Friday, February 28, 2014

Don't be easily Demoralised.....

Murders of Children. Car accident in Kampar.  One at Klang and Police Car have no fire extinguisher to put out the flame to potentially safe lives.  Water shortage.  Bible Stolen from premise of  Bible society by the JAIS, MAIS and Sultan Approved Terrorist under the watchful eyes of PKR Khalid CM, PDRm...and without warrant.  Forest fire.  Barang naik...Tol, petrol, electricity, food....cost of education.....  Sama-suka-sama Child Pedophile on the rampage in Malaysia especially to those Well connected to Sultan the ex MB of Malacca Thamby Chik.....  Murderers set free like chief inspector Azilah Hadri and former corporal Sirul Azhar Umar and the UMNO-Sulu Terrorist in Sabah...the list of SHAM and Injustice goes on and on with Approval from Sultan-Agong.  60 years and counting....are you disillusioned yet or have time granted you some wisdom to truth and lies??  Sarawak Corrupted Mega Rich Ex Chief Minister Taib can just walk into Govenor Job with Sultan -Agong Approval.  Is this not a Sham??  @#$%^!....if this does not paint the cahoots with Royalty to sack Singapore under the ideology of corruption and racism....Nothing will open your eyes!!

Anwar "MAY" even jump back to UMNO in the future or like Jelapang Hee jumping to $$$$ / position of Minister and gladly approved by Sultan/Agong Munafiq Islam ....  Police Face can be covered like terrorist when the Kelantan Sultan Stole the throne.  Johor Sultan can pocket $5 Billion and sell Malay Reserve land and convert to China property Investor... Late Sultan Johor can use a golf club to kill a kid laughing at his missed golf stroke... @#$%^&*. ....and we are suppose to give them respect due to their status as defender of Islam and constitutional monarchy as Raja Petra wants you to blindly believe???  You are sick then!!  Magna Carta and justice if you aks me!!

We need to just stand back and say.....We do not need to submit to EVIL and be Romantics to Evil Sham and Scam!  We have the time to see it all play out and reserve some space to Doubt the intent of some individual.  That we we are not totally Demoralised.  It gives you the dignity and integrity to believe in your own judgement about individuals.

Life is such that we need to deal with set back and they are temporarily compared to the ETERNITY that awaits us  and the Eternal suffering these Evil Doers.  Life is short and we need to battle the Evils of these UMNO sick racist & munafiq islam cults Ideology approved by the Sultan -Agong.

Take heart that at the end of the day EVERY.....EVERY Human will die.....even Ideology will die.....and there will be a new beginning...  Even for North Koreans with their sick Evil Rulers....even Malaysia with their sick islam cults + racist ideology.  No one will or can Avoid the Death DESTINY or FOOL Allah......that is as certain as the Sun will rise on the EAST and Sets on the West.  In between.....enjoy, sin, do evil while you can.  For the time is coming when True Justice and the GREAT RESET will occur.  All you own is worth ZERO and the measure of God/Allah applied.  So as Ip Man says....every human have dignity regardless of their status.....give them their dignity especially to the poor, helpless, hungry, rejected and outcast.......God looks at them with a different Measure!!

Continue the Fight to End Evil in Malaysia....Sell up...Migrate to Sabah-Sarawak and Sack Malaya...something within our means and power to CHANGE the PARADIGM of the Current Malaysia and Lump Malaya with $1 Trillion Debt...Sabah-Sarawak - ZERO DEBT.....  Back to English as medium of instruction, Super Fast train linking states...endless energy and power...higher income and dollar...better education, less barang need to send children overseas anymore for English education....end the legacy of UMNO-BN & Sultan/Approved racist legacy Forever!!  You have the constituional power to SACK Malaya!!  Just Do It!!

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