Monday, February 24, 2014

The Kajang Sham.....

The most important is to make UMNO-BN candidate Lose their deposit and the rest of the UMNO-BN DNA leaders lose and give it to the Bersih, unkonwn, unaffilated and ABU candidate who really deserve the $7000 monthly salary to represent the people of Kajang and Malaysia to end the Rubbish and SHAM!!!

So how to read into this by election.... perhaps smoke screen or false flag for something behind the scene??.
Perhaps Selangor MB - Khalid is weak and a Sham in managing the Islamic Sultan Mullah....  after all how come he has not Sacked those JAIS who raided the Bible Society for no apparent reasons and without search warrant.  Somehow we have not been able to identify the face of those JAIS raiders but these Scumbags of UMNO Islamic Media can name names of the child parents who protested on the Eating in Toilet in Ramadan - muslim fasting month last year.....What the Crap is this !@#$%^&*.  Same crap of not naming the teacher who bashed schools kids for minor things in ...  Yet they manage to name the teacher of a Chinese school who made malays kids eat grass or behave like cows for forgetting to bring homework.  Both need to be Condemned but why they name one and not the other teacher is because they are the Islamic -Malays UMNO cult teachers??? @#$%^&*!...this is the media Crap of Malayaisa....Just burn them all down for trying to brain wash...UN BRAIN WASH and Burn these RTM, Printers of Malaysia papers down!!!...No reward just the same Mat Kilau Respect Award!!  Villian today, Hero Tomorrow When UMNO-BN Obliterated!!

END the Caning, slapping, corporal punishment in Malaysia Schools NOW....END UMNO-BN Now!!...Stop the UMNO-BN Racist Sham now!!

Why make a show of sacking PKNS scumbags?? Who the hell gave them the orders...UMNO? Sultan?  Sultan in cahoots to destabalise Selangor and get their hands on the $3Billion in Selangor Kitty....Perhaps Sultan Selangor need to buy another Mansion in London, Paris or Downtown Manhattan??  One cannot accept the weakness of the manner the Allah issues have been handled by Pakatan and their ilks and cahoots with Sultan-Agong.

I have said many time and repeat "Allah is for All, those who are deceived is STUPID"....Allah adalah untuk semua, siapa keliru dia Bodoh.....  but Sultan and UMNO-Agong wants to keep their sick Racist Islamic Cult Agenda alive with thier deafening silence.

Yet there is the fiasco of the Polis Di Bangsat negara not doing anything to curb the Jais Raid, the Perkasa slap Teresa Kok Sham, the investigation of Crime Spree and break ins....the illegal gathering of UMNO cahoots and scumbag without permit.  This is where perhaps we need another issues to take the spotlight from all these Racist Agenda of UMNO-BN in Cahoots with Sultan-Agong.

RACISM is INHERENT within the Entire Malaysia Corporate Life....

To defend the Racist Position, inept corruptable and incompetent people are put in charge so as to make Bail out a Revolving Door of Credit and be seen doing sometime...yet in the process enrich MAS, PKNS, UEM, NSTP....etc....UMNO - BN pour in $$$ so called Bail out money from Rakyat and then redirected back to their Foreign accounts in the Billions and in 3 years again blame management and the world for poor result and again Bail out money goes in Near election to be again redirected back to their foreign bank accounts and continue the UMNO-BN + Sultan Approved inept management and Mega the Ex-Ukraine president!!

No difference with the Inept and Incompetent War in UMNO-Sulu Islamic Terrorist War that is still occuring in Sabah!!  The modus operandi is the same....Don't Kill the Goose that can still Lay some Golden eggs....In Sabah, it means create Chaos when Sabah/Sarawak Sack malaya!!

Do a UKRAINE and Sack UMNO-BN in Sabah-Sarawak then Sack Malaya...that is the true New Era for a Better world...not this Sham of Agong-Sultan in Cahoots with Islam Cult UMNO-BN who sacked Singapore based on Racist bigots agenda.  Rightly...Allah did not Bless Malaysia...and GDP on Singapore Exceed ENTIRE Malaysia + Sabah-Sarawak + all the oil and natural resources......

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