Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Each Election under UMNO-BN is still the same UNTIL CHANGE is SEEN!!

Does UMNO-BN  provide a useful service? Do they make the world richer... or better... in any way at all? Are they productive members of society or bloodsucking parasites? Does it need 55 years to decide on inept, incompetence, injustice, corruption, racism??

Everyday now on Malaysia UMNO-BN media and ALL their Perkakas is a worship on the greatness of UMNO-BN and the Chaos on Pakatan.  Remember When Gadaffi was under severre attack by the Opposition Nationalist Army?  Gadaffi was using jets to obilterate the resistance until his jets was taken down by NATO.

Perhaps Malaysian now need to take down the Media Transmission tower of UMNO-BN, RTM, TV3, Astro, Radio and the newspaper printing press until these parasites play fair in this "democratic" battle.  However we like the lies that keep going on as when UMNO-BN is in opposition Pakatan will just NOT Renew thier License and set up a new company that has freedom of worship, religion, racism and from ISA as their Media Ideology!

Every human no matter how high or low in their status have dignity.  We ALL need to respect that dignity...... Ip Man

Its time to bring these Scums and UMNO-BN Crooks, leaders and ruling elite to the level of Human Dignity and reflect on the System they have subjected Malaysia for 55 years.  Hotel Bamboo River is their first level of reflection.  After passing that level will be the food served there then a life without corruption money.

If we cannot bring UMNO-BN into a level of human dignity, then Malaysia is likely going the way of Cyprus, Zimbabwe, Sabah and more chaos to justify Emergency Rule like North Korea.  Get Ready for Hyper INFLATION in the next 5 years of UMNO-BN. 1 kg rice is $10 ringgit!!  1 litre petrol will be $10 ringgit. 2 ikan kembong $10 ringgit.  This is Najib 10 fingers Malaysia after the 1 Malaysia Sham Crap#%^&*#  Everything will be 10 times more expensive + your money in banks and EPF minus 30% like in Cyprus!!

When Injustice becomes Law, Resistance is duty!   Get your money out of Malaysia Ringgit If you can and spread your risk!!

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