Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Altantuya Murder.....why the need to C4??

So the powers to be can erase Altantuya entry data via the immigration check point.  The sequential backup tape in the immigration had to be erased and re-backup again.  Time stamp on backup tape have to show the actual tape backup time.  All these can be done with a backup system, with the time on the main frame set backwards.  So first base covered.  Altantuya came via KLIA, got blown to pieces but in order to cast doubt to Malaysian weak brain washed mind, rumours start spreading she came illegally, she did not come to Malaysia, no such person exist, UMNO have proof via immigration record....#$%^&*.  So bila RCI project Immigration ini??  Project IC(1980), project Imigrasi (2000),then Project EC(2013)....Sham!!

2nd base - Now we need to get rid of evidence that has the potential to harm Kim Il Najib claim to the throne.  Use UTK-unit tindakan Khas to C4.  So special that when they are brought to court their face covered.  Their identity we know but cannot put a face. UMNO racist thinks we are not sure of the face.  Their family paid hush money.  All photografic reference deleted from Project IC database.  These UTK are those who will do anything without hesitation or thought.  They have been brain washed to that extend.  Their life is dedicated to Kim Il Najib and Rosmah family.  They are Malay-muslim UTK....no difference to those triads/gang members who would die for their God Father.   They are assured that their family will live happily ever after, even if these lunatics die in "their call to duty".....a kind of jihad to their "Allah" masters....2nd base covered.  Have loyal fall guy sorted out.  Easy to prove they were hanged by replacing bodies and new identity to carry out more Murders for UMNO racist.  These UTK Sirul Omar, Azilah Hadridan  days in prison are numbered....they could even die to silence them forever in case they get frighten and talk.....Hang them for murder they admitted...what is the delay...UMNO crony Agong Ampun??#$%^&*

3rd base - C4.  why the need??  If buried there will be evidence.  Can be dug out.  Satellite imaging can show disturbed landscape.  If dead person don't talk why the need to C4??  Just do what they did to Teoh beng Hock, Kugan, Penan, Sarbini is sufficient??  But bini/wife of Kim Il Najib been watching lots of CSI stuff.  After some discussion/deliberation they were worried about the expecting baby of Altantuya.   UTK confirm of an expecting Altantuya. Belongs to who??  Is this Razak Baginda's act??  Phone call to sort things out and Baginda swear on Quran that she is strickly go between.  No hanki panky.  Then how, whose one is that possible baby??   Razak Baginda then hints possible one night or few night stand with Kim Il Najib....possible only.  Suggest check with hubby.  Bini ala Rosmah now thinking hard.  If I give him hard time, I cannot ascend to the throne or Grace.  I must be Malaysian First, last and most admired lady for the next few decade...whatever it takes!!  So close and it must come to reality.  All POTENTAIL roadblock must be Obliterated....just like any POTENTIAL Road block to UMNO racist  stay in power and POTENTIAL LOSS of power must be met with murder,killings, chaos....etc( like May 13, Kg Medan, Sabah, Memali, Killing of Penans, Sabah).  Its whatever it takes to take power even it means a few killings Instructed to UMNO hidden HIT squad!!  Now some are getting old, each day wondering when they will be killed in case they spill the stories of UMNO leaders past murderous plot.  These Muderers from UMNO Hit squad are waiting to see Allah and all is not easy with soul.  The need to BERTAUBAT/repent is strong.  Lets see how many start dying mysterious death.  Who cares...all classified sudden death...no further investigation needed.

So C4......in case baby have DNA of Kim Il Najib......unfortunately that have spread more scraps of the DNA to a larger area.  If Buried, chances could be good if we can collect the foetus DNA and match it with Kim Il Najib.  So now chances of locating the scraps of DNA from foetus to match with Kim Il Najib as very low...like 0.5% probability.  DNA not reliable....3rd base covered.  Now newly regained Malaysia most hated women Rosmah(briefly taken by ms listen mamak Sharifah Jamban) can do as she wish.  Ask Kim Il najib to allocate $2 Billion to her PERMATA...feed the poor, disadvantage and our future children.  Orang Islam please see/tengok kak Ros heart is good, I am closer to mother Theresa than you ever imagine.  Allah tengok baik baik kata kak Rosmah!!

Last base.....  Allah ada mata.  Allah bukan alat awak untuk dipermainkan.  Allah TAK Perlu manusia biadap mempertahankannya...macam Ibrahim Bull Frog.  Allah cukup berkuasa untuk mempertahankan kedaulatan Allah sendiri.  Awak manusia yang berani guna Ampun tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun....dengan Allah berapa kali awak pernah guna untuk Allah??  Adakah Corak Allah lebih rendah dari raja dan kesultanan melayu??  Habis mengapa tak ubah corak hidup awak dan minta Ampun Allah, beribu-ribu Ampun??  Adakah awak terhutang budi, jasa, nyawa awak kepada Sultan dan Agong??  Lain kali kalau dipanggil Sultan/Agong, tak payah sembah....hanya handshake, hello sudah cukup.  Jangan ingat awak jumpa Sultan/Agong awak jumpa Allah.  Ini minda set dan mentaliti yang manusia Malaysia terutama kaum melayu Islam perlu ubah.  Siapa lebih Hebat ADAT atau ALLAH??

So as UMNO will do whatever it takes to retain power,  Malaysian of All races now need to set their mind 73 days or less left to do WHATEVER it takes to Obliterate UMNO racist.  If you see killings, chaos....etc....make sure you get some UMNO families and leaders as Bargaining Chip.  Have a list of their various hiding place and homes.  That is your insurance in case UMNO unleashed their UTK on Rakyat Malaysia.  We stand ready to Gadaffikan UMNO racist for a better Malaysia.....  INI KALI LAH!!!

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