Monday, November 25, 2013 Johor Sultan and Sultan UMNO for going back to Friday / Saturday in a secular Malaysia........Nothing good in this...

Same Sultan with murderous history with father and Bullying with Son.....what use is this to Sabah-Sarawak??  Get ready to Sack Malaya is a better way to make a better life.  So now johor have 4 true working days....might as well write off Friday to Sunday.

The stupid Royalty people only consulted muslim-malays...for this decision.....  Just like those Lego Print and Paste all over Malaysia and especially Johor should continue to embarrass those Cult Surau Demolition Mullah of Islamic advisor to Sultan johor.  Its CRIME SPREE ALL OVER Malaysia.  This is a don't try to interpret as insult....but if you cannot take criticism then consider your actions of the Demolition and so many other things as Insult to our sanity and to ALLAH......We will also TANGKAP you  one day....if Allah don't terminate your life sooner for the sake of a better Malaysia.

We just need to complete the Agenda Migrate to Sabah/Sarawak.. & Catch those UMNO-BN buggers in a MASS coordinated citizen arrest on their regular meeting in State Parliamen and then SACK Malaya.....A Citizen Initiative to Rid these country-state of UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf terrorist and finish off the remnants of UMNO terror there.....  We celebrate the next day by deporting those illegals to malaya and to johor to enjoy the Wealth there....

Daily we have Murder, Scam (like those Foreign Students cheated of Diploma)....corruption, Crime, Break and enter, Police shooting,  Islamic Terrorist Killings Sabahans and Sarawakians but these UMNO-SCUM media call them Gunman....If gunman are caught ...just Shoot them or hang them....why bother having discussion and investigation.......Just because they have guns you Scumbag Sultan Approved PDRM Police Chief can have a civil of Malaysia you just continue to be UMNO Slaves and live in fear.....Over my dead body....  As we continue the migrate agenda.....we also Continue the Disrupt Agenda.

That means it is STUPID for foreigners to invest and come to Malaysia for education......  Malaysia is closer each day to implosion and I will say serve you right for your loss of Wealth and perhaps Life if you are not careful......  Things need to change before Malaysia can ever progress......SACK Malaya is the first act.....can Re-Negotiate and Join later as Elder brother......Like when your GDP like Singapore Bigger than Malaya......   Malaysia is a SHAM PONZI country run By Insulters of islam like Malay islam Cult UMNO & the Sultan + Mullah.......just be careful and you have been warned.....better opportunity in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand......Don't be romantics to inept and incompetence like malaysia....Now have to work on Sunday...>SHEEZE....!!!!  Stupid malaya !!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Agenda Migrate to Sabah/Sarawak...Citizen Arrest UMNO-BN leaders and Cronies, SACK Malaya then Celebrate!!

No need to follow procedure.....UN, Unesco, Asean....etc...All Lies to delay your day of celebration.

So Malaysian needs to have a higher agenda in place to create a better life in a world devoid of Justice, Freedom and Logic. 

Look at that Johor Lego Mural Sham.....  I am glad everyone is Printing the Lego and PASTING it AT EVERY Government Office block, shopping centre, car park, mosque, surau, Palace, Banks, Starbucks.....etc  It is a reality that Crime is out of control.  Look at the way these Scumback UMNO-Abu Sayaf terrorist media write about Islamic terrorist kidnapping tourist, Malaysian.....they call them gunmen....

Shoot the Damn Islamic terrorist, Hang those UMNO-Sulu sponsored terrorist in Jail for Killing the Army and Police.......Stop your stupid discussion with Islamic terrorist and then perhaps we have room for a better Malaysia and endless possibility...

Now we have Endless dumbing down of Malaysian and Keep up the ROSMAH enjoying on tax payers private  While the rest of Malaysian struggle to get their own land like the Ibans, Penans and Orang Asli.  The injustice under the ISLAMIC Extremist Cult UMNO Ideology is giving Islam a bad name.  Time to stop trying to UNDERSTAND the RACISM, INJUSTICE and Citizen Arrest these thieves, rapist, from UMNO-BN in Sabah-Sarawak to Malaya.  On the day of MASS Citizen Arrest...make sure every one of these UMNO Islamic Scumbags don't escape...

At least lets start the Migrate to Sabah/Sarawak Project today 2013....and its being bought....unite with natives to OBLITERATE the PBS, PBB and those UMNO sponsored GOONS in BN and Sack Malaya........then we CELEBRATE the SACKING of Malaya.....a reality of what needs to be done to have a more NORMAL life....English education....very fast train between Sabah-Sarawak.....Oil....Plantation.....  WE CAN DO IT....  INI KALI LAH!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

No Need to be Romantics to Injustices and SHAM Laws of Malaysia Either...and Sultan-Agong Approved of it too...

So for Kidnapping and Raping these scumbags of about 4 INDIAN Origins gets Death Sentence.... All well and good.....

But what about that scumbag child rapist from Sabah...then force parents to allow to marry underage poor girl???

and how about that ex MB of Malacca Thamby Chik raping a manager Riduan Masmud, 40

And how about those UMNO-Sulu Muslim Terrorist Killing 7 Army/Police Personnel in their constant Attack on Sabah....when are those caught going to be Given the Death Sentence and of course the Famous Altantuya murderer.... C/Insp Azilah Hadri and Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar   when will death sentence be given to them???  @#$%#$!

These are the Scumbags that the UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong so gladly protect under the muslim malay judges and ALL are Defender of Islam and Way of life.....PTUI....!@#$%^&!  These Sultan-Agong and UMNO Munafiq Islam is the Insulter of Islam...HANG ALL of them(those criminals of malay/islam cult ideology as well...not just communist chinese of indians)......  How many wake up and say their morning prayers in the Thousand of Surau all over the country...Yet they want to make a show of STUPIDITY by demolishing the surau that the Buddist monks used for prayers in Johor.

Foreign smart and stop investing in Malaysia...ITs Zimbabwe in the making......anytime your $100 million USD will be worth $1 Million USD........The more Foreign funds comes into Malaysia the more these UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong move their money to USD and overseas to protect their own pie for their own family....  Only problem is that these UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong may not live to see their wealth when the normal Malaysian realise their Ponzi Scam.....  Is it so wrong to make Malaysia World Class rather than Islamic Taliban Sham Class?? or 3rd standard???....there is a reasons for that and that is to make Malaysian life a misery and to control your misery with regular ringing of the Paslov Bell.

...English...Food, petrol...BR1M...Astro...religion...Allah, year election sweetener...and carrying on with the raping and sleeping with your husband or wife or children with their Islamic inspired Lunatic Malay Cult sham laws!! ....  Basically at the end of the ORDEAL its a Misery and continuation of the MISERABLE LIFE under UMNO-BN with Sultan Agong Approval in Malaysia!!

Sabah / Sarawak citizen arrest the UMNO-BN leaders & SACK Malaya .... its as simple as that if can be done Simultaneously......on a massive gathering of the anger of the people without the UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong a Storm Surge!!!