Monday, December 30, 2013

UMNO - BN Better be thankful they are still ALIVE..... Otherwise its wise to Start Leaving Malaysia....

In Case the Rakyat revolt with Barang Naik and Bangkit Bantah - Tangkap Serentak Malaysia.  Catch these UMNO-BN Goons, scumbag and Send them all to Bangladesh.

Kuantan Wanita Umno chief Datuk Zaiton Mat has drawn flak over her alleged call to those who dislike the Barisan Nasional-led government to “leave Malaysia and live elsewhere”.

Dataran Merdeka - 31 December 2013   - We are Gathering there because I am Paying all of you one cent as my EMPLOYEE to attend this Important meeting.  We are meeting there because you are employed by me on a casual basis.  There is no need to lodge police for gathering ....otherwise ALL Employers in MALAYSIA will have to Lodge a PERMIT for ALL their employee to attend Office.....365 times a year for the rest of their business life!!  WE ARE NOT ROMANTICS TO Higher cost of Living neither are 65% of Rakyat the remaining 35% who are excited with the increase....stay home and worship UMNO-BN with Sultan Approval!!

I will take all charged under this stupid Malaysian law to the high court....No problem!!...Even police gathering to monitor our gathering need a make sure you Video/YOUTUBE these UMNO PDRM running Dogs and use that as prove that the police did not have permit!!

So on 31 December 2013....we gather at Dataran Merdeka and Send another Shockwave to UMNO-BN Mullah + Agong that we will nt TOLERATE their SHAM and SCAM of making 65% of Malaysia slave to their OPULENT  Life style of Rich and famous while giving lip service that we 65% of Malaysian should change our life style to accomodate THESE SCUMBAGS of UMNO-BN + Sultan Approval Agenda!!

Lawyers will take any arrested to the highest court and we will make a SHAM of this Permit to gather and make Malaysia a LAUGHING STOCK of  the world and Investors beware of INVESTING in MALAYSIA.  It could be your WORST Cyprus....while UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong are still in cahoots!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Change ..>>We must.....of the Present...and not be Romantics of Past or Future.....

The current UMNO-BN + Sultan Sulu + Abu Sayaf terrorist are the present ILLS that have DESTROYED MALAYSIA.  No point trying to negotiate with deft, dumb, evil minded racist and slavery driven agenda Leaders.  Out they go now, today and the future WILL change for the Better.   UMNO-BN + Sultan Munafiq Islam Mind set is set in stone with all their wealth and trappings.  Cannot give up on the easy money to enjoy the live, while in a fake sense show their concern via Permata, child care, disable, surau, temple, and feel good Malaysia Brain washing media stories....

Nothing that is left Unchanged in the present, can make a better tomorrow.  EVIL ends Today is better than a continuous EVIL tomorrow......and there is a possibility that a new Evil can emerge tomorrow or a GOOD LIFE agenda starts tomorrow.

The paradigm we need is to Change Today...this second, minute hour...  No matter how hard you try, you cannot change the past or the future...that is the reality.  The reality is NOW....this moment in history, not next hour or tomorrow.....the reality is NOW.  NOW is this second.  That is the reality.  Sit ponder and wonder are you any better off with racist slave making UMNO-BN +  Sultan-Agong??  If not then Change it NOW....  Not tomorrow but now.  Don't make the tomorrow another 60 years of racist bigots rule of UMNO-BN + SUltan Agong Approval.

Make to Sabah/Sarawak, when this reality happens, sack malaya.  Let the Terrorist UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong approval ponder on what could have been......  We have the destiny of Change Today for a Different Tomorrow.  That means we need to Sack terrorist sponsoring UMNO-BN with Sultan -Agong Approval from running and RUINING our lives.

It is a Good Christmas to ALL....lets be MERRY and SACK Malaya..leave malaya with $1 Trillion Ringgit debt to manage & the CHAOS that follows....  We have a New tomorrow and a New Nation to build in Sabah & Sarawak......>Singapore Welcome to Join.  Use Allah word Freely because we CHOOSE to DEFY, Defend and EXERCISE OUR FREEDOM ..>TODAY!!

Sack malaya & the Racist Agenda of UMNO-BN & Sultan Munafiq Islam Agong!  Here they are defender of Islam ....there somehow they can lay their hands on johor Malay reserve land and Sell it for $4.5 Billion and benefit the same CIRCLE of Shamful Sultan-Agong family & UMNO-BN.  This is TERRORISM of the highest order because no poor Malaysian will benefit from these SCUMS corruptions.....multiply that with 9 Sultan-Agong + UMNO-BN Scums and the money goes out of Malaysia is about $200 Billion.  Same for Felda, Petronas....etc..etc...and billions and billions out flow....Rakyat happy to accept this reality because
Nothing was done for 60 Years to end it Today!!  Because it is not ended today,  it continues tomorrow....simple logic  Sultan Perak Munafiq Islam gave an insight of what money can buy during the election of 2008 and the daughter of Sultan Perak is the wife of current Sultan Johor.......Now the alliance is complete...lets see how they insult the people or bring REAL progress....they are the ones with UMNO-BN who have the Billions $$$$$ of your money.....or will CONTINUOUS Natural disaster strike Malaysia until people wake up to corruption infrastructure Sham....flood, roof collapse, release Dam water to Kill,  Landslide from logging to Kill, Road tol to kill....  People will soon realise WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME???

Today change must happen!!  Merry Christmas!! Migrate to Sabah Sarawak and SACK Malaya...agenda 2020!!

Bangkit ..Bantah and RALLY...the Rally against price rise and continuous evil regime and Election Sham!! Rally against INJUSTICE, CRIME and UMNO-SULU -ABU SAYAF terrorist to end !!  2014 Year of RALLY!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Rules of engagement

We have an Objective

We need to stop making changes to Accomodate the brain washing of Peace, safety when Crime, injustice terrorism attack on Sabahans and Terrorist criminals are running the streets of Malaysia.  In the midst of some UMNO Islamic agenda, criminals and Crime in Malaysia all called terrorist, but UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf terrorist under approval of Agong/Sultan are called Gunmen roaming the streets.

Don't be romantics to Malaysia Brain washing media lies and sham....

Name sake Tanah melayu...bumiputera plot of land but Sultan Munafiq Islam UMNO Johor somehow can get his hands on Hecters of Land and Sell to Chinese and other developers for $4.8 Billion ringgit.  Only recently this murderer son of Sultan Johor demolish a surau because buddist used it for prayer in a resort.....
In one hidden swoop...he conned the malays and orang asli of a windfall using the usual Religion blanket to cover the eyes so that corruption and cahoots between UMNO+ Sultan not seen.  Thanks to internet, more malays...yes mind you malay are rebelling and waiting for the time to end the UMNO+Sultan Munafiq Islam Alliance.

UMNO-BN malay and Sultan lemmings like to sing to this Sick tune of Misery and slavery for malays....not knowing malays are singing their demise on that ONE FINE DAY of CITIZEN Arrest.

UMNO Malay  Racist + Sultan/Agong have Delusion of Grandeur.    They want to make islam holy friday in Johor again like in days of past......but those who oppose will be seen as anti Islam, Sultan and malays in one hit.  When the Barang Naik / Price increase and Hunger strikes....lets see if Allah help the Sultan and the UMNO leaders in their day of reakoning.  Malaysia is doom and now is the right time to make preparation to migrate to Sabah-Sarawak and create a more advance and better world.  Surely this Sham of Sultan getting Cash payment $4.5 Billion should not shock you too much....previously for the sake of Democracy in Perak, that Sultan Munafiq also got a few Billions via proxy of Gamuda the builder of the LRT and rail extension to the tune of $10 Billion....

Looks like the bumiputera malays have really been screwed proper after 60 years of shouting Nationalistic malay unity Sham.....  Now in hunger and weak...its on your own and the UMNO+ Sultan UNDERSTAND your PLIGHT but will help 5 Families but SHOW it on RTM and Reported on MEDIA 365 times a year and do a documentary to feed your ILLUDION Driven mentality....  But soon Hunger and Anger will wake up to bring an end to this UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Grandeur Illusion.

Word of advise is, don't be in hospital with drip feed trying to change Malaysia for the better....DO IT NOW!!

Bangun Bangkit Bantah KOS HIDUP tinggi, High Tax/tax tinggi and Cukai tanah tinggi....  Lodge a permit DAILY to RALLY on the Streets of Malaysia.....and give the PDRM Terrorist HELL!!@#$%^

Monday, December 09, 2013

Proven UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf is also UMNO-Hamas Terrorist Organisation

Fancy meeting with Hamas leader and talking reconciliation....Hamas - Hezbollah - Taliban - Sulu - Abu Sayaf - Jemmiah Islamiah all have terrorist links to UMNO and Sultan/Agong.  Did you see the Agong/Sultan speak out against terrorist as Defender of Islam Malaysia??  Ziltch.  Now it is getting clearer that the Sham of Racist Islamic Cult UMNO + Sultan to Sack  Singapore and retain Sabah-Sarawak is to Force them under Duress to sign their slavery away.

It is nothing wrong to RIGHT the wrong of History.  You have paid and corrupted Scums like the MCA and MIC and Now PBS and PBB....they signed away rights of Chinese, Indians, Iban, Penan, Kadazan, Murut, Orang Asli.  Now the Agong - Sultan + UMNO are in an Alliance to do the same tango that sacked Singapore.....this time its seems WHATEVER it takes to Destroy any Rebellion.  Even if the rebellion is in thoughts, words and deeds of Boycott.

Mandela died,  but Tun Dr,.Racist M says he admire him the most......??@#$%^& The Father of malaysia demise and racist God of UMNO...  what an insult to Mandela legacy.  The cheek of Tun to associated with him.   There the UMNO claim they honour Mandela and here we have hand shake with HAMAS-Hezbollah Terrorist groups by UMNO and Approved by Sultan-Agong. ...You wonder Allah can bless have FLOOD.....  A testerment to your Munafiq Islam Cult UMNO - Approved by Sultan -Agong.  The Blessing from Allah is more floods, economic crisis and chaos...and only the Death of UMNO and Sultan - Agong Aproved racism can stop the trouble ahead of malaysia or Sabah-Sarawak SACK Malaya!!!

Sabah - Sarawak need to start attracting migration from those seeking to retire and preserve wealth from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, England...etc.  Why take islam terrorist like Abu Sayaf, Jemmiah Islamiah, Umno-PBS -Sulu terrorist??  Sell stuff in Malaya like properties then Sack Malaya.  We don't need the munafiq Terrorist sponsoring UMNO + Sultan Approved racist acts to govern our lives.  We have the will and the power to migrate and it has started in 2013.  by 2020 we Sack malaya and have ENGLISH as the Medium of commerce, need to send children to private schools and be seen disadvantage anymore.  ALL UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong send their children + relative to ENGLISH Medium private schools in the name of making you dumber and preserving theUMNO Islam Cult + Sultan -Agong Racist dominant legacy.  Fortunately when you want population dominance, you suffer malnutrition + misery if you keep following the UMNO-Islam Cult of born malay = Islam sickness.

A great man Mandela is in his version of Truth & Reconciliation tribunal......Mandela did not go the Zimbabwe or Malaysia way of forcing whites and discriminating against them in business.  Today South Africa is one the richest nation in Africa.....albeit its problems with crime.  Its time to Migrate to Sabah/Sarawak and SACK Malaya....that is the Agenda 2020 for Malaysian.  Law & Order, Judiciary, education, election commission are all STUFFED with UMNO Nazi Goons - approved by sultan-agong to continue the racist agenda.  Now the Ponzi is about to explode...they talk Islam , race and Royalty.  If these things cannot feed your children then you need to take action and OCCUPY.....Citizen Arrest all UMNO-BN leaders......leave the Sultan-Agong in their Ivory glass tower as a museum piece.... a legacy of what they REALLY did to alleviate your current Need.... do nothing to these leeches too!!...But Spare not the UMNO-BN scums and their Islamic terrorist they sponsor in Sabah - Sarawak.  Show no mercy and DON'T be a ROMANTIC to Crime and Terrorism!!

Help the Iban, Penans, Orang Asli, the Kadazan, Murut, malays, chinese, indians,  that are NOT them to migrate too to Sabah-Sarawak...and send the UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf islamic terrorist to Malaya!!

Monday, December 02, 2013

MORE BARANG NAIK - price RISE + Pain After Election and Serve you right for Voting them again...Still time for NATIONAL Citizen Arrest of UMNO-BN Leadersand Sack Malaya....

Need to understand that children unlike animals, have running cost that cannot be quantified like fixed cost of feeding chicken, dog, cow, cattle or even plantation.  They have ongoing cost like allocation needed for food, leisure, entertainment, clothing, shoes, education.  The more children you have the more competition you create within yourself and your well being.  Not only do children need to compete for love and joy within your household, you have external peer pressure that limits your children expectation against society peer pressure.

So you think by having more children and justifying it via UMNO malays Political and Racist dominance means Eutopia in the current are sadly mistaken.  You are made stupid by these UMNO Evil Racist Ideology who only do it for their own benefits and none for you.  Malays are like pawns to UMNO racist + Sultan and that have been proven.  These scumbags only care about their share of the pie which cannot reduce, regardless of what it is going to happen to you and yourchildren SIMPLY because they have guns in the Police, Army, militia and the UMNO-SULU, Umno-Abu Sayaf Islamic terrorist to take you down should you try to Rise and challenge their position as Master of your life.

That is the UMNO racist + Sultan only agenda and will do anything to try to push the BOUNDARIES of their EVIL and see HOW MISERABLE you can tolerate your life!!  Sick Ideology but true.  Sabahans and Sarawakians Just take Power and SACK Malaya.  In the same way UMNO+ Sultan Sacked Singapore because they had leaders with Spine.  Sabah / Sarawak need to find leaders with Spine from those in the Jungle who have the ability to take on these UMNO sponsored Islamic terrorist, Army, Police who will give up the moment they see their BASE is Obliterated by the Citizen Arrest Day.  Arrest on a single day, and SACK Malaya the next.

Malaysia be better off to start selling your property now, and migrate to Sabah/Sarawak.  Otherwise they will WHACK you with Even Higher Land Tax, Rent Tax, Electricity.....etc.  Serve those Chinese, Indians, Iban, Kadazan and Malays who voted Barang Naik and wanted case of riots if UMNO lost the election.....UMNO Gave you $500 and now you have to pay up $10000 in total over 5 years of UMNO-BN Rule.....with all kinds of BN (Barang Naik)  enjoy the peace and keep complaining on Rally that people make to take down UMNO-BN.

....Padan Muka for the Fake Peace in exchange for misery to those BN Chinese, Indians, Iban, kadazan & malays !! Sultan UMNO & scums have been able to Orchestrate their DEMONcracy, Robbery, Stealing, killing and you are just accepting it??@#$%^ after election  What Crap is this.  Don't insult the Gods you worship by being a slave to the UMNO + Sultan + Racist Ideology Sham.......  Don't give in to Demons,  fight them, citizen arrest them, obliterate them, sack them and send all the DEBT BACK to MALAYA!!  A country with ZERO DEBT can Progress Faster than a Malaya with $1 trillion and growing Debt......
Now UMNO racist are asking for more within the elites and you have to fork it out via more too make slaves of UMNO racist out of your own children and you think Allah is blind??

Shootings by UMNO-BN Sponsored terrorist in Sabah-Sarawak is Gunman......don't pay tax is treason....Defy Allah Word, Insult Islam.....Go To HE $%^&LLLLL  UMNO-BN Scumbags!!  Malays, Chinese, Indian Orang Asli, Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Iban struggling to survive....Change our lifestyle.....and PM Electricity Bil is $7,000,0000 a year.....  Time to Change Government BY FORCE of the PEOPLE...Bangkit Bantah.....INI KALI LAH!!

Barang naik is UMNO-BN - from Sugar-Gula, Tol, Petrol, Land Tax-cukai tanah, Elecktrik, GST,.......KELUAR...BANTAH ...BANGKIT...PECAT UMNO-Malaya.....Era Baru Sabah - Sarawak...... THE MOVE have begun......anytime.....all timing.....TIME TO SACK MALAYA.....

Monday, November 25, 2013 Johor Sultan and Sultan UMNO for going back to Friday / Saturday in a secular Malaysia........Nothing good in this...

Same Sultan with murderous history with father and Bullying with Son.....what use is this to Sabah-Sarawak??  Get ready to Sack Malaya is a better way to make a better life.  So now johor have 4 true working days....might as well write off Friday to Sunday.

The stupid Royalty people only consulted muslim-malays...for this decision.....  Just like those Lego Print and Paste all over Malaysia and especially Johor should continue to embarrass those Cult Surau Demolition Mullah of Islamic advisor to Sultan johor.  Its CRIME SPREE ALL OVER Malaysia.  This is a don't try to interpret as insult....but if you cannot take criticism then consider your actions of the Demolition and so many other things as Insult to our sanity and to ALLAH......We will also TANGKAP you  one day....if Allah don't terminate your life sooner for the sake of a better Malaysia.

We just need to complete the Agenda Migrate to Sabah/Sarawak.. & Catch those UMNO-BN buggers in a MASS coordinated citizen arrest on their regular meeting in State Parliamen and then SACK Malaya.....A Citizen Initiative to Rid these country-state of UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf terrorist and finish off the remnants of UMNO terror there.....  We celebrate the next day by deporting those illegals to malaya and to johor to enjoy the Wealth there....

Daily we have Murder, Scam (like those Foreign Students cheated of Diploma)....corruption, Crime, Break and enter, Police shooting,  Islamic Terrorist Killings Sabahans and Sarawakians but these UMNO-SCUM media call them Gunman....If gunman are caught ...just Shoot them or hang them....why bother having discussion and investigation.......Just because they have guns you Scumbag Sultan Approved PDRM Police Chief can have a civil of Malaysia you just continue to be UMNO Slaves and live in fear.....Over my dead body....  As we continue the migrate agenda.....we also Continue the Disrupt Agenda.

That means it is STUPID for foreigners to invest and come to Malaysia for education......  Malaysia is closer each day to implosion and I will say serve you right for your loss of Wealth and perhaps Life if you are not careful......  Things need to change before Malaysia can ever progress......SACK Malaya is the first act.....can Re-Negotiate and Join later as Elder brother......Like when your GDP like Singapore Bigger than Malaya......   Malaysia is a SHAM PONZI country run By Insulters of islam like Malay islam Cult UMNO & the Sultan + Mullah.......just be careful and you have been warned.....better opportunity in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand......Don't be romantics to inept and incompetence like malaysia....Now have to work on Sunday...>SHEEZE....!!!!  Stupid malaya !!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Agenda Migrate to Sabah/Sarawak...Citizen Arrest UMNO-BN leaders and Cronies, SACK Malaya then Celebrate!!

No need to follow procedure.....UN, Unesco, Asean....etc...All Lies to delay your day of celebration.

So Malaysian needs to have a higher agenda in place to create a better life in a world devoid of Justice, Freedom and Logic. 

Look at that Johor Lego Mural Sham.....  I am glad everyone is Printing the Lego and PASTING it AT EVERY Government Office block, shopping centre, car park, mosque, surau, Palace, Banks, Starbucks.....etc  It is a reality that Crime is out of control.  Look at the way these Scumback UMNO-Abu Sayaf terrorist media write about Islamic terrorist kidnapping tourist, Malaysian.....they call them gunmen....

Shoot the Damn Islamic terrorist, Hang those UMNO-Sulu sponsored terrorist in Jail for Killing the Army and Police.......Stop your stupid discussion with Islamic terrorist and then perhaps we have room for a better Malaysia and endless possibility...

Now we have Endless dumbing down of Malaysian and Keep up the ROSMAH enjoying on tax payers private  While the rest of Malaysian struggle to get their own land like the Ibans, Penans and Orang Asli.  The injustice under the ISLAMIC Extremist Cult UMNO Ideology is giving Islam a bad name.  Time to stop trying to UNDERSTAND the RACISM, INJUSTICE and Citizen Arrest these thieves, rapist, from UMNO-BN in Sabah-Sarawak to Malaya.  On the day of MASS Citizen Arrest...make sure every one of these UMNO Islamic Scumbags don't escape...

At least lets start the Migrate to Sabah/Sarawak Project today 2013....and its being bought....unite with natives to OBLITERATE the PBS, PBB and those UMNO sponsored GOONS in BN and Sack Malaya........then we CELEBRATE the SACKING of Malaya.....a reality of what needs to be done to have a more NORMAL life....English education....very fast train between Sabah-Sarawak.....Oil....Plantation.....  WE CAN DO IT....  INI KALI LAH!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

No Need to be Romantics to Injustices and SHAM Laws of Malaysia Either...and Sultan-Agong Approved of it too...

So for Kidnapping and Raping these scumbags of about 4 INDIAN Origins gets Death Sentence.... All well and good.....

But what about that scumbag child rapist from Sabah...then force parents to allow to marry underage poor girl???

and how about that ex MB of Malacca Thamby Chik raping a manager Riduan Masmud, 40

And how about those UMNO-Sulu Muslim Terrorist Killing 7 Army/Police Personnel in their constant Attack on Sabah....when are those caught going to be Given the Death Sentence and of course the Famous Altantuya murderer.... C/Insp Azilah Hadri and Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar   when will death sentence be given to them???  @#$%#$!

These are the Scumbags that the UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong so gladly protect under the muslim malay judges and ALL are Defender of Islam and Way of life.....PTUI....!@#$%^&!  These Sultan-Agong and UMNO Munafiq Islam is the Insulter of Islam...HANG ALL of them(those criminals of malay/islam cult ideology as well...not just communist chinese of indians)......  How many wake up and say their morning prayers in the Thousand of Surau all over the country...Yet they want to make a show of STUPIDITY by demolishing the surau that the Buddist monks used for prayers in Johor.

Foreign smart and stop investing in Malaysia...ITs Zimbabwe in the making......anytime your $100 million USD will be worth $1 Million USD........The more Foreign funds comes into Malaysia the more these UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong move their money to USD and overseas to protect their own pie for their own family....  Only problem is that these UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong may not live to see their wealth when the normal Malaysian realise their Ponzi Scam.....  Is it so wrong to make Malaysia World Class rather than Islamic Taliban Sham Class?? or 3rd standard???....there is a reasons for that and that is to make Malaysian life a misery and to control your misery with regular ringing of the Paslov Bell.

...English...Food, petrol...BR1M...Astro...religion...Allah, year election sweetener...and carrying on with the raping and sleeping with your husband or wife or children with their Islamic inspired Lunatic Malay Cult sham laws!! ....  Basically at the end of the ORDEAL its a Misery and continuation of the MISERABLE LIFE under UMNO-BN with Sultan Agong Approval in Malaysia!!

Sabah / Sarawak citizen arrest the UMNO-BN leaders & SACK Malaya .... its as simple as that if can be done Simultaneously......on a massive gathering of the anger of the people without the UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong a Storm Surge!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Malaysian NEED NOT BE ROMANTICS TO UMNO Malaya Islam Racism economic management....anymore...

With the DEBT at UNMANAGEABLE at close to $1 Trillion Ringgit......Even your Great-great-great-great-great-Great- GREAT- GREAT Grand children will have NO hope in erasing this Ponzi debt.

That is because Ponzi Debt are used to only PROP up EVIL Racist regime like UMNO Racist + Sultan........  One again need to ask why is SINGAPORE not in Debt  WITH Not much Natural resources like Sabah/Sarawak and Malaya.......HOW this racist Ponzi Islam UMNO SHAM with Sultan-Agong Approval developed??   We need not be stupid, dumb and DENY ourself and Dignity, insult the Gods/Alalh by PARTICIPATING in the UMNO ISLAM RACIST PONZI CULT - Approved by Sultan-Agong for 60 years.

IS Asking...WHY, HOW, WHEN?????  and be responded with Insult, Terror, Assult, Death, Murder, Barang Naik, High Inflation, stupidity, TORTURE, Misery, starvation the Appropriate response you expect from a caring, UMNO Ponzi+Sultan Agong approved racist bigots ponzi islam cult government??

So Sabah - Sarawak unite....kick UMNO_BN and make citizen arrest on the Day before you SACK Malaya....  Sack malaya for your children and grand children....get out of debt, have the same facility like Singapore in 5-10 years with todays technology and give malays the freedom of Religion, freedom of choice and Freedom from UMNO Racist Bigots Islam Cult Ridiculous Law of Allah, murder.....crime...terrorist...

I mean .....that Cosplay murder in Kota Kemuning admitted to murder and the police was quick to charge him for murder BUT C/Insp Azilah Hadri and Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar ADMITTED to murder of Altantuya under Instruction from UMNO Supreme Leaders and wifey......NOT CHARGED with MURDER IMMEDIATELY.  That is the SHAM and SCAM of the Ponzi Justice systems APPROVED by Sultan - Agong Islam Cult Ponzi.......  Why are being Romantics to this Sorts of Mad Justice???  Why delay one day longer in kicking out UMNO-BN ponzi.......  Sack UMNO-BN....SACK Malaya..... Give Malayasian/Singapore a new option to migrate and Create the NEXT TIGER OF ASIA.....  All possible with God's / Allah help...and rid those UMNO-Sulu Islamic Terrorist hidden Cell from Sabah-Sarawak if they think they can carry out UMNO Islam + Sultan Approved the weeks leading to the sacking of Singapore......Like what is happening in Thai South...these are UMNI-Islam Terrorist....Never DONATE to ANY Islamic Organisation!!..You are helping terrorist like Brotherhood of Islam, Hamas, Hazbollah, Al Qeada, Jemmah Islamiah...etc  These UMNO Islam Cult Scums have many EVIL on their sleves...END it And GIVE them the $1 Trillion Debt.........that is our Parting Present  for Malaya......

Thursday, October 24, 2013

UMNO like the people who operate the Dam needs to be charged with Murder, manslaughter or Crime against humanity of Malaysian!!

10 Melayu
5 Cina
3 India
2 Others = 20 people...

Income GDP $200 to Nation Malaysia

UMNO says NEP naik taraf..Affirmative Action, so 70% must be for malays  or else…balik India, tongsan, can and cannot use Allah!!

So UMNO sapu $140…rest of Malaysia $60

Within Agama ideology Racis Sultan UMNO,  2 melayu Sapu $120…give the rest 8 melayu $20…and teriak / shout…must use Bahasa melayu (while sending their children to elite English Private & Overseas schools) Hina Allah, Sultan, how can malay get only $2.50 after 60 years???  Nak May 13 every Election? ISA?…$20  divided by 8 =  $2.50….and other race gets their equal $6 ringgit share…..everyone too struggle to survive with $6 with BN(Barang Naik)….. …let alone $2.50…..

…only UMNO racist Hina Islam ask you to Ubah/Change your lifestyle!!….pity….malangnya no one sees and ask why each Sultan UMNO malay gets $60 each and shouting poor….sack Singapore….tembak, shoot first ask question later…

Like Release Dam Water without warning in Cameron and deal with the Deaths Later….!!  UMNO like the people who operate the Dam needs to be charged with Murder, manslaughter or Crime against humanity of Malaysian!!  Melayu bangkit, buat citizen arrest kat semua tokoh2 UMNO SERENTAK…….ESOK era Baru kat Malaysia!!

It is no difference to a drunk driver or building collapse builder charged with manslaughter or murder if their ACTS causes death!!...How is this different??  I am going to do a Crazy Incompetence Inept act and AIM for UMNO-BN leaders Death......should be OK with Malaysia Allah Justice systems...can and cannot depending on location!! ...Everything is failing under UMNO Barang Naik + GST!!

Now UMNO teriak every Malay needs to get to $6 minimum and create more MEGA project and Mega Corruption to continue the Racist Affirmative action agenda….Malaysia jadi HUB ini…itu…tapi semua cerita dongeng!!  Pecat Malaya adalah lebih senang kalau disbanding buat Citizen Arrest ….Banyak tokoh2 UMNO ada Jalan nak Lari cepat kalau Rakyat Bangkit - Bantah!!

Dalam UMNO ada Brotherhood of ISLAM…hanya cakap-cakap kosong bangsa, agama macam Morsi terrorist dan Alqeada…..Suruh awak pakai bom dan mati untuk Allah UMNO.  Panggil dunia tolong hapuskan regime zalim…tapi sendiri zalimi Rakyat melayu dan bangsa lain yang tak sembah penipuan mereka…mengikut UMNO Racis nasib baik ramai melayu pun masih belum sedar…....Bangkit  ...bantah....Hapuskan UMNO-BN.....atau Pecat Malaya...  INI Kali Lah!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

60 + Years of Excuses, incompetence, inept UMNO-BN with Sultan-Agong Approval government and INJUSTICE..another cover up of CORRUPTION INFESTED MALAYSIA!!Sack Malaya..

The Agenda 2020 need to start now.......start selling properties in KL, Perak, Penang...ALL over Malaya to and prepare to migrate to Sabah/ areas where we want to SACK UMNO-BN-PBS candidate and make citizen arrest on the same day we sack malaya....

The incompetence is Mega and can be found in the Altantuya murderer, Cow gate of Sharizat, Rape of minor in Sabah, Killing of Teoh, Sarbini....etc.  NOW the murder of victims in Cameron highlands due to incompetence of those people operating the DAM there.  They should at least be charged with manslaughter of 3 for opening the DAM gate and not giving ANY warning to the people below at ALL.  This is murder in the same manner as one drink driver or negligent driver accidently kills the Genting bus Crash....RTD no blame due to Corruption but human lives lost......another cover up of  CORRUPTION INFESTED MALAYSIA!!  Foreigners & Foreign Investtor GET OUT OF MALAYSIA 2013, 2014 and Forever until a new nation is created!!!

Is this the same operative of UMNO-POLICE Shoot first then investigate later after the DEATH?? @#$%^&*  But if you know how to use guns, rocket launcher, RPG, Heavy weapons like the UMNO-SULU-Sabah terrorist, UMNO-Thai Muslim terrorist....there is room to discuss/BINCANG first to avoid death and Blood Shed????@#$%!!!

 I am slowly getting the mantra/agenda of this Racist Evil - regime of UMNO-BN approved by Sultan -Agong........  End the regime and those SUPPORTING the EVIL of UMNO-BN whether in silence or pretend to voice concern....ALL the UMNO Racist + Royalty are just Lip service with the knowledge that their turf is protected by more GUNS and corruption money........Go learn to hold a gun when you are a student overseas.........  When EVIL is at its Peak like UMNO-BN + sultan-Agong approval......Genocide can happen with justification of Malaysia SHAM LAWS!!!.....   Malaya Cannot - Allah, Sabah - Sarawak Can Allah.....  TIME TO SACK MALAYA Yesterday!!

Financial Crisis is actually Upon Malaysia.......but UMNO-Malaya thinks they are like Japan and USA who can print money........  But Malaysia Printing money will suffer the same fate like Zimbabwe, Argentina, Indonesia.........because SHAMS gets exposed BIG time AFTER the EVENT.    So I also shoot first to bring Malaysia Economy Down.....Rakyat migrate to Sabah/Sarawak to create a new world and SACK DEBT Stricken $1 Trillion malaya with Zimbabwe money.....  At least now your $350,000 house can get you $100,000 US dollar.......can still buy nice property in Sabah/Sarawak......  After the EVENT of Collapse Malaya...$350,000 Ringgit is like $1000 USD and dropping everyday ...... and you wonder why when you sell your $350,000 for $3,500,000 million dollar house still worth $1000 USD......

Don't wonder....just March to UMNO-BN leaders and members + Sultan-Agong Homes and make citizen Arrest......Lets see how many police & army can help protect these SCUMS at that time!!!

Agenda 2020.....Bermula hari ini....INI KALI LAH!!...HIJRAH ke Sabah-Sarawak!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

SACK Malaya From Sabah/ what Malaya did to Singapore...

What use sticking around??  This is not because of that Allah issues....its because of ALL the above....the SHAM, the Ponzi of UMNO Islam Cult with Sultan Approval, robing and raping Sabahans/Sarawakians...making life a misery.....

Finally got the name of that Scumbag Islam malay UMNO loyalist Riduan Masmud who raped a minor, then bribe father to marry her under Syriah....then Bribe her poor father to withdraw case......There is a name and Police SHOULD JUST SHOOT him with all the EVIL he has done........or do you want rakyat to take justice into own hands??  Real crime you spend years to investigate..........suspect relating to your Racist Race shoot to big....use this to Justify ISA 2.... !@#$%^&

So this is my profile of this muslim evil rapist man, who would do such evil and so Obvious using ALLAH Islam religion of UMNO Cult Islam to cover up...and Perkasa will defend him to death with UMNO-SULU sleeper terrorist in case Sabah/Sarawak Sack Malaya.  Shoot him or Rakyat will do justice to the poor family....Like Rahim Thamby Chik ....ex MB of Malacca......all approve by UMNO & Sultan Munafiq Islam, defender of Islam Cult.

Sack Malaya........and tomorrow we will Introduce ENGLISH as medium of education, commerce and EVERYTHING in Sabah & Sarawak!!    No need to go overseas for English education anymore....Every Poor people can be rich then.   No need to live in the miseryof UMNO-BN Sham + Sultan -Agong Approval ......or of that Useless ALLAH UMNO certain words cannot use SHAM!!  Don't wait a day longer.....Start the migration Now....and we begin the Agenda 2020......SACK Malaya......

Point # 7 : There should be no right to secede from the Federation........BUT CAN SACK Malaya like these UMNO + Sultan Agong Scumbags did to Singapore......  By right Singapore also cannot secede...but was ENDLESS POSIBILITY.....  Make History in 2020.  We all want to be Free and prosperous.....  Don't be a SLAVE to UMNO+ Sultan-Agong Misery and slavery making racist Ideology....BREAK IT like Moses did to the Pharoah!!!....Break it like Martin Luther King did to Racist whites.......BREAK the Chains of EVIL UMNO + Sultan Agong Racist Agenda.....  INI KALI LAH!!


Monday, October 14, 2013

Agenda BEFORE 2020......Migrate to Sabah/Sarawak......then Sack malaya!!

Just THROW the Rukun Negara into the Longkang or Rubbish Bin....

New one created already....

Belief in God THAT is Created by UMNO-BN + Sultan Approval with all the fine prints and conditions that these SCUMS wants you to belief and to be Brain washed into.

Forget about the rest of the Rukun negara too.....its all a SHAM in this era of 2013...not 1960..........In the era of Information and technology there are still those lemmings that can be confused with Allah that refers to Islam, Christian and Sikh....etc.....  IOts not confuse...its LOSING Market share of UMNO Racist Bigots Ideology....People are turning OFF UMNO Racist and their Terrorist Support of Muslim in Sulu,  Phillipines, Gaza, Lebanon, Sudan, Sabah, Thailand......  Stop your DONATION to any UMNO MUSLIM Organisation....they are all giving HUMANITARIAN AID to those that SUPPORT THEIR Islamic TERRORIST Agenda of UMNO Muslim Al Shabab Brotherhood!!

People NOT surprise with the Stupid Racist bigots judgement on the Allah Issue by those in the court of Appeal....  This was Approved by UMNO-BN + Sultan / Agong.  Any anger and problems habe ISA 2 ala PCA to take you down + more Guns and those got missing in the hands of UMNO terrorist Militia.....+ Umno Racist- Sulu + Umno Thailand Muslim terrorist hands.

Lets work on the Agenda 2020 ...we start Migrating to Key seats in Sabah / Sarawak.....  sack the UMNO-BN governement...and then SACK Malaya.  We then show Rapid Progress that Surpass GDP, Health, English medium of Instructions, Economy, water, air the MISERY and SACK UMNO-BN and the Sultan Legacy that Sacked Singapore!!  End the SHAM!!

UNITE, MIGRATE, Sack Malaya - Agenda 2020!!  Kali Ini Lah!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

UMNO Racist getting ready with ISA 2 in different name of PCA to shoot & imprison ANY Malaysian oppose to UMNO-BN Islam Cult ideology!!

But they (rakyat Malaysia)  miss the point. All political activity is aimed at: (1) gaining power, (2) holding onto power and (3) using power to transfer wealth, status and more power to the insiders.

There are two ways a government can rip off its citizens – force and/or fraud. Health care uses both.The beauty of democracy is that it defrauds the average person into believing that he has been taken into the ruling elite. He thinks that, ultimately, he decides what government does. Naturally, he deserves a share in the spoils.

All government is an exercise in larceny. All governments take things away from some people – power, money, dignity, freedom – to bestow favors on the ruling elite and its clients. The masses willingly and eagerly comply, as long as they think they can get something out of it – that is, someone else’s property.
To win elections, governments need to give as well as take. So, in addition to public safety and national security, they offer free health care, free education, free highways, and free elections to determine who gets what. 

Taken from various quotes and collection........a sign of times and more so in Malaysia as UMNO Racist readies itself with sweeping powers on ISA 2 to CLAMP down on Malaysian who oppose UMNO-BN + Sultan approval of course.... 

Malaysia can start the Agenda 2020 and Migrating to Sabah-Sarawak.....take power Sack Malaya and create a new and FASTER Growth Region.........Sack Malaya much in the same way UMNO-BN + Sultan Sacked Singapore....this time we see how Malaya perform.....  bangkit Bantah!!

When Injustice becomes Law, Resistance is DUTY!! 

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Everybody who converts to Buddist, Hinduism and Christianity in Sabah / Sarawak will be Called Bumiputera...

That is the respond to the Scum UMNO Mufti-Mullah-JAIS-MAIS-JAKIM Islam Cult racist bigots ideology....who approve the Sama Suka Sama Rape then Marriage in Sabah......who now dare suggest every muslim convert and therefore muslim and Get all the Tax payer HARAM funded benefits.

How is it that these mufti, mullah, UMNO-terrorist can get away with sedition but parents who complain of children eating in bathroom in a school in Sg Buloh, get charge with SEDITION??  @#$%^&  Bangsat...really Bangsat these UMNO-BN+ sultan/agong approve authoraties, Crap laws, ISA/PCA .......hope they rot Hell for all their Sickness and Evil Cult islam ideology.

We Malaysian need to Obliterate thes Islamic Lunatic Cults of UMNO Sultan Approve ideology once and for all.  We need to Time a migration to Sabah/Sarawak ...then SACK Malaya with all those Trillion $$$ Debt and useless Ringgit in a few more years....

Why after centuries of British English Education, these UMNO scums with Sultan Agong Approval reverted back to Racist language to make slaves of malays??  Then use their failed agenda to promote Affirmative action to progress.....then 60 years later and $1 Trillion dollar of UMNO+ Sultan Agong Malaysia debt expect WHO to pay it off???......  I think Even UMNO-BN Leaders Death is insufficient to pay off the Crime against Humanity they have created for Malaysian.....

Make sure No one is brought up to be Romantics to UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Racist bigots Islamic Cult Agenda......Migrate to Sabah/Sarawak....Toss out UMNO-BN and SACK Malaya did to Singapore....and see if Malaya can be like Singapore with all their racist bigots EVIL Agenda!! 

If we do not plan now its suffering these Qatar Development that takes your passport and make you slave in their building while earning nothing good for your children, dream and vision......Why must these Islamic Cult Scum countries take your passport to Own you......Be no Romantics to their EVIL and NEVER Work in ANY Islamic Nation for your own life and Dignity......Don't be a Romantics to Slavery & Evil!! ...BOYCOTT EVERYTHING UMNO-BN Related!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Selagi orang melayu tak ceraikan gabugan Islam dan bangsa melayu...maka ideologi sesak UMNO Islam cult akan berterusan.

Penindasan minda masih berlaku kat malaysia.....terutama orang melayu.

Selagi orang melayu tak ceraikan gabugan Islam dan bangsa melayu...maka ideologi sesak UMNO Islam cult akan berterusan.  Adalah perkara yang tidak senang untuk ceraikan penindasan minda ini kerana ia melambangkan fikiran waras dan bertengtangan dengan permainan minda dan ajaran sesak islam UMNO dan Perkakas UMNO racist islam Cult yang berterusan 60 tahun.

Sekarang Orang melayu agak susah nak buat pilihan kerana semua pilihan ada nasib dan Balasan.  Takut pilih kerana nak duduk atas pagar.....inilah manusia yang Allah paling benci!!  Kerana manusia begini nak cari rezeki dari 2 pihak tapi takut  kedua-dua pihak.  Sampai nyawa awak diTakluk/Jajah ideologi 2 pihak...maka hidup awak bukan hidup yang bebas......yang dikurniakan Allah....tapi mengikut kehendak orang lain...Ideologi sesak.

Begitulah dunia hari ini.  Macam kat Mesir/Egypt.....nak sokong brotherhood of Islam tapi takut digelar terrorist....nak sokong tentera...takut digelar pengyokong Mubarak Korrupt....  Macam Kat Syria.....juga...satu sokong Diktotor...yang lain sokong pengikut gila al qeada bunuh sesiapa yang tak tunduk kepada kegilaan mereka macam Kat shabab.

Kalau begitu lebih baik cerai dan PECAHKAN gabungan Negara.......buat saja negara baru macam Sudan Utara dan Selatan....Buat apa perang sampai mati??  Bukankan kita hendak hidup aje??  Siapa yang rajin negara akan maju macam Singapura, Taiwan, Austalia.....Siapa yang malas dan terus hidup macam hamba kepada alasan...maka jadilah negara macam Zimbabwe, Korea utara, Syria, Lebanon.  Jangan ingat Negara Malaysia tak boleh agihkan Sempadan sekali lagi.....apa gunanya gabugan Malaysia semata-mata untuk menyara kehidupan Kroni2 UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong.  Di depan Allah semua pun adalah Manusia biasa.....suatu realiti yang Sultan UMNO-BN tak boleh terima macam Gadaffi, Assad, Sheik Saudi...dll

Sabah/Sarawak Pecat Malaysia, Bebaskan diri dari Kezaliman UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong yang terus nak miskinkan dan hamba abdikan awak!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

What is so Bloody good about UMNO Islam Cult Approved by Sultan-Agaong Racist Bigots Sham....Even Dead people want to play...these Bigots Bully...

So Chin Peng big deal.....Until these racist bigots UMNO Islam Cult have some agenda in the background....trying to keep the temperature of potential Racial violence on the fore front of their UMNO style Gadaffi-Assad of Rule Forever. 

What sickness in this Glorifying Nordin Top ...the bugger of Islam UMNO Cult member...Killer of innocent people in Bali bomb, Marriot....etc....Educated with Malaysian tax payers funded education to Australia.  His body was specially brought back to Malaysia under UMNO Islam Cult-with Sultan-Agong Approval to be buried & Glorified in Malaysia...with UMNO Islam Cult message of "If he did Bad, Allah forgive him, If he did good Allah Bless him"......nice of UMNO Islam Cult - Approved by Sultan-Agong@#$%^&!

But Chin Peng.....the Racism of Sultan-Agong Approved UMNO Islam Cult is played for all to see.........but try to look at the agenda behind ALL their decision and you will know why these SCUM sack Singapore.......its all about UMNO Islam cult Racism Ideology approved by Sultan-Agong...nothing has changed 50 years later!!

So people of  Sabah & Sarawak....Just take power with People, Sack Malaya and the UMNO-Sulu-Moro terrorist that UMNO use as their backup police, army to carry up their EVIL.....  This is the EVIL of the UMNO-BN Regime Approved by Sultan Agong......  Leave Malaya with $1 Trillion Ponzi Debt...and let their own types of Islam give them a Gadaffi and Assad Lesson....

We need to create a new place to migrate without this RUBBISH of dumbing down, making us slaves to UMNO-Sultan Approved misery agenda...while they enjoy the Rich and High Life.

You are buying yourself a law suit, dissapointment and hardship if you believe and trust UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong racist agenda.......and meanwhile bombs and battle still going on with UMNO-Sulu-Moro terrorist in Sabah but coverage by local media peace in Syria and Egypt!!...wake up Sabahans...Sarawakians....

Don't wait another year to first have the mind set.....then the plan and then the Sudden take power, take insurance of UMNO goons and SACK Malaya......Agenda Freedom has Begun!!!  Sack UMNO Malaya....and watch malaya rot......let those Highly educated UMNO+Sultan-Agong....overseas trained leaders deal with the anger and hunger of malaya people......UMNO-BN MUST Be Obliterated Now...the party, the racist bigots agenda and their Ideology of Racist evil Islam Cult Sickness...

UMNO Islam Cult is Lies, Sham, injustice, racist, stupid, murderer, killers type ideology....Approved by Sultan - Agong.......50+ years and counting....Not one spoke for the people......remember this!!...50 years and counting!!....Sack Malaya!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Malaysia DAY....16 September......

...and go to Hell to 31 August Hari Malaya racist Day....

Lets hope next 16 September 2014 WE SACK Malaya  and Segregate and Autonomy......

Lets face it UMNO+Sultan are there to just RIP Off Malaysian, Steal your Life and make you a slave.......using guns like Gadaffi and Assad.....and UMNO-Sulu-Moro Terrorist.....

These UMNO-Suulu-Moro+ Sultan Terrorist use their power to just make Malaysian a Living Misery slaves.....  Time to rise up and Defend your Dignity and Send them to their Islam Cult HELL!! to Assad and Gadaffi.  There is NO MORE Religion of Peace ISLAM.....   There is Islam Cult, Sunni, Shia, Allawite, Taliban, Terrorism and Multiple types of CULTS HIDING in the NAME of Good ISLAM......  Time to decide the Type to Help and the type to Avoid....If Support UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong.......AVOID!!

Make them Orang Biasa with a Sack Malaya Agenda.......take power Via People Power.....nothing else matter anymore....

Stupid for now to have Pass in English for SPM in 2016...when in 1972...All Sabahans / Sarawakians were in English ....even the parliament....then the Racist, bigots malay islam UMNO Cult took over and DUMB down Sabahans and the name of Racism..........

Do we have to wait 50 years to see the SHAM and EVIL done 50 years later......  Now Malaysia is bankrupt and watch the Obliteration of your Resources and Bankrupted Sabah/Sarawak.....  Sack Malaya before you look back from 2050 and say......  We should have sacked malaya in 2013.......  Malaysia economic crisis in 2014 onwards will be devastating........and Padan muka if Rakyat Catch and hang those UMNO-BN cult Misery making leaders.......

Don't be a ROMANTICS to UMNO+ sultan Agong EVIL Agenda to make you their Slaves ....Stand up be strong.....and Fight for your own Turf......Under God...ALL are MERE humans ASKED TO DO GOOD!!

So Trengganu Palace = $1 Billion...+ all 9 Sultan Palaces + Agong palace + UMNO Palace + all this SHAM buildings = $20 Billions over the years......+ those $400 billions to enrich, buy guns and make you their slaves....Racist-Bigots-Islam Cult Agenda!!

SACK Malaya on the FUTURE SEPTEMBER 16........  Its Useless to keep UMNO-BN + Sultan for another day....Unless you like misery and slavery and illogical justice and EVIL Justice agenda.....Curses on Malaya and those Racist - Bigots - islam cults and insulters Scums!!

Remember...time to LABEL UMNO + Sultan Approved Islam as ISLAM CULT of Malaysia.......Theirs is Religion of Islam Cult ....... One build on corruption, racism, stupidity(demolish surau due to buddist worship for 3 hours)...yet use corruption money to build Mosque....this all Approved by Sultan defender of Islam Cult!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

After knowledge of Racism...time to Learn Knowledge of SEGREGATION - AUTONOMY!!

Make no mistake we are not ROMANTICS to Islam Atrocities and their Unjust Law and Order and Sickness......  Theirs is Follow or Death like those Syrians Fighting Assad......On the one side you have the Al-qeada sickness ideology to kill and wipe out minorities like christians, non Shia supporters....on the other side you have this Scum Dictator that will use whatever it takes to wipe out the sunnis, al-qeada islamic cults rebels.........  THERE ARE ALL TYPES OF ISLAMIC CULTS...including UMNO-PAS-Sulu-Moro.....  Break their unity in Islam Cults and decide which is the Main stream.....

No wonder no one wants to help islam-muslim dispute because you get bitten by both snake.....Remember Egypt muslim brotherhood and their Syriah Sham and wanting to change Egypt constitution....Serve them right for the way they were removed and Sabah/Sarawakians needs to dream the dream to remove Malaya.

The power is within your constitution to SACK Malaya together lock, stock and Barrel with the Sultan-Agong UMNO Sulu terrorist.  No need referendrum....the day you kick UMNO-BN out of State governement....SACK Malaya....WAIT NOT A MOMENT!!

Put aside Islam, religion.....etc and stop this rubbish of unity in Islam SHAM.....there is none...none in Libya, none in Sudan-dafur million genocide, none in Egypt, none in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza, Turkey.......Islam Cult only unity is for BULLY.... like in Malaysia.  Stand up and time to THINK ABOUT LIFE without this SHAM!! Don't be romantics to Malaya Cult Islam cult ideology .....children in toilet eating ramadan excuses, accidently punish your non muslim children for eating in the end of the day they are ALL like Assad, Gadaffi, Morsi......etc....UMNO+ Sultan/Agong defender of Islam Cult want to live and enjoy the Highly Priveledge life and Punish you with racism, bigots logic Suffering in Misery and Injustice.
Sabah/Sarawak....wake up from Slumber and Sack Malaya....Lets ALL migrate, corner those swinging state seats and take power.....time to change the demographics and Bring an end to Tun Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia Mahathir Project Racist IC ponzi SCAM and SACK Malaya.....leave Malaya with $1Trillion debt and let the Agong-Sultan Change their lifestyle to cope with People's Anger there....Why Wait??  UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong are FULL OF DECEIT - this is Hypocrisy of their Evil Islam cult ideology.  Again ....Why sack Singapore and not Sabah/Sarawak.....  Was Sabah / Sarawak leaders easier to bribe and cheat and lie to...possibly so.  So we need to Sack the Currect UMNO-BN crop of leaders and PKR from Sabah/Sarawak.and RESTART, INITIALISE, ReFormat the Sham and Start new!  Believe me it WILL be 100% Better....go ask Singapore.....

Sabah/Sarawak with THE POWER of your resources, state should be like Kuala Lumpur infrastructure at worst Best like Singapore/Taiwan/Japan....that is the measure of WHY the NEED to Sack Malaya.

Of course Sunni Malaysia wants Shia Assad Gadaffi.......and of course these UMNO-Sunni+ Sultan Agong Cult would stand by Shia Hamas-Hezbollah or Morsi and brotherhood of Islam against the West/Isreal...But there goes all their CREDIBILITY and Ideology.  Its ok to take up arms like these terrorist for one reason and not ok for another...what type of Cult Ideology is this...  TIME FOR ISLAM to DISARM or Hang those UMNO-Sulu Terrorist holding high powered guns rather than Hang a Malaysia carrying a pistol.....where is the Justice in THIS??...Either Hang Both or Bincang with both crime.......#$%^&!...But because its the  UMNO-BN + Sultan Approved Islam Cult Sham... Insult Islam/Allah for their own benefit is ALWAYS OK.......hope they die and rot away!! !@#$%!

Disrupt...disrupt...Disrupt....ALL UMNO-BN Infrastructure, business and PDRM-Army and all those supporting UMNO Racist bigots PONZI regime that use Guns to Kill PENANS of Sarawak and citizen of Sabah!! ...Mind set changing time is ahead!!

Time to Get smart....Make yourself and your community better and Obliterate those UMNO-BN Scums who thinks they can make you their Slaves and your human host for their LEECHES!!

Wake up...because the UMNO-BN + Sultan is using Sabah/Sarawak like a PONZI to live the good life ...while you live in Misery......  After your WELL of Water $$$$$ dries up...the UMNO-BN + Sultan Approved Ponzi Scheme will Abandon and SACK you like Singapore......Don't give them one more cent or DAY of Running Sabah/Sarawak...SACK MALAYA and end the Racist bigots UMNO-BN + sultan-Agong PONZI Agenda!!...

Monday, September 09, 2013

Malaysia Racist Bigots Sickness of UMNO-BN Islam Cult Logic Approved by Sultan-Agong....

A shrine on a building the size of a small shop lot is not a Temple....BUT a SURAU used by Buddist is a Mosque and must be Demolished for it have WEAKEN the Faith of Malaysia UMNO Islam Cult of Agong-Sultan Approval.???  #$%^&!

That is the logic on the manner of the Mullah, Taliban, UMNO-Sulu-Moro Islam cult terrorist treat Malaysian.....

That is a Shrine....Demolish.....If that was a Surau and you demolish it.....the hue and cry would be 100 times...but who cares.....  Just go to a Surau and Mosque and do your Prayer and YOUTUBE it that these CULT Islam Racist Bigots UMNO-Sulu + Sultan Approved Ideology  would Demolish their OWN SURAU and Mosque.  I like IT....JUST DO IT!!  We need to rid Malaysia of these Sickness of Islam UMNO-Cult ideology and RESTART.....

How about that Indian school kid that was BASHED and ABUSED by the teacher..approved by headmaster-UMNO-BN + Sultan Islam Cult of Malaysia??.......and you think that Headmaster is none other than the UMNO ISLAM - MALAY - Cult followers.??....  Suprise anymore?  Why name an indian boy minor but HIDE THE NAMING OF THE SCHOOL and TEACHER/ABUSER Name and Headmaster?? !@#$%!...

Obviously trying to hide and protect the teacher and Headmaster like the two MURDERER of Altantuya....  Lets hope the moment these 2 Scums ( Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar Umar) are released they MEET an ACCIDENT and DIE!!...Appropriate Justice...

This is CHILD ABUSE....HELLO PERMATA...Rosmah....Najib you enjoy seeing children ABUSED by those in position of power under CULT ISLAM UMNO-with Agong-Sultan Approval??......@#$%^&*!....  Is this the UMNO-BN+ Sultan Agong early age method of Brain washing, Mentoring and DUMBING down and CONTINUOUS INTIMIDATION Daily!!??
Teacher Used chair to Hit School Kid in malaysia

Please someone Name the teacher, Headmaster and the school and Charge these child ABUSER for SEDITION, Racism and CHILD ABUSE!!....before any police actions is taken against you for sedition for highlighting the CRIME.  Like the parents of children who reported about eating in Toilet in Sekolah Pristina during Ramadan.   Take against these teachers for their CRIME and also lodge a Sedition Charge because the teacher and headmaster and Muhiddin as Education Minister is trying to incite the people to Violence......Hello....VIOLENT CRIME ALREADY Done.......STOP the VIOLENT CRIMINALS of Headmaster, Teachers and those who Force your children to eat in Toilet, beat them in Ramadan for eating...even though you are not Muslim...and teach these Malaysia Islam Cult SCUM a few lessons of Freedom..

What is New these days as Sabah at War now  ESCALATING   Sabah coming Terrorism   with VARIOUS Muslim UMNO MORO terrorist war....If Sabahans don't Eliminate and Obliterate these UMNO-MORO-SULU Islamic terrorist Cult...>FAST...Syria is at your Peaceful Door step.....Sack malaya and Restart NOW.

Lets start Migrating to Sabah, and Clear these scums out and Create a NEW Nation away from all these UMNO-Sulu-Moro-BN with Sultan Agong Approval Racist Bigots Ideological Sham...

UMNO-BN Becoming Famous with FALSE NARRATIVE.......Telling Lies to suit their Racist End Game and ideology and APPROVED by Sultan-Agong......then why sack Singapore if its not due to Racist Bigots Agenda??   Malaysia need to rise, migrate to Sabah/Sarawak and sack Malaya....leave Malaya with $1 Trillion debt to fix while Sabah/Sarawak ZERO DEBT!!

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

What use if you have Rights BUT NO RESPONSIBILITY!!.....

That is problem with Malaysia......  What use the Mythical Sultan, Malay, Islam rights...when there is no responsibility to govern with INTEGRITY, HONESTY and JUSTLY........this is called the Allah blessing Factor!!  No wonder Malaysia is in CRAP state and Singapore in Cloud 9.

Free the Altantuya Murderers of Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar and C/Insp Azilah Hadri even after Admitting to the crime the Stupid UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong AG, Judges cannot find them guilty...@$%#!

When the UMNO-SULU Islamic terrorist keeps attacking Sabahans its intrusion and UMNO-BN + Sultan take the path of discuss and diplomacy......but any suspect of other race and religion in any crime is shot dead or pushed from a tall building like MACC did to innocent people!! @#$%!

If the headmaster force your children like in Pristina School at Sg Buloh to eat in Toilet area instead of the canteen for fear of insulting the muslim kids .....  those parents of kids who complained are charged in cours for SEDITION!!!....#$%^&*.....  Is this type of justice sickening??

When you eat Bak kut teh and greet someone in youtube during muslim fasting is the greatest insult and the person is charged in courts......  but a minister involved in constant corruption is Not..

When some buddist monks used a surau....a small room where employees are allow to pray as their prayer room...the IMBERCILE Council+UMNO-BN + Sultan demolish that building and use tax payers corruption money to rebuild it.... This kind of sicknees is a sign of a country in Distress... $%^&*

No wonder the world don't want to care about the Syria or Egypt problem....The more these muslim kill each other the better perhaps the world would be.....  The moment we give the Muslim brotherhood some power they want to implement Syriah and Islamic Draconian laws......No doubt Malaysia is trying to go this path and for the sake of a better Malaysia...Time we start Migrating to Sabah/Sarawak...>SAck the UMNO-BN leaders there, take them captive and then Declare AUTONOMY and Sack Malaya.

Then Open doors to those who want a new country to come to Sabah/Sarawak.....away from the UMNO-Sultan-Agong Racist bigots agenda of making their own race stupid and their slaves.

We will use the Responsibility of governing a New Malaysia properly....Not one steep in corruption, racism, Stupidity like the UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Approval.  Time to divorce have come.  Time also for Syria, Egypt to Divorce and RE-DRAW your Boundaries......those who wants muslim brotherhood style management....EAST...the other..WEST.....  Those who wants President Assad....North and those oppose South....  a simple solution and Let the people make a SHOW of IT......  Like Singapore did to Malaya......

Now Sabah/Sarawak can do that too....It is in the POWER OF YOUR CONSTITUTION TO SACK MALAYA WITHOUT CONSULTATION WITH UMNO-BN, PEOPLE OR SULTAN -AGONG........give them a taste of Singapore sacking from Malaysia!!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

BN = Equals Barang Naik..... Now you know why Sabah-Sarawak must Sack Malaya....

No need for need to consult Rakyat or Sultan Agong as long as we have leaders of Courage to take People Power Path and Sack the entire UMNO-BN Leadership and keep them for Insurance.  This is the path we need to seek to avoid bloodshed like Libya, Syria, Sudan and SEPARATE.......  Take the FREEDOM to END the RACISM and BIGOTS Ideology OF UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong approval.  After all they Sacked Singapore for RACE Power.

Imagine your backyard have Durian/Oil and you used to eat it for free or allow other in your area to buy it very cheaply even though in USA or Australia it is like 15 times the cost..........Now you are paying about the same price as USA or Australia or Even More because YOUR STANDARD of LIVING is NO WHERE NEAR those Advance Country........and you accept the Stupidity of your economic logic and keep voting UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Approval........  AS UMNO Says....go change your poverty living standard to improve your living standard!! @#$%^&*(.....while UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong continue to wine and dine on what you would earn a MONTH........DAILY!!. 

Now the Malay Race power is DISILLUSIONED with why they are still lingering and suffering misery after the racist Bigots Act of UMNO+ Sultan and starting to realise that the CURSE of ALLAH must end with UMNO-BN Obliteration.......  Sultan-Agong welcome to defend UMNO-BN Evils to the end like Gadaffi or Assad.  In the end we need a NEW MALAYSIA and ERA .....this EVIL lies and Misery making UMNO must END!!

So all those Demolition of Surau, Forcing kids to eat in Toilet, Freeing of C/Insp Azilah Hadri and Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar, allowing the Sabah muslim malay child Rapist to marry the underage girl he raped, Bak Kut Teh insult on Ramadan, students with better result not getting into course of their choice while other race allowed...................IS TO MAKE IT LESS ANGRY WHEN YOU HAVE TO PAY HIGHER PETROL, electricity, GST TO UMNO - PETRON, PETRONAS......corruption cronies!!

Serve those 40% UMNO-BN supporters right for more misery....and flood and whatever suffering you are in......60% of Malaysia wants to end UMNO-BN rule BY HOOK OR CROOK NOW.  Next GST and Higher interest rate........  Get ready for more mosque insult, islam insult, Sultan Insult, Agong Insult, Flag insult, ....for the NEXT INCREASE OF BARANG NAIK.....GST,,TOL,....ELECTRICITY.... ,,,Padan Muka...serve you right for voting and NOT WANTING to Gadaffikan or Syriakan or Turkey-kan UMNO-BN by PEOPLE POWER.....

You said you wanted peaceful you voted UMNO-BN....Now UMNO-BN is making a FOOL of you and Insulting you for ANOTHER 5 YEARS for a ONE DAY Job.......No wonder Malaysia is going down the economic tube.....this TIME WE CRASH AND CRUSH the EVIL Racist BIGOTS UMNO-BN + Sultan Racist Agenda going on for 60 years....

Sabah/Sarawak...Wait NOT a day more to SACK Malaya......Sackingis better than BLOOD Shed like Syria and Libya!!

What the Crap....having to stand up in cinema for negaraku...which Imbercile thought of that force loyalty MADNESS...what next ...force to SWEAR alligence to UMNO-BN and the Malaysia football, hockey team....GO TO H****@#$%^&*(!  UMNO-BN becoming creepy Sick with Sultan -Agong Approval....Remove their EVIL Ideology...Sack Malaya and lets Start MIGRATING to Sabah/ for thought!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Better Remember the Ideals of 28 August rather than 31 August Malaysia Racist Bigots Day!!

On the 28 August ....  I HAVE A DREAM  ...

I Have a Dream
Martin Luther King Jr.    August 28, 1963
I say to you today, my friends, even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American Dream.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal".

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day down in Alabama with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and little white girls as sisters and brothers.
I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plains, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all the flesh shall see it together.
This is our hope. This is the faith that I go back to the South with.
With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.

Sabah/Sarawakians....time to set the stage for Malaysian to migrate and SACK malaya.......  I have a Dream...

Friday, August 30, 2013

31 August...50 years of Suffering under UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong Regime.... Evil Reigns in Malaysia!!

What have changed after all these years........nothing, nada, ziltch, kosong..elek...  @#$%^&

The same Sick Cult islamic ideology is being drum into your hearts, brain, soul without thought, thinking and reasons.....

The innocent are persecuted, charged, shamed, made example of.....  like the Penans killed, displaced,  Sri Pristina Schools students being force to eat in toilets in Ramadan, non muslim students doing better than muslim in Exams and DISCRIMINATED in the name of Allah...@#$%^&....For blogging about bak kut teh during Ramadan is serious...for being buddist and using a place USUALLY used by muslim cult malay to Pray is a serious issues that the building needs to be demolished....  This is the Sickness of Malaysia UMNO Islam Cult.

No wonder NO ONE wants to help muslim Sick cult ideology in Syria regardless of children, 500,000 thousands people die...regardless of Chimical weapons used...regardless of Saudi Arabia paying someone to detonate the mass Killing Weapons......because no one trust the OUTCOME....especially in a Muslim Regime.  That means Brace yourself for Taking what is yours in Malaysia and Don't let the injustice carry on......  That means its time forr GOOD muslim to deal with Evil Racist bigots Muslim Regime or your Suffering will be like Muslim in Egypt, Syria, Sudan........  The world is sick of ISLAM type Injustice.  Its a SHAM...... SHAM in every expect and WE WILL NOT BE ROMANTICS to YOUR EVIL RACIST RELIGIOUS BIGOTS SHAM.......  We are not sure how our kindness will be returned...

The sickness of the Islam Cult ideological justice cannot be measured in terms of consistency...  Murderer of Altantuya by muslim malay loyat to Islam-UMNO + Sultan-Agong cult chief inspector Azilah Hadri and former corporal Sirul Azhar Umar....let free...because they admitted to the C4 of a person...  The muslim malay loyal to Islam-UMNO + Sultan-Agong cult   child rapit in Sabah allowed to marry the girl he raped.....

Anyone who hurt these Fragile UMNO + Islam + whatever manner they deem  will be shown the full force of the Racist Bigots Islam Cult Injustice....  Then more muslim malay will die, go in hunger, live in misery and poverty until this sickness in Malaysia is Removed..

On this day we need to start our MIGRATION to Sabah Sarawak and Slowly take Power and SACK MALAYA.....leave the Mess for UMNO-Sultan-Agong to manage a few generation of Malay-muslim wanting to fight to their death the EVIL of the Alliance of UMNO-Sultan-Agong.  We isolate ourselves from the Evil or we Fight the Evil to the Death????....which would it be.....  these UMNO-Sultan-Agong racist bigots ideology islamic cults are like Assad and Gadaffi........they do not realise their Evil until they are NEAR DEATH.....just look at the Tun Bapa Merosot Mahathir Malaysia......all UNREPENTED!!!

Keep up the Disrupt...disrupt.....disrupt....  Malaysia Eonomy is Crumbling on the weight of a PONZI Zimbabwe malaysia......  when that happens....get the UMNO-BN leaders & children + sultan Agong for insurance!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lets Gather ..Perform prayer and religious rituals in Mosque, Surau ALL Over Malaysia.......

Then All mosque and Surau will be Demolished by the Mullah Taliban of Malaysia Muslim Council with Sultan-Agong Approval.  Easy now to have these Islam Cult religion Umno-Sultan-Agong Obliterated from Malaysia!!!  Lets do it, youtube it and see their Stupid OVER Reaction!!  The Sheer stupidity of the demolition of the Kota Tinggi Resort surau is the REFLECTION of Racist Bigots Islam CULT in Malaysia under the supervision of defender of Islam cult Sultan - Agong..... Gone ABSOLUTELY-ABSURDLY stupid & Wrong!!  @#$%^....  must we be ROMANTICS to their Stupidity, racist and evil bigots acts??/#$%^......  Yes this is seditious but so is the act of demolishing the surau.....but hey do more loss to non-muslim and make sure you don't use tax payers HARAM money to re-built....otherwise you have to demolish it again and look for those who have been built with HARAM , Corruption money to build of prayer.....evern the abode of Sultan-Agong Defender of Islam Palace and house!!!!...then go back to living on tree house as mentioned in the encyclopedia in the 1980......

Mufti, mullah, sultan-agong should start suicide soon as the blood transfusion you are using, the cups and spoons have ALL PIGS DNA and been Defiled by non-muslim.  Mosquito who have bitten a pig/pork and Haram food eater would have also bitten you again and Demolish yourself and go meet your maker!!!   Remember any Islam Cult followers who have been given blood transfusion in hospital....better start writing your WILL and prepare for death soon as a Decree to Demolish you will be issued soon!!  #$%^&*.  This is Malaysia cult islam- muslim doing a SELFIE on their own Cult believe.......truly unbelieveable.....Keep up the GOOD WORK!!....More muslim cults needs to be demolished soon in racist UMNO-Agong-Sultan Malaya who sack Singapore for Race and Racist reasons!! Today is a reflection of their Racist Absurd Utopia in Malaysia!!

The Sham of  Sri Pritina School at Sg Buloh still ongoing and time to make Suprise Citizen Arrest of the teachers there, the head master.... no need to mention their religion......  no need to mention when...  We MOB Arrest and send them to police station because their ACTS of forcing your children eat in the Toilet instead of the school canteen during the muslim fasting onth is SEDITIOUS.......   Let the courts Decide!!

The SHAM of having to stand in Cinema before a show starts to the NegaraKu national Anthem..... if not police will arrest you.  HOW ABSURD STUPID Can Malaysia UMNO-BN in Cahoots with Sultan Agong get???......No wonder WE Hate Malaysia Everyday under UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong.  Instead of tackling the UMNO-Sulu terrorist in Sabah...they BULLY unarmed they BULLY and Intimidate students of Sri Pristina Schools at Sg Buloh to admit to Sham and make a charge of sedition to parents of student.  The Stuff the student Said is INADMISSIBLE to the COURTS as it WAS DONE UNDER DURESS..>>>.....Go Arrest the Teachers and Headmaster for Sedition and causing Hygenic Truma to students eating in Toilets.....all in the name of not hurting weakling muslim cult students during Ramadan!!....  No wonder malays also HATE UMNO+Sultan-Agong these days for Dumbing them down!

Gather, Occupy.....DEMAND....SACK UMNO-BN from Government - Malaysia Style......August 30, Dataran Merdeka.....Malaysia RENEW!! 2013.  Wear BLACK!!!

We cannot Allow this SHAM, Injustice to prolong another minute under UMNO-BN Racist with Sultan - Agong Approval.    Make no mistake that Royalty is in cahoots with UMNO-BN to maintain their Dominance over 65% of Malaysian against their people in Egypt against Morsi, of Syrians against Assad or Libyans against Gadaffi.

60% of Malaysian  are not ROMANTICS to UMNO-BN  in cahoots with Sultan-Agong EVILS RACIST Acts!!   Sabah-Sarawak.....sack Malaya and give Malaysian a better place to migrate....

Monday, August 26, 2013

Nothing is shocking anymore in Malaysia.....

Corporal Sirul Azahar Umar, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri AND Azilah's long-time girlfriend, Lance Corporal Rohaniza Roslan....Are All Murderers for having admitted to C4 on Altantuya - No Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval.

Army - Police Died from UMNO-SUlu Terrorist Attack and continual Attack on Sabahans....No Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval.

Sit for same exam, same passing marks and distinction BUT Cannot get into University of Choice because of Skin colour or religion - No Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval.

Police shoots SUSPECTED gangsters, Murder them in custody, MACC Killing innocent people, Army Leaving Barracks and Killing Kg Medan Resident - No Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval.

Muslim Sabah Rapist of underage age girl and then Girl Forced to Marry Rapist - No Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval.

Corruption left right centre, malaysian in hunger, crime escalating, house break in, murder, sham - No Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval.

School Kids FORCED to eat in Toilet during muslim fasting Ramadan regardless of hygine by muslim Headmaster - No Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval.


Using ALLAH - BIG Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval. 

Buddist praying inside Hotel multi-purpose Hall - Surau - BIG Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval. 

People posting face book on eating Bak Kut Teh on Ramadan - BIG Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice with Sultan-Agong Approval. 

People coming out to demand freedom, fairness, equality, - BIG Problem with Malaysia UMNO-BN Justice  .CRUSH THEM, DESTRAOY THEM, Obliterate them..with Sultan-Agong Approval.

 This is the state of malaysia.......  Lets give them BIGGEST PROBLEM on August 30, OCCUPY DATARAN MERDEKA, Live Telecast of the Beginning of UMNO-BN End.  Do UMNO-BN dare to do a Syria or Libya or Egypt on Malaysian........  we return in Kind the same treatment accorded to Mohd Gadaffi......Global Peace recipient Crap that Tun Dr. Bapa kemerosotan Malaysia is trying to promote!