Friday, February 01, 2013

Enjoying being at the Mercy of UMNO-BN???

People die in lock up, interrogation, beaten by Sultan, some killed, others sexually assulted, still some UMNO leaders can get away with the same murder, sexual assult, corruption, intimidation, killings.  A nice set up to do the same as their Sultan that they so wished to continue their lives.

Today we talk of EPIDEMIC of Corruption in UMNO-BN with TAIB $43 Billion Stash,  Tun Bapa Kemerosotan family wealth $23 Billion....Najib and Family Wealth $10 Billion....Muhiddin and Family Cronies Wealth $9 Billion.....Daim...and the list goes on with all type of gastronomical figure.  The truth is no one knows.  No one in Malaysia will be ANY Wiser if you have the Racist UMNO-BN in power for another 5 years....making it 60 years.  Like Gadaffi or Assad or Kim Jong Il or Mugabe or Idi Amin. No one will find out where $1 Trillion Malaysian of Malaysian Wealth went and how come after 55 years Malaysia ENTIRE GDP is behind tiny singapore....maybe should be written TINY BIG SINGAPORE!

Learn to Question ALL UMNO+BN+Cronies+Sultan......How come Malaysia GDP is Less than Singapore after 55 Years??? Why did Malaysia Sack Singapore?  Racist Reasons??#$%^&*

Lets forget the malaya states for a moment.  55 years of their Racist Run UMNO malay agenda of GOD, Religion and Race have given malaysian a $500 Billion or $1 Trillion Ringgit Debt.  Again, we cannot know the figure if you expect a Robber who enters your house and said he took nothing.  Lembu Gate-NFC, Perwaja, MAS, Bank Bumi, Land Grab (Raja Ropiah latest)....etc...@#$%^&*

These are those things Malaysia have managed to exposed WITHOUT the help of AG, Media, RTM, Agong,Sultan, Judiciary,PDRM, ARMY, Bank, Bank Negara, Election Commission, NRD, Immigration, Jabatan Hasil....etc#$%^&*  So If $800 Billion UMNO-BN stolen is also plausible.  After all, UMNO-BN is still in power and Rakyat Malaysia will wake up wondering why things arestill bad even IF Pakatan or Federal opposition gets voted in....Doh!!....  Can you after being declared bankrupt, come back the next day Rich??

If you close this window of opportunity to ABU UMNO-BN again, then expect more of the same...murder, crime, sexual assult, missing children, suffering, struggle to live, IF 55 years of a one UNCHANGED Government is the BEST Choice for Malaysia....for eternity!!

BUT...Sabah / Sarawak have a powerful constitution that can QUIT Malaysia, Start Afresh and give Malaysia an opportunity to migrate and make a NEW Great Nation.  You can leave the $1 Trillion DEBT Burden to UMNO+BN + Sultan+ Religion in Malaysia to manage and bring about the REAL Empire Malaysia.  Sabah / Sarawak can have ZERO...Kosong...0....debt Burden when you SACK Yourself From Malaysia.

IF you have UMNO-BN managing your household finances, resources, food and struggles TODAY.......UMNO-BN + Sultan(known as Ruling Elite) will Kick you out of the house Today + 1 minute, say you are not respectful of their race, religion, sultan, agong and should be thankful you are allowed to BEG with your children on the streets with a TOL rate of $5 for this priviledge.  You must beg in Malay as the medium of communication as those who beg in English are getting more money from foreigners who understand their plight.  Ignore that option as this is damaging to MALAYsia....Ketuanan.....Hina Sultan if you try any other SMARTER Move.

Malaysia mind set needs to change and have courage to say the blue statement Publically.  There is nothing wrong saying this as Uncle Seeker have proven.  Is it enlightening and factual.  It is NOT seditious, insulting or degrading.  Only those who like to live in this Evil Dream, Illusion, nightmare continue to live UMNO-BN + Sultan's Dream & they see this statement below as VERY Seditious.

Sultan bermula dengan “Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan.

Time to wake up and live your own dream and aspiration....and HONOUR ALLAH in the Correct manner.  Maintain the ENGLISH as medium of instruction Rage.  How Stupid for Sabah/Sarawakians to have given up this Special Priviledge.  Time to reset back and Progress.  Name me a Malay speaking nation that is better than an English Speaking nation.  Wait no more and do ABCD - Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing.   ABU, UBAH then KELUAR!! 

At least you can say to UMNO-BN+ sultan children Bodoh/Stupid for sending their children to those $3,000-$10,000 a term in those UMNO-BN+sultan(ruling elite) majority owned Private & International ENGLISH medium of instruction school....when Pakatan or Sabah/Sarawak public schools also teach in English!!  That is the simple enough reason for Malaysian to Migrate to Sabah / Sarawak.  Time to take back DIGNITY & Give Malaysian Alternative!!

INI KALI LAH!! be continued

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