Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wear Black on ALL STREET RALLY because the Entire Malay Conference of Rulers in cahoots with Corrupted UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara insult Malaysia with Treason by Not Hanging those Abu Sayaf/Sulu IS islam terrorist caught in Sabah War with a 20 Years Tresspassing Guilty Verdict INSTEAD of TREASON, Murder and Possession of Firearms.... Don't be Romantics to IS ISlam terrorist Sabahans...Demand them HANG!!! Wear Black !!

 The Deluded Writer thinks he is the spokesman for the golden mouth Highly educated Malay rulers who stole the Wealth Equity of 99% of malays....Why don't the PAS Kelantan go Fine all state Raja Permaisuri that don't tutup Aurat when visiting Kelantan like Rosmah Mansor and so many 1% melayu Curi hak Equity 99% Melayu........ Does dewi Kuan Yin need to Tutup Aurat in a Buddist temple in Kelantan otherwise Kena Fine Or Siva Wife need to tutup Aurat..........melayu 1% UMNO-PAS Idiot Sect (IS) islamic terrorist acts are ALL Condone by the Rulers and Council of rulers....Like those abu sayaf/sulu Islamic terrorist not Hanged for killing those police and army Yet the Council of Malay rulers can be SO Happy these Islamic Terrorist get 20 years for Tresspassing....Ceroboh.... The Entire 1% malay Islamic Terrorist Racist rulers-UMNO-PAS bangsat Negara have Insulted the dead Army and police Family in the SABAH War......Who died a USELESS Death..."Mati katak"

KANTOI!!!!>>> Khairul Azwan Harun Not only shamed UMNO Dunggu youth Khairy but His UMNO babgsat Masters, himself, family, his bloggers and the 1% Melayu cakap Sombong Bodoh Pre-emtive strike..Strike at your own Back SIDE... wa ka ka.....

Keep writing and let these 1% melayu UMNO-PAS-Rulers Royals know that 99% Malays does not condone their corruption, Stupidity that $60 Billion stolen is the Fault of DAP PKR, Amanah... Come OUT on UBAH, BERSIH, Bantah, TANGKAP and Flood ALL OVER Malaysia and WEAR BLACK....Get rid of that STUPID Yellow that we were TRICKED into Wearing to support the sultan_Agong who codone & Support the Najib UMNO-Bangsat Negara Coruption act Because all Paid $25 Million Ringgit each..........Wear BLACK on Merdeka too!! Get rid of Ringgit is also Wise in Foreign Currency..ALL shops are accepting it and give discount!!

Please lah... we need to ABU or ABBU - asalkan bukan BEKAS UMNO...... Any thing to Change is better than no Change.....regardsless of the UNKNOWN Outcome.... trying to Right all that is Wrong in Malaysia is like giving a Child Rapist/paedofile the job of Kindergarden teacher....  When we come out to March Bersih/Bantah/Tangkap it is like giving the message to Agong-UMNO a strong signal without using guns......  Who else is Fighting for Ms Indira Gandhi Force Conversion child to islam after 7 years??....despite High Court order....Small things need to happen to make the UMNO Malay IS Islam Racist terrorist Yield to NORM of Civil Society......we are at the stage that Kindy children are prepared to to Unleash Terror on the Child Rapist/Paedofile....  Some Malaysian may go and defend the Paedofile!!   Better encourage the helpless kindy kids to unleash terror on the EVIL UMNO repeat offender child rapist Paedofile and those Rulers Royals that condone these acts !!

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