Friday, April 26, 2013

UTK used to Kill Custom #3 ? Increase Crime means UMNO-BN-PBS Security UPGRADE??#$%^&*

So more custom Top Brass getting killed on the instruction of UMNO Rosmah/Najib alliance because of $27 Million ringgit CINCIN /Ring matter.?  Are the Customs in custody of Billions of Gold Bars and ringgit ready to be shipped out in case UMNO-BN get Trashed Big time in GE13?  Or is this person going to speak 2-3 days before the election to REVEAL the MASSIVE outflow of UMNO-BN-PBS leaders corruption money from Malaysia like tons of USA dollars???  Last time another was killed by MACC via the normal modus operandi....jumping from windows. So trying to cover up all EVILS related to UMNO early in case there is CHANGE/UBAH.  Too late I think.  The fact that so MANY ARMY GENERALS in Pakatan and vying for MP Seats is an Assurance to USA, CIA. UN and the WORLD this is going to be a SMOOTH Transition.  From Chief of Navy, 3 & 4 stars seems ALL these Generals have seen some light on the EVILS of UMNO and Rakyat needs to support them to Change for Better Malaysia.

Until today the faces of the UTK who killed Altantuya not revealed and not asked to stand trial for the REASON and WHO instructed them to carry out this Murder with explosive.

Won't suprise me if some UTK or UMNO Perkakas go and kill Anwar, Lim Kit Siang or Hadi or Tok Guru in the days ahead because of the FEAR in UMNO Racist murderers.  It will all be covered up with a Royal Sham Commission and the Sultan /Agong defender of Munafiq UMNO Islam, the Sacker of Singapore from Malaysia will do nothing.  Wonder what kind of event will make Malaysian wake up and REVOLUTION!!??

Malaysia is in a sad state.  People go jogging, walking, shopping can be mugged or killed or raped by these criminals and PDRM says small matter.$%^&* To UMNO only when people die they investigate and take action and hope th eproblem go away.  Soldiers/police die defending Sabah and UMNO thinks small matter.  UMNO-PBS DID NOT NIP the problem in the BUD there from days of Project IC, now trying to say they have handled the matter Well! %^&*! What Crap!  Shooting and fighting is still heard in Lahad Datu and various Sabah area.  Sabahans would do well to just vote DAP/STAR for ALL state seats & Pakatan for Federal Seats.  With state control, you can slowly work on UBAH and KELUAR when the Window of opportunity presents.  Why share in the $1 Trillion dollar debt when you can debt of ZERO as a Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Germany or Australia 2 & 3???  Give Malaysian an option to Migrate!!

8 More Days to put an end to Misery and start the REBUILDING for a Better Malaysia.  Perhaps time for Mat Kilau to start putting an END to RTM/UMNO Perkakas/tools Main Stream media to stop Transmitting thier lies like President Assad is doing to Syrians or Gadaffi before his demise.  Perhaps its time to Terminate the RTM/TV3/Astro, NSTP, Berita H, utusex, nanyang Transmission 2-3 days before election.

Think of ways to frustrate UMNO-BN-PBS Lies and Sham communication strategy!  Thank you Internet!!  Change We Must - ABU - UBAH - INI KALI LAH!!  End the UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB 55 years of torture to Malaysia.  Time to let UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB leaders enjoy their jail menu food daily!!

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