Thursday, December 27, 2012

KUDOS TO NICOL ANN DAVID, You are the first and last Malaysian Greatest Athlete!!!

NICOL ANN DAVID, Malaysia First, Last and Greatest Athlete

You are in the league of Jahangir Khan, Mark Spitz, Michael Phelps, Rudy Hartono, Jesse Owen, Usain Bolt ......  Malaysia will NEVER have any more great athlete such as you.  You should be awarded Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SPGP) but unfortunately due to colour, religion, racism you are not recognised for that award!!  Keep the Faith, honour God and always live your own dream!!  You should have been  awarded female athlete of the year consecutively (Olahragawati) for the last 7 years but again it does not go well in the one sided brain washing Malaysia racist UMNO-BN controlled media.  They prefer to waste money on a Space tourist, corruption and claim greatness.  Please for Malaysian sake don't go on any photo session with UMNO-BN Leaders, Sultan and crony corporate Leaders.  Decline with Dignity and continue to be a GOOD Legend for Malaysian!!!

Never mind UMNO and all those racist bigots in Malaysia.  You are also a bumiputera non malay greatest athlete and will be held with highest esteem by ALL Malaysia tired of Racism in Malaysia.  Thank God there will NEVER be another who will surpass your feat of 7 Squash World Champion consecutive times from 2005-2012.  To you I will give you the one and only award Malaysia Citizen can give you, and that is the GREATEST MALAYSIAN ATHLETE EVER.........  trust me no one can ever surpass your feats in Malaysia while UMNO-BN is still in power!!! 

Malaysia is cursed as long as Racism exist.  Sabah / Sarawak better find a way to get out of Malaysia and be the Next Singapore 2 & 3......  Find a way and give Malaysia an option to migrate to!!

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