Monday, April 29, 2013

The Only hope to bring back English as medium of education is vote PAS, DAP, PKR!!...UBAH - Ini Kali LAH!!1

Scrap that stupid Muhiddin Dunggu reversion back to Bahasa malaya. This STUPID Education minister is a reflection of UMNO-BN inept and incompetence management of country.  Like the handling of Sulu War with Sabahans.  We need to retire him and send him to Jail for making another generation of children stupid and dumbed down.   Let him taste some prison food for condemning generations of children and adults to their ineptness and incompetence WITH EVIL Intent!  Everyone knows these Scumbags of UMNO Racist, their cronies and Sultan/Agong ALL, I mean ALL these UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB-Sultan scumbags send their children to International schools and overseas ENGLISH college/universities on tax payers money to be educated in English!....and Rosmah given $2 Billion Ringgit for Permata(some Autism outfit)...what for?? for cincin, birkin, holiday house, NFC, yatch,?  ABU - UBAH and let them taste prison food for the rest of their life!!  This is UMNO-BN gangnam style trick to Malaysia...patrons of handicapped but SAPU those money.  Some patrons of Cows/Lembu and SAPU the money in the name of islam and umrah later!!  UMNO-BN is patrons of malaysia and SAPU ALL those money.  Don't let these Parasites insult Christianity, Hinduism, Buddism, Islam or any religion this way anymore.  ABU- UBAH- Keluar!!

This is the Scumbag UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB way of making their own children, relatives and connected to have competitive edge, while other malaysian humans condemn to the scrap heap of UMNO-BN brand of  drip feed Love.  The kind that demand your once in 5 year vote to further condemn you for another 5 year of misery under the guise of Racist progress.  Racist progress means the moment you question the usefullness of Bahasa it means the challenge to malay culture, king and islam.  We have the power to end this sickness on 5 May.  we need 100% Malaysian ABU....ABCD - anything but cap dacing.... a tree, an elephant and whatever is better than a dacing!!

Don't make it a 60 years UMNO-BN rule.  After sacking Singapore, only Sabah/Sarawakians with State control can SACK malaya.  That is the power of Sabah/Sarawak constitution and as soon as UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB scums get a whiff of that intention, they will want to change your constitution to serve UMNO-Sulu Islamic jihadist terrorist.  No Allah!!  There are scums in society(from all walks of race and religion) who will gladly take the $$$$$$ in the name of representing the race/religion.  Hope they rot in Hell with their money and a thousands curses to their families who benefited from their crime.

War still going on in Sabah.  How long more does it take to Hang / Gantung those UMNO-Sulu Terrorist caught?  Stop Lying only 35 shot dead....UMNO Army Chief.  Those in malaya who holds a gun without license is hung but in Sabah, there is room for discussion/bincang on HOW MANY project IC is needed for UMNO-Sulu supporters???#$%^kepala otak bincang!  Kat Malaysia sesiapa yang ada senapang tanpa license akan digantung.  Kat Sabah sesiapa yang ada senapang boleh bincang!! #$%^& binatang!  What kind of Crap Justice is this.  UMNO-PBS-Sulu have insulted those dead police and army in order to solidify their hold on Sabah!  Sabahans can TERRORISE UMNO-PBS-BN-Sulu by voting STAR-DAP on ALL state seats and PAKATAN on Federal seats.  UNDI DAP-STAR bagi ADUN, dan Pakatan untuk Kerusi Parlimen.  Win-Win and SABAH ABU Style!!  If UMNO only bincang with Gun Holders then we need to seriously consider this option to manage our own security.

The racist ideology of UMNO-BN+ Sultan is similar to Kim Jong Il of North Korea.  Make Malaysian stupid, fearful and DEPENDENT on UMNO-BN+Sultan+Sulu Terrorist+ Thailand jihadist for security and safety.   For 55 years all local media have been singing one tune of UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB + Sultan greatness.  Ask yourself how come GDP of Malaysia is less than Singapore in 2012/13.  Than means a country about Langkawi size have more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ than entire Malaysia? @$%^& COMBINED!  How come malaysia don't have 13 Singapore is the question we need to ask these parasites of UMNO-PBS-PBB-Agong -Sultan Malaysia...  What Reason you Scum sacked Singapore?? Don't insult our inteliigence with your brand of Evil Ideology of Racism and misery!!

Which Scumbags of UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB-Sultan-Agong + relatives + children have those money gone to for 55 years??....and use enough $$$$$$$ to control the police and army chiefs

Every human no matter what status they hold in society have dignity,  UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB-Sultan-Agong have NO Right whatsoever to insult that DIGNITY.  That dignity is respected by Allah/God and who gave you the right to insult that human dignity of Malaysian with your illogical racist money grabbing ideology??  For the Ruling elite, it is for your sake to Respect that DIGNITY given to Malaysian.....for Allah/God can end your life tomorrow and rot in Hell or Raise an Army of Malaysian to Obliterate you like Gadaffi and President Assad and hopefully President Kim of N. Korea or Pol Pot!!

UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB-Sultan-Agong have supported the Bullying of Iban Native Land titles...55 years.  Where is the Dignity in that??  UBAH - Ini Kali Lah!!

Don't forget to Boycott that For San Yum Char in Ipoh cos that is NOW owned by Jelapang Hee ex-DAP who helped UMNO+Sultan Munafiq Perak Islam Shah do their Evil deeds.  Boycott also that Crap Sekinchan Ikan Bakar all over.  In fact KFC, Pizza hut, Starbucks...etc and those Berjaya Sham or UMNO franchaise SHAM - Boycott!! 

So sad ... so much of Malaysian future resting on this -lose-or No Ubah....I will continue to fight until UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB is Obliterated.  That is the Mat Kilau Dream against these Scumbags and parasites of society..!


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