Thursday, April 25, 2013

Don't Be a Romatics to UMNO Illogical Madness..>> SACK THEM NOW!!

If there is bombs, pirates, terrorist incursion into your area - UMNO can provide Security.  #$%^!#

If there is flood, landslide, high crime rate, Murder, robbery - UMNO can provide Best Security.  #$%^!$*

If Petrol rises, food price rise, cost of living rise, electricity rise, - UMNO can provide the Best of Best Living security standard by asking you to consume Less.  #$%^!@

If country goes bankrupt, jobs lost, chaos on the streets, little food left, cars expensive, transport bad - UMNO can give you Living security. #$%^&*
If there is traffic jam, building collapse, poor education standard, expensive overseas education - UMNO can fix them like FAM Sultan can fix malaya soccer team for 30 years. #$%^*!

That is called being a Romantics to UMNO-BN-PBS media SHAM and SCAM.  ABU - Sack them from Running your life forever!  That means you LOVE UMNO so much to live in misery, hunger, stupidity, being racially undermined - THEN There is No cure to your Sickness.  Fortunately the number of citizens in this category is in their minor of minority!!  Don't be afraid of CHANGE.  Change is Good as long as UMNO-BN-PBS is no longer there!  Change is for Better.  55 Years of same old team is sickening!!  Cure is Change!!  FREEDOM is a GIFT From GOD.  Choose Freedom!!

Sabahans vote STAR/DAP in State ADUN seats and Pakatan in Federal MP seats and start the process of giving Malaysia an alternative to migrate.  So DAP and STAR can run the state and Pakatan run the country.  IF things still bad, then UBAH and KELUAR!!!  One has to start somewhere like PAS in Kelantan.  Sabahans can make Sabah like Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, Australia, South Korea with the Natural Resources you have by EXTINGUISHING of UMNO-BN-PBS Laws.   Malaya - $1,000 Billion or $1 Trillion debt  Sabah -$0 debt/hutang!  Restart with freedom of Religion, Press, Freedom from ISA, Freedom from Sulu Terrorist, freedom from bahasa malaya.  BRING BACK ENGLISH AS MEDIUM for Everything..>Represents No Race!!

No offence meant to malays, but Bahasa should be relegated.  Stop the lies of dumbing down the citizen Malaysia when UMNO + cronies, sultan + children  ALL send children to English medium school and then to Expensive English medium of Instruction schools OVERSEAS. #$%^*  How about these Munafiq/Hippocrates malay leaders go back to Bahasa Malaya and study in local Uni,  DON'T  FORCE Your Poison education to Freedom seeking Malaysian.  We seek Freedom from UMNO and so must ABU-ABCD!!

Keep Changing As long as there is NO UMNO-BN.  That is the Spirit of ABU!!

Remember - Not a single dot on the ballot paper near the Dacing Box area or Outside Box.  Reject that ballot paper and ask for NEW or Ask to declare the area Null and Void!!  Use your LAST finger to dip into indellible ink and thumb and index finger to hold paper.  Don't give UMNO project EC a Chance to REJECT your vote for PAS, DAP, PKR due to a markings, blot, ink!!

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