Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sack Anwar from Kajang, SACK PKR from Sabah-Sarawak....end the SHAM!!

I like to vote for ABU candidate....and Kill ANWAR off Politically.....and SABAH PKR and Sarawak PKR.....time to SACK PKR if you still think this nonsense is NO GOOD for your PKR party and your country or state you represent.  You in Sabah/Sarawak are like SQUATTERS to PKR power hungry Leaders...sack them by sacking yourself from PKR.  THE UMNO racist DNA is OBVIOUS.....Lee Chin Cheh have done a similar to Hee Yit Fong.....just with PR...after taking some $$$$$ apparently $2 million ringgit handout.....all from Anwar /Azmin/Rafizi "businessman" guranteed of PROJECT.....Billion dollar $2 million ringgit is chicken feed!!  Lets vote ABU candidate to teach PKR a lesson!!!

Yes Baru Bian don't pretend to play stupid or don't know....and to those stupid Sabahans PKR align to PKR-UMNO Anwar-Azmin-Rafizi-....sham.....Don't be a side show Bob.   Quit from all PKR post and join STAR or UBF...or something NOT PKR.   Use some god given wisdom to see and create a better place for Malaysia to migrate and SACK Malaya.  No need to bow to the Stupid born Malay = islam and malay only can be MB in Muslim state.....Hello do you read RACISM, BIGOTORY SHAM in Pakatan??

Lets Kill off Anwar at Kajang and PKR there.....this could be a move to disband PKR and move back to UMNO....  If Anwar losses he moves back to UMNO under Najib and if he wins so what...still move back to UMNO because UMNO racist Najib gives him a special post and position??  I have never seen such stupidity and waste of money but Malaysia are meant to suffer economic and Financial crisis no pity from me.  Hope people will rise up and vote a PSM, ABU, Bersih and not a Pakatan Candidate.....  We can Slap UMNO, PKR and Sultan / Agong with their racism and Sham with this one move to vote for individual that cannot be corrupted by $$$$$$$$$.

We need to end the DNA of Racism of UMNO+PKR+Sultan-Agong who sack Singapore for Racist reasons.  Continue their stupidity and you will kow tow to their stupidity like the Allah issues......How stupid can you get??  ...and the Sultan-Agong have already descended to this level of stupidity....these Royal No USE can just say Allah can be use by ALL and For ALL and there is no Patent on the word......from the so called Overseas educated useless leeches of the end of the day, in front of Allah they are also no need to accept their metal title...Have dignity Migrate to Sabah - Sarawak and Sack Malaya!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BBB - Bangun Bangkit BANTAH...wake up, RISE and OBJECT to ALL UMNO-BN + Sultan approved Racist Barang Naik SHAM!!!...

Sultan Munafiq Islam is Leading Muslim to stupidity with UMNO-BN Approval!!
So the Allah non issues can continue to become issues...just like Malay Born Islam Insanity continue to be Approved by ALL the educated Sultan Agong....continuing the Racism and Bigots Ideology that led to the Sacking of Singapore 60 years ago.  With Brains like this,  ideology like this...No wonder more are selling up in malaya and migrating to Sabah - Sarawak.  When the population there is sufficient to Kick, citizen arrest those UMNO-BN Scums.....the time to Sack Malaya is Near......

Who cares what the intellect says and the local media or those Pekida, 3 line Murderers do.......Thanks for publishing those photos......those in 3 coloured Benie on their head will Kena soon as the Ninja Mat Kilau Whack them proper....then we go for those FAT bums in red by one.    They can gather without the 10 days police permit because they are all PAID by UMNO to attend a JOB Function.......looks like they are taking a cue from the 65% against UMNO - Barang Naik goes to show the FARCE of the Rally or Gathering Law......

Everything in Malaysia is A Farce by UMNO-BN Approved by Agong-Sultan......make no mistake about it.  The Allah thing can be slammed shut by The defender of Islam but true to their Nature as Defender of Malaysia ISLAM CULT they keep the Racist, bigots agenda going.  Same goes for Born malay = Islam Sham ....  same as Tanah Melayu-Malay reserve but Sultan johor can SELL malay reserve land to prosper ONLY Sultan family and give rakyat Johor $10 each for their continuous support.  That is the SHAM that is beginning to happen like the Throne of Kelantan stolen by Son of Defender of Islam Kelantan...What Sham is this??

So now you see the need to migrate to Sabah-Sarawak....before your properties gets confiscated by the Defender of Islam and UMNO-BN Scums.....Sell at you OWN timing.....get to Sabah - Sarawak....KICK those UMNO-BN Scums and Leaders out of Parliamen and Sack Malaya........Obliterate the UMNO-ABU-Sayaf-Sulu Terrorist and send those scums back to Kuala Lumpur and malaya.....Don't wait for UN to demand action like in Syria or Libya or Sudan......or live a life running from Terrorist and ISLAMIC in Syria, Sudan, Pakistan, Afganistan, Libya.....Go at your OWN time AND SACK Malaya at WILL!!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Sickness of UMNO-BN with the Malaya Agong-Sultan Approval.....

The modus operandi of UMNO-SULU-Abu Sayaf terrorist is to report any WAR in Sabah as gunmen, thugs, youths......causing havoc.  Malacca Self Proclaim Sultan Arrest but Sultan SULU Self Proclaim ...UMNO likes to negotiate with @#$%^&!  This is what I term Crap and sickness that need obliteration and PBS needs to be OBLITERATED with PKR in Sabah. Anything that submits to the Madness of UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Approval needs to be Obliterated.  But Pairin and Ongkili of Sabah prefer to work towards a TUN and Tan Sri made title rather than the mandate of the people.....SUARA RAKYAT is SUARA KERAMAT....  The support of the people is the KERAMAT given you good business ability and a high regard for proper standards of conduct.  Not this CRAP UMNO-BN - Abu Sayaf- Sulu terrorist in WAR of Sabah.

3 Wars happening now in against these Islamic Terrorist sponsored by UMNO-BN approved by Sultan-Agong and War against UMNO-BN.......and the toughest war is the WAR Within yourself to believe that THINGS are better without UMNO-BN.....I say SACK Malaya then you will know the power of Freedom of mind and Illusion-delusion and REAL Progress!!

The sickness continues with UMNO-Barang Naik.....after raising the price of Almost everything to maintain their lifestyle of Rich and Famous, these UMNO-BN with Sultan-Agong Approval now having a 100 committee and sub-committee ...being paid $200,000 each to study the effect of  price rise on the people of Malaysia.....So $20 Million used to address the Evil of Price Rise created by EVIL UMNO-BN with Sultan Agong Approval.  Chicken feed when you take into consideration that Najib's Resident cost $7 Million of electricity Bill to run a Year.  Keep changing your lifestyle to try to make that $2 saving to support the Evil UMNO-BN Terrorist Regime ...Approved by Sultan-Agong....SHi@#$%^&*(!

The sooner we migrate now to Sabah-Sarawak, the less the pain will be in 10 years time with agenda 2020.  Don't migrate when there is a NEED to CALL UN for HUMANITARIAN AID like in SUdan-Dafur and Syria.  In Short, Migrate NOW at your OWN desire and not FORCED to to Sabah - Sarawak.  Take advantage of the free passage NOW....before the path is made harder.....  Sell HIGH now your millions of property and let those Losers and Lovers of UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong sick racist bigots Islamic terrorist take the $1 Trillion dollar debt....enjoy their NEGATIVE WEALTH!!.....

Sack Malaya UMNO-BN with Sultan-Agong Approval sacked Singapore for Sultan UMNO Racist Bigots Islamic Cult Ideology.........the 4 R...Riots, Race, Religion, Royalty sickness ends when you SACK Malaya!!...JUST DO IT and send those illegal immigrats to malaya with Taib, Pairin and Ongkilis and all those UMNO-BN Goons!!  Sack them too via SIMUTANEOUS Citizen Arrest!! police or Army in the world can stop the TERROR BACK from the People!!  We have the right to LIVE WITH DIGNITY....Misery NO MORE!!

Create Allah controversy...create committee to address Allah issues...$10 Million...

Create Poor Education Standard....Create committee to address poor education status...$200 Million..

Create poor people....Create committee to address poor people in Malaysia....$10 BILLION NEP

Create Racism....Create committee to address racial issues...$50 Million...

Create Crime....create committee to address Rise in Crme in Malaysia...$300 Million

Create Barang Naik-Price rise-inflation..... create committee to study price rise $40 Million

Lets Create a citizen arrest on Sultan UMNO-BN ....EVERY Problem Solve!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Don't Put ALL your EGG$$$$$$$$ in the malaya Basket..... A Fail State in the making....with Sultan/Agong UMNO Approval!!

Time to start planning now to migrate to Sabah/Sarawak ....but a nice spot in an area where we can Obliterate those UMNO-BN goons and then take the state...then Obliterate the UMNO-Sponsored SULU, Abu Sayaf Islamic terrorist and at the same time SACK Malaya.   Do what Malaya did to Singapore and let the Sultan - Agong UMNO taste their own medicine.....  This is the Agenda 2020.  Make no mistake that UMNO sponsors these Islamic terrorist for only one purpose and that is to be used as militia incase Operation Sack Malaya commence.  Don't be Romantics that UMNO Racist bigots Islamic Racist cult in cahoots with Sultan / Agong are not aware of their save their Wealth and keep citizen Slave Agenda!!  Really What have the Sultan-Agong  in cahoots with UMNO do to really improve Malaysia...its Steal while the citizen people are slaves to their racist bigots Islam cult and misery making games.  These UMNO+ sultan have their escape strategy built already overseas....Questions is will Malaysian Catch them before they escape!!

The Same Sultan Johor can shout HOLY CRAP...tear down the Surau that was used by the Buddist worshipper...bring back Holy Friday Holiday and at the same time SELL Malay Reserve for his OWN Family benefit for $4.5B Ringgit.  ALL that money goes to Sultan feed his terrorist, his private Army his own Islamic CULT terrorist council that tore down the Surau to BLIND the poor Johoreans...let alone the Malays who thinks their Tanah melayu/ Malay reserve cannot be Sold.    Now sold for $4.5 Billion to illegal, Kafir, Pork eater, islam hater......  Its OK the Defender of Islam have the power to receive corrupted, EVIL money and Gains because Sultan Johor is the GOD of Islamic CULT and Malays-muslim should worship and Marvel at his ability to take money and continue to Make ignorant Malay muslim a life of misery and suffering @#$%^&!  Repeat the media release of giving some Hamper to 10 family 100,000 times and the poor Brain Washed people will think that the Sham Cult Islam Sultan Johor helped 1 Millon people.......!@#$^&!...ALL in CAHOOTS with UMNO-BN...the 2 axis of EVIL in Malaysia ...and the Stumbling block for a Better Malaysia.  Now the wife of last Sultan Johor in some bizzare divorce with Syriah SHAM courts..... becoming like Kelantan Crap and Malay Tradition Sham.  I blame the Sultan Islamic cult and not the wife in this but then again what credibility you give to a Sultan that Murdered a boy in a game of golf because the kid laughed at his POOR Swing!!  We can Laugh at Anything but should never face death because of that.  I am NO ROMANTICS TO EVILS that UMNO-BN + SUltan - Agong the constant UMNO-Sulu Terrorist in Sabah.......Need to Sack Malaya and Obliterate these Islamic Cult Terrorist1  + Send them to KL!!

Same Crap happened with Sultan Perak....Selangor, Negeri Sembilan... Kelantan.....Kedah......and yet the UMNO Cult Islam wants a Fair share of the Economic Pie......Fortunately 65% of Rakyat Malaysia do not believe their Crap thanks to Internet......  Just Appear on UMNO-BN Leaders IRON Gate in team of 50 ALL OVER Malaysia and see if PDRM-UMNO Dogs have the Man power to help.....then you will send a clear MESSAGE the People are EQUALLY Powerful and ready to do a MASS Citizen Arrest all over Malaysia ......or we can migrate and Sack Malaya.....we rakyat needs to have all types of options to make their night sleep uneasy!!!

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Rules and Laws in Malaysia for the Mullah Racist UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong to Get you..>Ignore and Resist them!!

Like this Law!!

Bank Negara said under the Exchange Control Act 1953, it is an offence for a person in Malaysia to buy or sell foreign currency or do any act which involves, is in association with, or is preparatory to, buying or selling of foreign currency with any person, other than an authorised dealer. 

It is also an offence for a person to aid or abet another person to buy or sell foreign currency with any person, unless the person is an authorised dealer.

The list of authorised dealers and financial institutions permitted by the Controller of Foreign Exchange to buy or sell foreign currency can be obtained from Bank Negara's website

From Today.....  You are ALL paid by me ONE CENT to Attend Rally AGAINST UMNO-BN(Barang Naik) and Against Sultan-Agong that does, say and do Nothing to 60 years of Continuous Evil and making Misery of Malaysian.  Its just an illusion that the Defender of Islam is concern about rakyat citizen malaysia.  Wake UP!!   The UMNO Sultan that Sacked Singapore are ALL Racist Bigots Scums in cahoots with UMNO Racist bigots.  

Lets migrate to Sabah/Sarawak and SACK Malaya.  We do not need to wait for UN to provide us humanitarian Aid like the Syrian Refugees in Turkey or Refugees of Sudan Dafur.  Migrate when ALL seems well and LETS PULL A RUG under these Racist Bigots SCUM of UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong who Sacked Singapore previously.  MIGRATE WITH DIGNITY, MIGRATE WITH FREEDOM and Migrate IN YOUR OWN TIMING!!  Sack Malaya and leave them with $1 Trillion Ringgit Debt..... that is the BEST SLAP in the Face for UMNO-BN in Cahoots with Sultan/Agong......  AGENDA 2020   >>>  SACK Malaya!!...Now!!

Soon you will be NOT able to move money out of Malaysia if such Bank Negara Laws are invoked.  Be careful, act ahead of time like 5 years......before the scum of UMNO-BN with Sultan-Agong Approval FREEZE your Money.....  It is a risk with 3rd to 4th world mentality of Malaysia UMNO Racist Bigots ..Islam Cult government.....soon ringgit will be like Zimbabwe $$$$!!

Malaysia administration under UMNO are just so stupid.....just look at the Landslide in Mahameru...these useless UMNO-BN Bigots emergency respond team uses a digger to clear landslide......slow, time consuming....etc....even a kid who watch enough Bob the Builder knows you need a tractor like those to move snow to move dirt...... but Malaysia likes to worship and entertain Stupidity and Bigots acts like JAIS raid on Bible society.  Remember...only Police can search your place WITH Warrant...With Warrant ...I repeat... with Search peace time just CITIZEN ARREST them for Threats, unruly behaviour, creating trouble... and tresspassing on your War......would you invite them in???  How stupid and brain washed Malaysian have been!!   Citizen Arrest these SCUM of JAIS/MAIS if they dare come into your premise again with or without police....!!

Thursday, January 02, 2014

UMNO-BN + Sultan is FIERCELY Defending their Capital, Money, turf and slavery of Malaysian......What are you doing about it??

They Send JAIS to raid Bible society without Warrant like Terrorist of Lahat Datu.....Next time apart from a Police Warrant and Search Warrant Whack them proper for tresspassing.  Jais is no police and so are those City Hall Officer - penguatkuasa DBKL during the Dec 31....Turun GULING UMNO-BN Rally.  Who the Hell these Mullah and enforcement officer are....they have no power to arrest except the Police or Army during Emergency.....No one else have any right to Raid,  Lets RALLY EVERYday because you are paid ONE CENT to attned NO NEED PERMIT.

Please someone publish the faces of those from JAIS who Raided the Bible Society...Like MACC murderer of Teoh...they need to be TAUGHT A LESSON......!!  NIP them in the Bud and make these Islamic Cult SCUM life a MISERY like those Murderer of Teoh Now.....hope they Rot and Die away!!

GULING UMNO-BN Terrorist Barang Naik /Price Increse to Citizen Malaysia!!  Don't be a Romantics to UMNO-BN ROBBERY and pretend to be Concern at you being ROBBED by the same person.  What sickness is this ??? #$%^

Looks like Malaysian need to know their right and defend their turf....After your Terror Back then only explain in courts....Fight to the end to defend your Dignity and Liberty.  UMNO SULU, Abu Sayaf , Jais, MAIS are all Islamic terrorist sponsored by UMNO racist to create Chaos.  Give them Chaos with the Citizen Arrest ALL OVER Malaysia.  Lets March to the JAIS Office and Arrest those officer responsible for the Raid and Overwhelm them...Just 200 people would do to terror back these scumbag.  The same Goons did the Church Raid on DUMC and also to Lina Joy.  Lets Continue the DISRUPT..>Disrupt ...disrupt all UMNO mechanism  then Spirit of Mat Kilau!!  Villian today, Hero Tomorrow.....and I am no Romantics to UMNO Religious Cult like JAIS and Syriah and Sama suka Sama Child Rapist Sham of Sabah. 

These Racist scums thought that by sacking Singapore, Singapore will come back one day to renegotiate the Deal and then FORCE SABAH-Sarawak to Follow Singapore SUBMISSION to Racist bigots Agenda of UMNO+ Sultan Cahoots at that time.  Unfortunately....low and behold ...that did not eventuate and now Sabah-Sarawak can SACK Malaya...with the Sultan-Agong + UMNO-BN lock stock and barrel and TOSS them to their Sea of $1 trillion Debt.

That is even better than Sacking malaya....You have lump malaya with debt that UMNO and Sultan have to deal with when the malay comes knocking at their doors.  Don't expect them to invite you to their homes to feed you at that time.....they will react to your knocking like Gadaffi and President Assad of Syria do to their people.  Simply because so few Malayan knows how to hold gun and threaten their WEALTH...

Lets Migrate to Sabah?Sarawak & create a better Nation AWAY from UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong Racist Evil misery and slavery making Islamic Cult SHAM.  Here they say Malay reserve cannot be sold there they do a $4.5 Billion package deal for Family Sultan Munafiq Islam Johor only ....then you have a once in a year statement about Christmas greeting by the Sultanah of Johor with Perak Sham DNA Islamic Cult Ideology who Guling the Pakatan Rakyat government with those SHAM Katak......and who did not dissolve Parliament when demanded to do so.......  This is call the Pull the Rug under your feet moment....the Sultan pulled the rug and stole your $4.5 Billion and you fell down....and say I slipped.....How Stupid to be Romantics to Sultan + UMNO-BN Robbery and so call help poor malay affirmative action....CRAP@#$%^&!   ...and the media keep asking you to change your lifestyle while Najibs home Aircond electricity bill is $7 Million!!

Name the day for a Nationwide Citizen Arrest of UMNO-BN leaders + police and sent them to hunger and anger we will Obliterate these racist UMNO-BN scums!!#$