Friday, January 10, 2014

Don't Put ALL your EGG$$$$$$$$ in the malaya Basket..... A Fail State in the making....with Sultan/Agong UMNO Approval!!

Time to start planning now to migrate to Sabah/Sarawak ....but a nice spot in an area where we can Obliterate those UMNO-BN goons and then take the state...then Obliterate the UMNO-Sponsored SULU, Abu Sayaf Islamic terrorist and at the same time SACK Malaya.   Do what Malaya did to Singapore and let the Sultan - Agong UMNO taste their own medicine.....  This is the Agenda 2020.  Make no mistake that UMNO sponsors these Islamic terrorist for only one purpose and that is to be used as militia incase Operation Sack Malaya commence.  Don't be Romantics that UMNO Racist bigots Islamic Racist cult in cahoots with Sultan / Agong are not aware of their save their Wealth and keep citizen Slave Agenda!!  Really What have the Sultan-Agong  in cahoots with UMNO do to really improve Malaysia...its Steal while the citizen people are slaves to their racist bigots Islam cult and misery making games.  These UMNO+ sultan have their escape strategy built already overseas....Questions is will Malaysian Catch them before they escape!!

The Same Sultan Johor can shout HOLY CRAP...tear down the Surau that was used by the Buddist worshipper...bring back Holy Friday Holiday and at the same time SELL Malay Reserve for his OWN Family benefit for $4.5B Ringgit.  ALL that money goes to Sultan feed his terrorist, his private Army his own Islamic CULT terrorist council that tore down the Surau to BLIND the poor Johoreans...let alone the Malays who thinks their Tanah melayu/ Malay reserve cannot be Sold.    Now sold for $4.5 Billion to illegal, Kafir, Pork eater, islam hater......  Its OK the Defender of Islam have the power to receive corrupted, EVIL money and Gains because Sultan Johor is the GOD of Islamic CULT and Malays-muslim should worship and Marvel at his ability to take money and continue to Make ignorant Malay muslim a life of misery and suffering @#$%^&!  Repeat the media release of giving some Hamper to 10 family 100,000 times and the poor Brain Washed people will think that the Sham Cult Islam Sultan Johor helped 1 Millon people.......!@#$^&!...ALL in CAHOOTS with UMNO-BN...the 2 axis of EVIL in Malaysia ...and the Stumbling block for a Better Malaysia.  Now the wife of last Sultan Johor in some bizzare divorce with Syriah SHAM courts..... becoming like Kelantan Crap and Malay Tradition Sham.  I blame the Sultan Islamic cult and not the wife in this but then again what credibility you give to a Sultan that Murdered a boy in a game of golf because the kid laughed at his POOR Swing!!  We can Laugh at Anything but should never face death because of that.  I am NO ROMANTICS TO EVILS that UMNO-BN + SUltan - Agong the constant UMNO-Sulu Terrorist in Sabah.......Need to Sack Malaya and Obliterate these Islamic Cult Terrorist1  + Send them to KL!!

Same Crap happened with Sultan Perak....Selangor, Negeri Sembilan... Kelantan.....Kedah......and yet the UMNO Cult Islam wants a Fair share of the Economic Pie......Fortunately 65% of Rakyat Malaysia do not believe their Crap thanks to Internet......  Just Appear on UMNO-BN Leaders IRON Gate in team of 50 ALL OVER Malaysia and see if PDRM-UMNO Dogs have the Man power to help.....then you will send a clear MESSAGE the People are EQUALLY Powerful and ready to do a MASS Citizen Arrest all over Malaysia ......or we can migrate and Sack Malaya.....we rakyat needs to have all types of options to make their night sleep uneasy!!!

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