Monday, April 22, 2013

Lots of Joy and disappointment!!

Yes...lots of joy & anger from state and Parlimentarian candidates from Pas, Dap, Pkr.  Some have served dilligently but not selected.  While others who are tin kosong, gathering dust are kept...that is Politics.  Perhaps all these displaced people need to gather and form MCLM.

DAP don't be too happy by being allowed to use Rocket....After election if need a few seats to form Government all DAP exco declared illegal and another by election.  This ROS thing is a SHAM just no need to use all the Fire-Power now by PERKAKAS UMNO.  What is Rakyat plan in BANTAH RAKSASA???

I cannot accept so many candidates but have to still ABU or ABCD to Force a change in malaysia Regime.  A wrong time to be independent but then again could be the best of time if a hung parliament occurs.  Your net worth suddenly got up to $50 million Ringgit in certain states.  Perhaps that is why some are taking that risk.  Of course only the shams and crooks of UMNO-BN can offer that.  Lets hope those who stay low and accepted the Party wishes of cronism do get some job when Pakatan take power.

Then with your inside information slowly kill off those scums within your party.  It is an unfair world and sometimes hard to be humble.  Yet not many will be offered $$$$$ like those frogs all over Malaysia.  Above all you need to dig deep as to the reasons you entered politics.  Is it to serve, benefit or follow blindly with all sorts of motives.
I for one sure hate it to the max after being to the slave to rakyat and be kick out unceremoniously.  Yet with only 2 major groups to choose, perhaps its time to start pondering now how to start the 3rd force and which area to allow each candidate to stand for in the coming GE14.  United you have the power, divided you are toss like the boat on the sea.

The worst outcome in this election is another 5 years of UMNO-BN.  Perhaps then we see the final clearing out of Scums from Pakatan.  Then your effort to stand as independent could have condemn Malaysia to 4th world status, worst than Zimbabwe.  We need to end UMNO-BN.  Are you contributing to end this SHAM UMNO-BN or aiding the opportunity for Change??

At the end of the day, when your life have ended and the GREAT RESET in your life for every human takes place.  You think Allah/God is blind to all your evil or good intention??

A Warning to DAP, PAS, PKR - don't take the rakyat good will for Granted.  A returned UMNO-BN on GE 14 will make sure the revenge is sweet.  So bring back English as medium of instruction, give Sabah/Sarawak their RIGHTFUL wealth and send those UMNO-BN Crooks and Scums to Prison.  Change MUST be implemented by end of year one.  We have no time for Politiking, enriching or legacy making!!

Keep Up the ABU and ABCD !!   Vote STAR, DAP in Sabah/Sarawak......Malaysian need a new place to migrate and create Singapore or Taiwan or Australia or South Korea 2 & 3.....

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