Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stop the Madness and Speak out!!

What is wrong with these Munafiq Islam UMNO-PAS Malays in Malaysia? 
Islam apa jenis ni?

Over women dress/hair dresser they want to arrest/fine in Kelantan.
Over dress, song they want to regulate the program in Kedah and Malaysia.
Over food they want you to use the stairs...lift for halal holy food only
Over Ramadan they punish a non muslim kid in Sarawak for eating.
Over being sworn, getting title in the state & federal parliamen they want you to wear songkok, baju melayu or else...
Over a simple word Allah, they want patent and regulation....and more to be added into the list as these defender of islam, mullah, mufti think it will lead you malay born islam ideology thinkers weaklings astray!
(If you are born Islam, then death destiny is islam.. How can be "keliru"/ tricked..all bases is covered if you believe this sick UMNO malay born islam ideology?brain washing?...yet still takut keliru...#@#$%^&
Over helping poor malays, indians, chinese...these mufti, mullah, Jakim, Jais and the the entire army of islam Malaysia need to do a raid on a church, temple....etc!!

Over Sultan PahangRogol/rape, these mullah, mufit, jakim, jais close a blind eye.
Over Sultan steal the throne(curi thakta) in Kelantan, the mufti close their eyes.  Budaya melayu macam ni??
Over unconstitutional act of Sultan Perak, the defender of Islam malay insult Islam and the constitution.
Over Sultan Murder/bunuh of Johor, all the munafiq islam malay mullah and mufti keep quiet.
Over Corruption, most of the sultan, mufti, mullah keeps quiet because they lose their useless title given to men.(...and happy that mere humans malaysian desire them and would pay for them......stupidity have no cure)

Over politics malays in UMNO & PAS would insult Islam and Budaya melayu(malay culture)...what sickness is this??
Over ex MB tyson of Selangor both Sultan S'gor, Jakim, Jais, keep quiet over khalwat and baby born by Sultan daughter outside or inside wed lock??.

We need mind set change Malaysian.....and teach your children young

First when you START scholling....tell your children to NOT put their right hand or left hand up and do a swearing or "Ikrar".....its like a cult or nazi religion.  Not Even for rukun negara.  (note lower case until UMNO is remove as there is no such thing as belief in God when the word Allah cannot use)  You end up swearing to a promise you cannot keep and God send you to HELL!  That is scarier!!!

Like the UUM ....first time I have seen in this world when one have to do a "ikrar"...ala swearing before a start of a forum. What sickness is this? #@$%& Perhaps its normal in Malaysia university.  Stop It... Next time just walk forum worth its pinch of salt need this form of sickness, mind control and intimidation...Walk Out, put your hand down and run far away quickly! be continued

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