Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who gave these UMNO-BN SCUMS to use Rakyat money without proper accounting??

Who are those Scums who thinks that their religion can impose on others to follow??  Who are those advising, paid to promote an agenda??  If Islam is so weak that a word Allah can cause them to lose their faith, confuse them....then better get out of this Malay race...the UMNO Malay mentality.  Seems like only in Malaysian where malay is born muslim and thus the logic goes Islam = malay = bumiputera(indeginious)....  A shameless act no doubt that stole the true indeginious rights from the Orang Asli.  They are the true bumiputera.  The Real Indeginious.  More indeginious than any malay or Sultan.  But out of kindness we continue to let them live in their Sham an illusion.  Otherwise when this mantra is broken and their illusion shattered their race will collapse like the Mayans.  Fortunately 50% of malays in Malaysia don't live in this illusion and sickness. Nor should they tolerate it one more day longer.  They will soon realise the illegal "SHAM Bumiputera" pie is getting smaller by the day if they don't wise up to the fact that its their own race that is diluted.  So what if you muslim by legal right but not in heart.  That is the Islam munfiq UMNO in Malaysia.  One family have seven children, the other have two,  logic says the one with two will have Big share of a pizza.   Yet we continue to say the six children share should be like those 2 children.  Only possible if you are Family Sultan and UMNO-BN.  Otherwise Keep dreaming and living UMNO dream!!

Therefore those from India, China, Burma, Taiwan, America, Bosnia, Afganistan, Pakistan...never mind where you come from, as long as you embrace Islam you are indigenious Malaysian.  That part they are not confused because being islam malay means cheaper housing, discount left, right and centre.  This is the Love of UMNO+PAS brand Islam Munafiq Cult in Malaysia. 

We should question the need to call to worship 5 x 7 x 52 = 1820 times a year.  Why and how much longer will you insult your Gods/Allah with this laziness ??  Can't you just set your Alarm, iPhone, Galaxy tab, note to remind you to worship 15 minutes earlier?   Or is this need to put loud speaker another of your hidden brain washing agenda to prove your power in Malaysia?? Due to your Munafiqness of UMNO Islam Cult, Allah have not blesses Malaysia.  That is why after 55 year of UMNO+BN racist + Petronas + natural resources....one would think you have Billions put aside somewhere and the ability to make Malaysia world class.  Instead Malaysia GDP is less than Singapore which does not have any natural resources.  Then Malaysian need to ask, regardless where did the $1 Trillion Petronas oil money + other taxes gone to??  If Malaysia keep up these way of accounting and economic management, then get ready for Greater suffering each year UMNO+BN stays in power.

That is why I continue to promote Sabah/Sarawak Get out of Malaysia Agenda because the $1 Trillion debt Malaysia have will never be Paid and destined for poverty that you never imagine would occur.  Get out and form Singapore 2 & 3 and give Malaysian an option to migrate.....  We do not want to live in this SHAM of ISA, Religion, Royalty, corruption and no freedom of press anymore.  Your constitution is unique and you have the power to just leave.  you used to study for free in English as medium of instruction....now you have to pay in private institution to study in English while the UMNO+royalty +ruling elite send theirs to English medium private school.  If that is not class warfare at its best to dumb down Malaysian while they continue their good life, they you will continue to see more suffering.  Remember English as medium of instruction WAS FREE.  FREE means no need to pay any fees, out of pocket expenses....etc.   That means can have better spending power.  You make yourself Singapore 2 & 3, means tomorrow you get rid of rubbish car proton and get a properly made car like a Honda Oddesey is just $120,000 Sabah/Sarawak ringgit/dollar not like $230,000 ringgit.  Or a VW Golf GTi S$80 K instead MYR$209 K.  S Dollar means the New Sabah/Sarawak Dollar conversion out of useless Ringgit....1 S Dollar = 35 Malaysin Ringgit...in 2050!!!!...Bayangkan....Imagine...All Possible when you believe!!!

Now the usual UMNO-BN collaboration with Sultan Sulu, moro, Phillipines, Thailand; terrorist to create chaos for Emergengy Declaration like when UMNO-BN lost Sabah to PBS.  This chaos engine has started and planned as we speak.  Take them down like Mat Kilau!! Let me know their hideout!!  Now PBS thick skin forgot their injustice and enjoy being slaves to UMNO-BN.  Reject ALL these Scums and leave Malaysia.

Malaysia under the Islam UMNO-BN cult seems to be friendly to Islamic terrorist.  Reject this ideology and Seek Autonomy without being a terrorist lover.  That is the power of Sabah/Sarawak CONSTITUTION.  Can even revert back to English, peg your money to Singapore....do things like Singapore.  ABCD - ABU!!  Nothing else matter!!

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