Thursday, September 12, 2013

After knowledge of Racism...time to Learn Knowledge of SEGREGATION - AUTONOMY!!

Make no mistake we are not ROMANTICS to Islam Atrocities and their Unjust Law and Order and Sickness......  Theirs is Follow or Death like those Syrians Fighting Assad......On the one side you have the Al-qeada sickness ideology to kill and wipe out minorities like christians, non Shia supporters....on the other side you have this Scum Dictator that will use whatever it takes to wipe out the sunnis, al-qeada islamic cults rebels.........  THERE ARE ALL TYPES OF ISLAMIC CULTS...including UMNO-PAS-Sulu-Moro.....  Break their unity in Islam Cults and decide which is the Main stream.....

No wonder no one wants to help islam-muslim dispute because you get bitten by both snake.....Remember Egypt muslim brotherhood and their Syriah Sham and wanting to change Egypt constitution....Serve them right for the way they were removed and Sabah/Sarawakians needs to dream the dream to remove Malaya.

The power is within your constitution to SACK Malaya together lock, stock and Barrel with the Sultan-Agong UMNO Sulu terrorist.  No need referendrum....the day you kick UMNO-BN out of State governement....SACK Malaya....WAIT NOT A MOMENT!!

Put aside Islam, religion.....etc and stop this rubbish of unity in Islam SHAM.....there is none...none in Libya, none in Sudan-dafur million genocide, none in Egypt, none in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza, Turkey.......Islam Cult only unity is for BULLY.... like in Malaysia.  Stand up and time to THINK ABOUT LIFE without this SHAM!! Don't be romantics to Malaya Cult Islam cult ideology .....children in toilet eating ramadan excuses, accidently punish your non muslim children for eating in the end of the day they are ALL like Assad, Gadaffi, Morsi......etc....UMNO+ Sultan/Agong defender of Islam Cult want to live and enjoy the Highly Priveledge life and Punish you with racism, bigots logic Suffering in Misery and Injustice.
Sabah/Sarawak....wake up from Slumber and Sack Malaya....Lets ALL migrate, corner those swinging state seats and take power.....time to change the demographics and Bring an end to Tun Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia Mahathir Project Racist IC ponzi SCAM and SACK Malaya.....leave Malaya with $1Trillion debt and let the Agong-Sultan Change their lifestyle to cope with People's Anger there....Why Wait??  UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong are FULL OF DECEIT - this is Hypocrisy of their Evil Islam cult ideology.  Again ....Why sack Singapore and not Sabah/Sarawak.....  Was Sabah / Sarawak leaders easier to bribe and cheat and lie to...possibly so.  So we need to Sack the Currect UMNO-BN crop of leaders and PKR from Sabah/Sarawak.and RESTART, INITIALISE, ReFormat the Sham and Start new!  Believe me it WILL be 100% Better....go ask Singapore.....

Sabah/Sarawak with THE POWER of your resources, state should be like Kuala Lumpur infrastructure at worst Best like Singapore/Taiwan/Japan....that is the measure of WHY the NEED to Sack Malaya.

Of course Sunni Malaysia wants Shia Assad Gadaffi.......and of course these UMNO-Sunni+ Sultan Agong Cult would stand by Shia Hamas-Hezbollah or Morsi and brotherhood of Islam against the West/Isreal...But there goes all their CREDIBILITY and Ideology.  Its ok to take up arms like these terrorist for one reason and not ok for another...what type of Cult Ideology is this...  TIME FOR ISLAM to DISARM or Hang those UMNO-Sulu Terrorist holding high powered guns rather than Hang a Malaysia carrying a pistol.....where is the Justice in THIS??...Either Hang Both or Bincang with both crime.......#$%^&!...But because its the  UMNO-BN + Sultan Approved Islam Cult Sham... Insult Islam/Allah for their own benefit is ALWAYS OK.......hope they die and rot away!! !@#$%!

Disrupt...disrupt...Disrupt....ALL UMNO-BN Infrastructure, business and PDRM-Army and all those supporting UMNO Racist bigots PONZI regime that use Guns to Kill PENANS of Sarawak and citizen of Sabah!! ...Mind set changing time is ahead!!

Time to Get smart....Make yourself and your community better and Obliterate those UMNO-BN Scums who thinks they can make you their Slaves and your human host for their LEECHES!!

Wake up...because the UMNO-BN + Sultan is using Sabah/Sarawak like a PONZI to live the good life ...while you live in Misery......  After your WELL of Water $$$$$ dries up...the UMNO-BN + Sultan Approved Ponzi Scheme will Abandon and SACK you like Singapore......Don't give them one more cent or DAY of Running Sabah/Sarawak...SACK MALAYA and end the Racist bigots UMNO-BN + sultan-Agong PONZI Agenda!!...

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