Thursday, January 02, 2014

UMNO-BN + Sultan is FIERCELY Defending their Capital, Money, turf and slavery of Malaysian......What are you doing about it??

They Send JAIS to raid Bible society without Warrant like Terrorist of Lahat Datu.....Next time apart from a Police Warrant and Search Warrant Whack them proper for tresspassing.  Jais is no police and so are those City Hall Officer - penguatkuasa DBKL during the Dec 31....Turun GULING UMNO-BN Rally.  Who the Hell these Mullah and enforcement officer are....they have no power to arrest except the Police or Army during Emergency.....No one else have any right to Raid,  Lets RALLY EVERYday because you are paid ONE CENT to attned NO NEED PERMIT.

Please someone publish the faces of those from JAIS who Raided the Bible Society...Like MACC murderer of Teoh...they need to be TAUGHT A LESSON......!!  NIP them in the Bud and make these Islamic Cult SCUM life a MISERY like those Murderer of Teoh Now.....hope they Rot and Die away!!

GULING UMNO-BN Terrorist Barang Naik /Price Increse to Citizen Malaysia!!  Don't be a Romantics to UMNO-BN ROBBERY and pretend to be Concern at you being ROBBED by the same person.  What sickness is this ??? #$%^

Looks like Malaysian need to know their right and defend their turf....After your Terror Back then only explain in courts....Fight to the end to defend your Dignity and Liberty.  UMNO SULU, Abu Sayaf , Jais, MAIS are all Islamic terrorist sponsored by UMNO racist to create Chaos.  Give them Chaos with the Citizen Arrest ALL OVER Malaysia.  Lets March to the JAIS Office and Arrest those officer responsible for the Raid and Overwhelm them...Just 200 people would do to terror back these scumbag.  The same Goons did the Church Raid on DUMC and also to Lina Joy.  Lets Continue the DISRUPT..>Disrupt ...disrupt all UMNO mechanism  then Spirit of Mat Kilau!!  Villian today, Hero Tomorrow.....and I am no Romantics to UMNO Religious Cult like JAIS and Syriah and Sama suka Sama Child Rapist Sham of Sabah. 

These Racist scums thought that by sacking Singapore, Singapore will come back one day to renegotiate the Deal and then FORCE SABAH-Sarawak to Follow Singapore SUBMISSION to Racist bigots Agenda of UMNO+ Sultan Cahoots at that time.  Unfortunately....low and behold ...that did not eventuate and now Sabah-Sarawak can SACK Malaya...with the Sultan-Agong + UMNO-BN lock stock and barrel and TOSS them to their Sea of $1 trillion Debt.

That is even better than Sacking malaya....You have lump malaya with debt that UMNO and Sultan have to deal with when the malay comes knocking at their doors.  Don't expect them to invite you to their homes to feed you at that time.....they will react to your knocking like Gadaffi and President Assad of Syria do to their people.  Simply because so few Malayan knows how to hold gun and threaten their WEALTH...

Lets Migrate to Sabah?Sarawak & create a better Nation AWAY from UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong Racist Evil misery and slavery making Islamic Cult SHAM.  Here they say Malay reserve cannot be sold there they do a $4.5 Billion package deal for Family Sultan Munafiq Islam Johor only ....then you have a once in a year statement about Christmas greeting by the Sultanah of Johor with Perak Sham DNA Islamic Cult Ideology who Guling the Pakatan Rakyat government with those SHAM Katak......and who did not dissolve Parliament when demanded to do so.......  This is call the Pull the Rug under your feet moment....the Sultan pulled the rug and stole your $4.5 Billion and you fell down....and say I slipped.....How Stupid to be Romantics to Sultan + UMNO-BN Robbery and so call help poor malay affirmative action....CRAP@#$%^&!   ...and the media keep asking you to change your lifestyle while Najibs home Aircond electricity bill is $7 Million!!

Name the day for a Nationwide Citizen Arrest of UMNO-BN leaders + police and sent them to hunger and anger we will Obliterate these racist UMNO-BN scums!!#$

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