Thursday, January 03, 2013

How many more need to die before humanity class it as Genocide??

When will the world or muslim world decide on War Atrocities by President Assad??  Is 60,000 not enough....shall we wait like Sudan Dafur 2,000,000 genocide death before we organise, songs, feed the world....etc.

Actually we know muslim nation will do nothing of significant.  How is it that for Gadaffi, the action was swift....but for President Assad of Syria the action is painfully slow.  How many more North Koreans need to die of hunger before we rid the world of these scums.

Malaysia is also going this path if we allow UMNO to be the only armed regime in Malaysia in control of every weapon of destruction.  We will not tolerate any more May 13, Kg. Medan, Penan Killings or Memali.....the next time watch the CONSEQUENCES you are going to reap for everything Malaysia.  For sure Malaysia will not be in the same shape or made up of the same states as today!  Sabah/Sarawak need to get out and form Singapore 2 & 3 in 10 years before its too late!  Your land, your money, your future!!  57 years of Crime against HUMANITY Malaysian and getting away with it must end or be ended by Rakyat......  Support 12 January 2013....Rakyat bangkit untuk halang dan Hapuskan KEZALIMAN UMNO-BN, EC-SPR, Judiciary, MACC, PDRM, Army, Malaysia Media, cronies of umno-bn and Sultan!! 

No one should be spared when rakyat rise up......enjoy the good, lavish and corruption life while you can......The world is changing for the worst for you soon!!!........  INI KALI LAH!!.....

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