Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sack Anwar from Kajang, SACK PKR from Sabah-Sarawak....end the SHAM!!

I like to vote for ABU candidate....and Kill ANWAR off Politically.....and SABAH PKR and Sarawak PKR.....time to SACK PKR if you still think this nonsense is NO GOOD for your PKR party and your country or state you represent.  You in Sabah/Sarawak are like SQUATTERS to PKR power hungry Leaders...sack them by sacking yourself from PKR.  THE UMNO racist DNA is OBVIOUS.....Lee Chin Cheh have done a similar to Hee Yit Fong.....just with PR...after taking some $$$$$ apparently $2 million ringgit handout.....all from Anwar /Azmin/Rafizi "businessman" guranteed of PROJECT.....Billion dollar $2 million ringgit is chicken feed!!  Lets vote ABU candidate to teach PKR a lesson!!!

Yes Baru Bian don't pretend to play stupid or don't know....and to those stupid Sabahans PKR align to PKR-UMNO Anwar-Azmin-Rafizi-....sham.....Don't be a side show Bob.   Quit from all PKR post and join STAR or UBF...or something NOT PKR.   Use some god given wisdom to see and create a better place for Malaysia to migrate and SACK Malaya.  No need to bow to the Stupid born Malay = islam and malay only can be MB in Muslim state.....Hello do you read RACISM, BIGOTORY SHAM in Pakatan??

Lets Kill off Anwar at Kajang and PKR there.....this could be a move to disband PKR and move back to UMNO....  If Anwar losses he moves back to UMNO under Najib and if he wins so what...still move back to UMNO because UMNO racist Najib gives him a special post and position??  I have never seen such stupidity and waste of money but Malaysia are meant to suffer economic and Financial crisis no pity from me.  Hope people will rise up and vote a PSM, ABU, Bersih and not a Pakatan Candidate.....  We can Slap UMNO, PKR and Sultan / Agong with their racism and Sham with this one move to vote for individual that cannot be corrupted by $$$$$$$$$.

We need to end the DNA of Racism of UMNO+PKR+Sultan-Agong who sack Singapore for Racist reasons.  Continue their stupidity and you will kow tow to their stupidity like the Allah issues......How stupid can you get??  ...and the Sultan-Agong have already descended to this level of stupidity....these Royal No USE can just say Allah can be use by ALL and For ALL and there is no Patent on the word......from the so called Overseas educated useless leeches of the end of the day, in front of Allah they are also no need to accept their metal title...Have dignity Migrate to Sabah - Sarawak and Sack Malaya!!

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