Monday, February 10, 2014

The SHAM of Malaysia...>DO NOT TRADE with Islamic Terrorist Supporters like Malaysia...Boycott Malaysia for letting Terrorrist reside in Malaysia!!

While UMNO-BN is in power and ALL, ALL their ACTS Approved by Sultan - means they are in cahoots to RAPE Malaysian and make them Slaves to their Racist Agenda!!  Make no mistake and don't be a Romantic Sympatizer to their Nazi UMNO Racist Islamic Cult Ideology!!

Malaysia is UMNO-terrorist safe heaven and transit point as reported.  So UMNO-Abu Sayaf, SULU terrorist supporters and approved by UMNO Sultan-Agong are in cahoots in this Sham.  Did you ever see the brotherhood of Islam UMNO terrorist in Thailand, Sabah, Sarawak, Phillipines, Indonesia, Syria, Afganistan.  Look at this terrorist face and he is similar to that Scumbag Crown Prince of Johor who assulted the football player recently...go google his terror like North Korea Kim.  What sorts of sickness is this with these Royalty of Malaysia?? They are continually terrorizing Malaysian, Sabahans and Sarawakians......Terror Back.

We have to make it a plan to migrate to Sabah Sarawak and not subject to the Racist Menteri besar Law where it is preferred to be a malay muslim to be MB.  Stop the racist Spin Raja Petra.......the lies of the Sultanate is crumbling and it must Crumble with UMNO racist cahoots together.  In cahoot these UMNO racist + Sultan Sacked Singapore.....Sabah-Sarawak time to SACK Malaya!!

Here are the facts...of Malaysia Brain washing Education system...  UN-BRAIN WASH

When Portugese came, its di takluk in malay means CONQUER...

When the Dutch came, its di takluk in malay means CONQUER...

When the British came its  di takluk in malay means CONQUER...

When the Japanese came its  occupation  in malay means the spin starts here......


When Hindu Prince Came to malaya and  converted to Islam and So Malaya was not Conquer.....just trade with India.......  LIES..@#$%^

When China Emperor sent team to malaya...its just trade...... To have monopoly like Portugese, Dutch, English to trade is the same as CONQUER malaya....more Lies....@#$%^

Giving Bunga MAS, gold to Thailand is also NOT Conquer by Thailand in Northern States.....even more lies.....@#$%^

Seems like those UMNO malays racist in cahoots with Sultan-Agong don't like being told they were CONQUERED by ASIAN.....ha ha ha..the Truth is they Were Conquered by Asian too....

Lets Conquer and OBLITERATE the RACIST LIES Ideology of UMNO Approved by Sultan - Agong....  Migrate to Sabah-Sarawak - SACK Malaya is like a Conquer and overcoming slavery and DECEPTION!!

So the lies continue with Malaysian....  WAR is happening in Sabah and the Munafiq Christian PBS...Dongkili....Pariah Tan Sri Pairin see it as nothing....hope terror comes to them for spinning the lawlessness in Sabah!!

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