Sunday, July 20, 2014

MH17, MH370.....Part 2

In an era when Moral Compass is blurred...NO ONE CONDONE THIS Senseless Act....But we would not be having this Discussion if the PATH of this disaster was avoided.  Tapi Nasi dah jadi bubur!!

If Ukraine were smart, they can give clearance for NATO force of 90,000 to land and secure the wreckage site in 2 days...after all its still in Ukraine....& Ukraine can take back the territory occupied by Russia Backed rebels...  Win-Win Ukraine...

If Russia were smart they could also Galvanise 90,000 troops and deploy and secure the site like they did in crimea, take territory and then allow international investigator go there.... Win-Win Russia...

But we ALSO need to ask who are those smart alec of MONEY MAKING Corporate Financial Wizards in  UMNO MAS leaders who decided that was the BEST & SAFEST Flight path to take.....while Other Millions airlines avoided that path....IC , Phone# address...

Just because UMNO Najib Call emergency Parliament meeting...means something BIG drama GRAND/Majestic/showing lame leadership...Rosmah pun panggil Putin...!@#$%!....all a Sandiwara until a Foreign Media ASK...WHO Decided on this PATH....  again blame the MAS PILOT like MH370??....not so easy this us the Books on decision making process and any links to UMNO & Petron FUEL SAVING cronies $$$$$ pocket EVEN if it means a RISK with disaster!!! @#$%^&*!... 

Now MAS reputation like Malaysia under UMNO MAS ....  the Path and decision making Manner UMNO in cahoots with sultan-agong  is Risky and Disaster bound...Look at the UMNO-Sulu terrorist in Sabah!!  Running the show in certain areas...Either GET rid of UMNO-terrorist or GET out of Sabah-Sarawak!!...Stop the bincang with the Terrorist in Sabah!!

Remember planes of ALL country are meant to take the SAFEST...SAFEST & Best Path to protect their Customers....Government are to provide Safest and Best opportunity to improve their citizen.   Malaysia racist UMNO-Barang Naik in cahoots with Sultan-Agong - Sulu-ISIS terrorist thinks more money in their pockets AS LONG AS RISK IS NOT Theirs.

That is PRECISELY How Malaysia is Run.....Now the Result is laid bare for all to see.....  Unprecedented to have 2 MAS flight and plane lost in 4 months apart....UNPRECEDENTED AND UNHEARD...WORLD RECORD...Happy ALLAH UMNO??  @#$%^&*

UMNO-BN in cahoots will not learn anything but blame it on Inshah ALLAH and Bad luck........  However Not everyone knows  and mention some BAD Luck PATH can be avoided.  If the UMNO ISIS-Boko Haram Islam malay NGO goes to Gaza and get BOMBED and Killed....we blame Isreal and its InshahALLAH???  !@$%^&*! 

(Drucker)Addressing issues and problems just result in going back to the status quo(aka UMNO Lunatics running the Asylum Malaysia)....Daily issues and problem solving means Back to square one means Good for UMNO Racist Bigots in Cahoots with Sultan-Agong!!

We need to learn to change the PARADIGM and SCOPE of Operation and Processes so that the EVIL of UMNO -BN ISIS - HAMAS-Boko Haram Taliban racist isamic cult ideology in cahoots with Sultan-Agong Gets Obliterated & buried for the dignity of the future generations.....Otherwise same out come as MH17 and MH370......the status qou of UMNO-BN is Disaster!!

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