Monday, June 09, 2014

Any race religion that does not permit you to leave and reject that culture and religion is SICK!! Leave that place, religion, culture and get out NOW to embrace other Options!!!

Any race religion that does not permit you to leave and reject that culture and religion is SICK Leave that place, religion, culture and get out NOW to embrace other Options !!! ! Under UMNO Islam Boko Haram Cult in cahoots with sultan-Agong...there will be no liberty, freedom and for your basic needs to be met.  You are to live in misery, poverty, insecurity, hunger and stupidity because these scumbags have GUNS to shoot you down and the courts to defend UMNO-BN actions....that is the summary of the  Islam UMNO Boko Haram Facts in malaysia....migrate to Sabah-Sarawak quietly.....sack malaya...start the move quietly NOW....!!  What you see in UMNO Brain washing Media is opening surau/masjid & Hamper for 30 poor families but promoted as FREE Food FOR all as long as you remain Islam UMNO Malay Cult Followers in cahoots with sultan agong!

In Malaysia that is the UMNO-Malay Islam cult Boko Haram-Sulu-Taliban religion in cahoots with sultan Agong.  In India that is the CASTE systems.  Legacy in religion and culture are nothing when rules and laws are needed to govern your lives.  That is SICKNESS of trying to please ALLAH-God's approval via the Law......none will achieve holiness this way.  So STOP the illusion of the UMNO Islam Boko Haram Cult in cahoots with Sultan-agong defender of Islam SHAM. In Malaysia all UMNO Cults Belivers are Holy...outside Malaysia drink beer, khalwat, curi, rogol, bunuh, kill, sham and scam...non issues.....that is the Islam cult of UMNO-Boko Haram-Abu Sayaf-Taliban-Sulu ideology!!

SHAM Syriah Laws is being paraded everyday in Malaysia.....JAIS raid, Jakim Kidnap Sultan defender of UMNO Boko Haram Islam Cult legacy.....NOW the latest is that in DEATH a Divorce can be written in UMNO Boko haram Islam cult religion in the case of this Scumbag Sultan Murderer of Johor....  The FIRST RISEN Sultan from the Dead writing a will to divorce the wife(who incidently in cahoots with sister then married to sultan's father to Enthrone Sultan caddy Murderer as the Sultan via simple thumb print.....Current Sultan (from ex British Wife) wants to consolidate power using $5 Billion ringgit to buy POWER and defend his EVIL generation legacy).....Here Lies the STUPIDITY of the SYRIAH Courts and Laws of malaysia sham and they want this stupidity to run in parallel with the Secular westminsters Law @#$%^&*!b* S*!!...go to Hell!!  Reject the Islamic Ways in your life!!...You have the Power and Allah have given you that power!!  No need to be romantics to the Stupidity of Jais, Jakim Syriah Boko Haram rules and Laws....reject them and throw them into the bin!!  Don't be too suprise when the children of Sultan caddy murderer do a NEPAL Monarchy thing...on the current Sultan Johor to reclaim the throne for the dignity of their mother now the FIRST women in HISTORY Divorced by the DEAD under the UMNO Boko Haram Syrih laws of Islam Cult in Malaysia!...lots of $$$$$$ at stake to do it discreetly...accident.??  food??!!!  Tune in for more battle and fight for the PIE of $$$ Corruption Money  in Johor $$$$$$!!...and bloggers will be investigated for treason and sedition for mentioning this!!

Here the current Sultan Johor  can SELL TANAH-Melayu (malay reserve) land to NOT benefit Malays but himself and his family and wife and Sultan munafiq Perak link....  Some how that is TRANSLATED as progress for Malays and therefore Johor Sultan must have POWER to improve and develop Johor.#$%^.  NO DEAL....and you will NEVER be Bapa Johor Modern!!  bapa Korrupsi Hina - Insult Malay tradition legacy and Islam is probably a better title!!  Meanwhile those UMNO-BN ADUN all sitting nicely on $25 Million ringgit in a foreign bank waiting to be used when the Rakyat miskin get Hungry and Angry and start atacking the UMNO-BN leaders in cahoots with Sultan-Agong.....follow the money and reach Fire burning utopia Heaven of UMNO-Boko Haram - Taliban Terrorist after life home....

Soon Malaysian Poor UMNO Brainwashed Malays-Islam cult getting fewer and desperate will resort to violence because they think they hold the Army, police and guns in their back yard.......that is the POINT in TIME and HISTORY when these SHAM and SCAM MUST be OBLITERATED Forever from Malaysia.  60 years for them to change UMNO Racist agenda have not worked....don't expect these UMNO-BN scumbags to change when UMNO-Bn in cahoots with Sultan-Agong resort to violence and racisl strive and in Sabah Wars.

Plan the Migration to Sabah-Sarawak.....Sack UMNO-BN there...>SACK Malaya....bring English as medium of instruction,  Better Hospital, roads and Super fast train linking the 2 Nation and Laughing at Brunei!! RESET the Wealth distribution.....put those UMNO-BN -PBB-PBS scumbag in jail or deport them to jail(but then they will be like Takshin causing jail them for corruption and until money returned back to the tune of $200 Billion USD Dollar)...and in 2020 Sabah-Sarawak in World Cup Hockey, badminton, hockey and challenging the BEST and among the Best!!  Cheaper Food and Better education!!....  APA LAGI orang Sabah-Sarawak mahu??  What more does Sabahans and Sarawakians wants??

Cannot take HUMAN laws in Malaysia...Please migrate to Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Bshrain, Pakistan, Afganistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya and any middle east country to continue your Syriah UMNO-Boko Haram Cult Islam Rubbish ......  Malaysia have a better chance to improve....and bring the Defender of Islam along to resolve the conflict there and be be seen by the WORLD as the Best Sultan defender of UMNO ...that UMNO can produce like Tun Munafiq Islam bapa kemerosotan Malaysia (father of Malaysia Demise) dream of Best Proton Car!!...Sell more Proton in mid east too....All HALAL!!!...the daily Lies, SCAM and Sham of Malaysia!!...   
UN-BRAIN-WASH!!!.... its an insult to me to know a dead can divorce his wife under UMNO Islam Boko-Haram syriah terrorist laws of Sultan-Agong approved standards.....  No need to be romantics to their EVIL....  Reject Syriah-Jakim Jais-Hudud and any forms of Islamic Laws....How many more stupid evidence does one need to reject the Islam UMNO Boko Haram Cult in cahoots with Sultan-Agong??  Not anymore please....!!!...WAKE UP!! REJECT Stupidity!!

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