Sunday, February 16, 2014

UMNO-BN = UMNO - Bangsat cahoots with Agong Sultan Approval...

Sama Suka Sama - Child Peadofile of UMNO Sabah member sent to Jail -....Yahoo  you say...but behind the scene appeal + those shame community service and parole.  No difference to those UMNO-Sulu Islamic Terrorist, killer of soldiers of malaya + Sabah....still being used as bargaining chip when in fact they were caught carrying gun...SO HANG THEM...#$%^&*!!  ordinary Malaysian carrying drugs and guns are sent to the gallows straight away......these UMNO-SULU sponsored terrorist with guns and Drugs not HUNG...that is what UMNO-BN is more than UMNO-Barang Naik ...its also UMNO-Bangsat Negara with Sultan - Agong Approval...  So for once Sultan-Agong Approve that UMNO is Bangsat Negara????  Charge the Agong - Sultan with sedition then....

Those Parents who abuse their children because they would not do the Islam prayer...serve them right for your jail term in Sweden...but what the CRAP the UMNO+PM Kim Jun Najib need to go to airport to greet the returning children?  Hero being abused?...People that are hungry, lost house to fire, flood where the Hell were the UMNO Scums??#$%^!

Sultan  - Agong can end the Rubbish Allah matter by saying " Allah adalah untuk semua, siapa keliru, dia Bodoh"......"Allah is for All, he who is deceived is Stupid"!!!  But, the cahoots of UMNO-BN like to let it fester and grow like a cancer to keep the Racist Bigots Ideology that was used to sack Singapore in 1969.....continues.

Sabah-Sarawak the quicker you work towards Agenda 2020 is the better....All Malaysian is best advised to migrate to Sabah/Sarawak....KICK the UMNO-BN-PBS-PKR-PBB out and those DNA links...then SACK Malaya........  No need to consult Sultan, UN, Unesco, WTO, USA, Euro Zone, Asean.....cut the Crap...SACK Malaya.  Immediately Peg and start using either US dollar or Singapore dollar as legal tender....and end the Racism and Bigots Sham of Malaya.

Malaya have no more mineral, no more talent and with Debt of $1 Trillion....let the angry and hungry people knock at the UMNO-BN + Sultan + Agong obvious Opulent Homes......see how many army police can be paid and ordered to guard them and their relatives...Turn on TV and Watch Chaos towards UMNO-BN.....  Those who stayed behind...time for you to unite and defend or Migrate to Sabah Sarawak as Refugees then,  You see you have the freedom now to MAKE Sabah-Sarawak your Own....without those stupid Allah, Bahasa Melayu Sham,over English....without those Halal Rubbish...and UMNO-SULU-Abu Sayaf Islamic Terrorist Cult......Nothing against Islam but ...I am not Romantics to it either.  I do not need to rationalised, try to understand, compromise to evil and Human Dignity....Look at Syria, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afganistan, Indonesia, South Thailand, Russia, 9/11, London bombing, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Middle East and terrorism.........Shall we send the Malaysia DEFENDER of ISLAM there to Sort out their Problem....after all we Give them the Constitutional Power as Defender of Islam....yet does nothing to defend Islam.....Might as well make use of them to FIX those problem countries of Islam and JUSTIFY the Title Given to them.......or is that all a MYTH and Lies and Brain Washing?????......  Of course it is @#$%^!   Why not migrate to Sabah-Sarawak and do your Next Generation a service of Human Dignity!!  End the SHAM ...Migrate to Sabah-Sarawak and SACK Malaya!!

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