Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 12 2013 - Merdeka Stadium - Show the POWER of PEOPLE!!

Bring Water, cloth,  goggles, more water, Video Camera with Terabytes and start capturing the Anger of the people against UMNO-BN and their tools.  Ini Kali Lah!!

Until now SPR/Election Commission did ZERO on the demands of Democracy.  DEMOCRACY meaning is the WILL of THE PEOPLE.  We will NOT Bow to Injustice and Resistance is DUTY.

ABU!! .......  Gadaffi-kan UMNO and inshah ALLAH.....(see I use the word ALLAH) UMNO and those Munafiq Defenders of Islam taste the Gadaffi or the President Assad of Syria wrath of the people!!

Don't make people any poorer by your STUPIDITY.  We will now live our dream and not UMNO or Sultan Dream.  The dream is to see TRUE Democracy and the Freedom from ISA, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Religion and Freedom from HUNGER and OPPRESSION!!

p.s samseng UMNO, umno babies, 3 line, perkasa, rela, pdrm, army....INI MAT KILAU Menanti AWAK buat Kacau.  Awak yang zalim, ganas akan terima balasan yang MELAMPAU!!..inikali lah!!

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