Tuesday, April 23, 2013

IF UMNO-BN racist is offering Security Services to you house....You would have sacked the Yesterday!!

Crime is increasing everywhere in Malaysia.
Police asking you to put aside making police report on small petty robbery, snatch or house break in crime is to ensure UMNO-BN can sing no crime rate lately due to OPS Daulat! #$%#$  These are the fruit loop logic, brain washing that UMNO-BN scums Psycho analyst try to drill and brain wash into Rakyat Malaysia head.  Fortunately majority don't buy it and ready to ABU.  Sack the FAKE Jaga Kereta Security of UMNO-BN-PBS sham.  Keep making Police report on ALL small and BIG criminal act!!

Each time they take out $200 ringgit to go and buy food,petrol for weekly family needs, the reality of living in misery under UMNO-BN sinks in.  Then they see the $Billions wasted in UMNO-BN NFC, Land Deal, BR1Sham.  Now FAST FORWARD 55 Years their ringgit smaller by 2.5 times against Singapore dollar.  GDP lower than Singapore.  How come a country with Langkawi size $$$$$$$$ is greater than Malaysia??

How come Langkawi cannot be like Singapore??  People are right to ask this question and then ponder no more other than ABU and ABCD.  UMNO-BN thinks by AVOIDING this Comparison Discussion, they can Rule Malaysia again with their Brain washing in RTM, Media....etc.  ABU - ABCD!!

Sabahans, your security is violated again and again under UMNO-PBS security Guard.  UMNO-PBS have given you Jaga kereta boys for security guard.  Behind your backs they bincang and ask those Sulu Jaga kereta terrorist to "you tolong I, I tolong you" or "U hlp Me, I hlp U"...sms style from Najibs mobile to Sulu Terrorist leader mobile.  So UMNO-BN-PBS have given these Terrorist SCUMS $6000 a month since 1950s???  #$%^&...... WOW.  If you gave that amount to Robert Kouk, Sabahans would have $1,000,000,000,000...thats is $1 Trillion in your country reserve to have Very Fast Train from KK to Kuching. MRT all over your major cities. Naval Boats that are 100 times faster than Sampan or Submarine. Fighter jets / Apache Strike Helicopter that could have Obliterated the Sulu Terrorist invaders in 12 hours.

You have University in Sabah that is like Cambridge, Oxfard, Hardvard, Tokyo University standard next to your home.  Why send overseas to study??

You have Oil, Gas, Food, Plantation....endless STREAM of money supply to enjoy the GOD given right to live with DIGNITY and NOT in Misery!!

Now you have problems with Sulu Islamic Terrorist in Sabah.  Illegal IC holders whom you can send to malaya. You have oil but no money.  Have food but cannot eat.  Have palm oil but cannot use.  Have the best of resources to SURPASS a Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia.....but you gave it to UMNO-PBS-BN-bincang with Sulu terrorist SCUM #$%^&*!  Get rid of those Pairins, Ongkili, Dompok, Kurup, PKR and Vote STAR/DAP for STATE CONTROL.  Vote PKR/DAP/STAR for Federal Parliament.  It is a WIN-WIN outcome to ABU and give Malaysia an alternative to migrate!

Time to Disconnect Sabah/Sarawak DEBT from UMNO-Malaya $1 Trillion Ringgit Debt QUICK.  Sack the Security Guard from Sabah/Sarawak.  Sack the Money Manager from UMNO-BN malaya,  Sack the FOOD provider from Malaya,  Sack the failed malay Education System From UMNO-BN Malaya!  Bring English back to progress.  Freedom of Religion, Freedom From ISA, Freedom of Press....and cut the sham Royal Prejudice Protocol!

Singapore Was sacked by UMNO-Sultan agreement - WHY? how? Was any consultation/bincang needed??  Sabah-Sarawak Can Sack Malaya - Lets those Professor in malaya university debate/figure out How & Why in the years to come!! 

Lets be serious, sometimes we need a place of isolation to prove our ability to rise above the ruins and SHAM of UMNO-BN.  Sabah/Sarawak have the constitution power and the ability to Kick out those PARASITES like Taib of Sarawak and their Billions they have stolen.  The beauty of your constitution is that you can EXTINGUISH ALL Deals they may hold and Return it back to the PEOPLE....Displaced Penans, Ibans, Kadazans, Murut, Dayak orang asli...etc.  Take the courage and sack those Jaga Kereta security of UMNO-BN.  Anyone with guns could have driven out those Sulu Jihadist Terrorist who is trying to turn Sabah-Sarawak into Syriah state like Mali, Sudan, Pakistan.  That is always their dream to unite the Religion of Peace that endorse quietly Boston terrorism.

Do NOT be a ROMANTICS to EVIL, Terrorism, INEPT and Incompetence of UMNO-BN!! 55 years you tried to LOVE UMNO-PBS and you got misery, bombs, terrorist, barang naik, Bahasa merosot Malaysia, elektrik naik, hunger, insecurity, rape, higher cost of living on a lower standard of health, care and security!#$%^&!  STOP DRINKING OR SMOKING UMNO-PBS-PBB Drugs! Ganja! LSD, ICE!!    ABCD - ABU!!

Don't tolerate Misery or depend on UMNO-BN security system. TAKE CHARGE YOURSELF!!  UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB security is holding the gun to your head or ask the Sulu-jihadist terrorist hold the guns at your head.  You the pelanduk/deer die in the middle.  Gajah sama Gajah berjuang, pelanduk mati di tengah.  Time to be RAKSAKSA T REX and Makan the 2 Gajah!.  God made you a T-REX, having the power to end the UMNO-Sulu Sponsor terrorist jihadist SHAM today!  ABU - ABCD - anything BUT CAP DACING!!

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