Get ready to Sack Malaya is a better way to make a better life.  So now johor have 4 true working days....might as well write off Friday to Sunday.

The stupid Royalty people only consulted muslim-malays...for this decision.....  Just like those Lego Print and Paste all over Malaysia and especially Johor should continue to embarrass those Cult Surau Demolition Mullah of Islamic advisor to Sultan johor.  Its CRIME SPREE ALL OVER Malaysia.  This is a don't try to interpret as insult....but if you cannot take criticism then consider your actions of the Demolition and so many other things as Insult to our sanity and to ALLAH......We will also TANGKAP you  one day....if Allah don't terminate your life sooner for the sake of a better Malaysia.

We just need to complete the Agenda Migrate to Sabah/Sarawak.. & Catch those UMNO-BN buggers in a MASS coordinated citizen arrest on their regular meeting in State Parliamen and then SACK Malaya.....A Citizen Initiative to Rid these country-state of UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf terrorist and finish off the remnants of UMNO terror there.....  We celebrate the next day by deporting those illegals to malaya and to johor to enjoy the Wealth there....

Daily we have Murder, Scam (like those Foreign Students cheated of Diploma)....corruption, Crime, Break and enter, Police shooting,  Islamic Terrorist Killings Sabahans and Sarawakians but these UMNO-SCUM media call them Gunman....If gunman are caught ...just Shoot them or hang them....why bother having discussion and investigation.......Just because they have guns you Scumbag Sultan Approved PDRM Police Chief can have a civil of Malaysia you just continue to be UMNO Slaves and live in fear.....Over my dead body....  As we continue the migrate agenda.....we also Continue the Disrupt Agenda.

That means it is STUPID for foreigners to invest and come to Malaysia for education......  Malaysia is closer each day to implosion and I will say serve you right for your loss of Wealth and perhaps Life if you are not careful......  Things need to change before Malaysia can ever progress......SACK Malaya is the first act.....can Re-Negotiate and Join later as Elder brother......Like when your GDP like Singapore Bigger than Malaya......   Malaysia is a SHAM PONZI country run By Insulters of islam like Malay islam Cult UMNO & the Sultan + Mullah.......just be careful and you have been warned.....better opportunity in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand......Don't be romantics to inept and incompetence like malaysia....Now have to work on Sunday...>SHEEZE....!!!!  Stupid malaya !!

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