Friday, February 08, 2013

Here we go again...another Chinese New Year under Racist UMNO!!

Things getting WORST after 55 years of UMNO-BN racist Sham....

In the 70's, 80's and 90's till 2013, while at the peak of their power, its open house galore at the expense of Rakyat money...same today.

Lame Chinese New Year Commercial still occuring and let me remind you Malaysia....during those powerful UMNO-Racist controlled Communication Minister mufti ...that now dead and Useless Mohd Rahmat....Banned Lion Dance commercial, fireworks, visit to buddist temple scene, picture/reference of Buddah in ANY commercial leading to Chinese New Year on TV...#$%^&*  same goes for other religious celebration...except for the Great religion of UMNO Munafiq Islam Cult.

This is fact, because I know how the advertising agency needs to kow tow to UMNO-BN Religious Bigots SHAM!   Frankly today not much have change and that is what you get for voting this Scum of UMNO-BN every 5 years for 5 years.  UMNO-BN are Evil SCUM!!#$%^&*

I want a Chinese New year where I can play fireworks and watch kids play till their heart content.  Parents need to supervise.  Safety needs to be educated to all.  Stay far away from houses made of leaves, branches and bamboo....etc.  I play because I enjoy the tradition and for the fun.  Nothing of that sort to ward off evil spirit...otherwise UMNO-BN racist would not exist anymore in Malaysia in 2013.  UMNO-BN IS PURE EVIL!!  A B C D - Anything BUT Cap Dacing.   No fireworks can remove these evil UMNO munafiq Islam Cult Bunch except BY ABU and ABCD.

Cut UMNO-BN out and we can really celebrate with fireworks in 2014......  They banned it because it maime and injure people.  That is true if one does not take responsibility and stand too near a crackers or Meriam Buloh.  There is an education and execution element in this but for the sake of putting a race under their thumb, they start running stories in the Crap local newspaper/media.RTM....brainwashing us of terrible injuries.    Funny... car crashes kills 7,000 Malaysian yearly and they have not Banned yet that lousy and crapy UMNO Racist car Proton or Perodua(Sorry if I hurt some of you who are driving this car due to lack of choice or economic circumstances.  We need to get rid of Cancer in Malaysia progress and that is UMNO Pen Tan Sar Qua(chinese)).  Cirgaretts too kills 10,000 from cancer yearly in Malaysia...where is the banning of that product too.

When UMNO-BN Racist bans, makes rules and regulation related to a Race, Religion, Culture.....that is a racist power Act and we need to defy them to DEATH.  Wish I can have thousand of those MOON TRAVELLERS ......  No need to elaborate where it will be pointed at......

Kong Hei Fatt Choy, enjoy the catch up, gathering, eating, discuss the ABCD, ABU agenda and make 2014 the year we bring back FIREWORKS for Malaysian.  Bring back Joy to children and tradition and celebration.  No need to hide and play anymore in 2014 with ABU and ABCD = Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing and Anything BUT UMNO!!

So UMNO-BN spent $7 Million Ringgit Rakyat Money to get PSY to Penang?? + $5 Million Ringgit for makan...and who is the caterer? + $$$$ Misc????? + how much back into your OWN SLUSH FUND Ibrahim Katak face Tourism Minister Dr Ng Yen ?? @$%^&*!  Psy there means Put UMNO-BN Malaysia into world radar screen.... So stupid statement from minister ...also can ah??  Why not make Malaysia PSY your IT HUB, low cost Carrier HUB, BIO Tech Hub, Cyber Hub, Banking Hub, Innovation Hub, Corruption Hub....$%^&*($#... Binatang!!....use your own money next time!!  Still lots of poor and homeless people in Malaysia!!  Doing that Stupid Gangnam Crap does not change the DESTINY of the Poor!!$%^&*

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