Monday, January 14, 2013

A B C D - Teach your children to sing this!!

Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing = ABCD

Anything BUT Cap Dacing = ABCD

Asalkan Bukan UMNO-BN = A B U

Anything But UMNO-BN = A B U

Ini Kali Lah!!!

What is there to argue and say anymore.  UMNO-BN + Sultan Kept quiet, Beneffited from corruptions, ruin Malaysia Life for 55 years.  Lets reflect on why UMNO-BN got Sultan to sign to dismiss Singapore from Malaysia.  First these racist thought Singapore can be nothing without the rest of Malaysia.  Second UMNO racist managed to fulfill their dream of making ALL race the minority so as to benefit from all other races position of weakness.  The facts are written that none of the Sultan oppose this move.  Their mentality was to see how Singapore slowly die from economic poverty as that state does not have much resources.  After the sacking, any thought by Sabah Sarawak to leave Malaysia is dealt with murder terror.  UMNO-BN murdered leaders of Sabah and soon Sarawak who have ideas to leave Malaysia.  It is blatantly obvious, that any state that can leave Malaysia will have Singapore like progress to exceed Malaysia entire GDP.  ALLAH have Blessed Singapore over Racist UMNO malays Malaysia agenda.  This is fact!! 

Put aside all race or religious matter, one has to look squarely at UMNO as the Big Brother and Mafia of the State of Malaysia today.  We have achieve little for a country that had everything.  English education background, natural resources, sports......  Today stuff UMNO-BN leaders and cronies proper.  Rise up and send them ALL to prison...starting from Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia...Tun Dr. M...but we get his children first and let him live to see his own blood line in chains and in prison. 

For Sabah/Sarawak ....  ABU, UBAH then KELUAR........make Singapore 2 & 3 happen in 10 years if Malaysia mahasiswa ala UMNO type graduates is like that useless unemployable President sw1m.   Give Malaysian an option to migrate and create a great nation.....without that stupid ALLAH sham, ISA Sham, press Sham, sultan Sham and Freedom of Religion Sham.

Democracy is the WILL of the People......make sure you are on the right side of the coming REVOLUTION!!   INI KALI LAH!!  OBLITERATE UMNO-BN.....and live your own dream!!

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