Sunday, May 12, 2013

Note this down as the Truth in Malaysian History!! Tell everyone including your children...May 13, 1969

As the days past by more and more people trying to cast doubts on the Truth.  We need to ask Allah/God to give us eyes and ears and above all a bit of Brains to Ponder on the reasons.

Its a fact that Tun Dr M = Bapa Kemerosoton , Corruption Genocide Father and Murderer of innocent Malaysian, Penans, Kg Medan Indians, May 13 Riots where malays also died.  A Convinient Liar, Racist bigots whose desire is to enrich himself and watch the rest of Malaysian live in misery.

Lets start with the separation of Singapore.  Nothing to do with Tun, but lots to do with Tunku, Razak(Najib's Father) + Sultan.  This was a racist act to consolidate the malay power in the hands of a few in a hope that in poverty and misery, Singapore would beg, sign and rejoin Malaysia later, since there is no natural resources there.  Lee Kuan Yew could have played hard ball and not acknowledge the sacking and join Sabah/Sarawak, thereby widening the region.  Due to Lee Kuan Yew arrogance, greed and wanting to make a point, he gave up on the other Malaysian stuck in malaya, gave up Sabah/Sarawak, gave up Christmas Island to Australia to consolidate his position.

One cannot say Lee Kuan Yew Failed Singaporeans, not when the GDP of this tiny Island is larger than Malaysia.  One can say that was the start of the ROT of Malaysia.  Following losses in Singapore election, UMNO wanted to consolidate their position among malays and what was left to salvage pride.  So Riots followed and climax with May 13, 1969.  Mainly Chinese were killed, painted in TAR and buried in several Mass Grave around Selangor....some in Sungai Buloh.  Mind you, it was jungle and communist roam there....who dare go and investigate after the event??

This was whre the Father of Malaysia Genocide - Tun Dr M stepped in with Tun Razak.  All the TUNs in Malaysia are a Real Sham if you dig deeper into their legacy.  Mahathir wanted power, money and so created his Killers.  Many non muslim malay died at his instructions with Harun.  Those carrying out the killings were instructed to paint the face and exposed hands with tar and buried in mass grave that still exist today somewhere in the jungles of Sg Buloh and surroundings.  Some have tall buildings over them.

This was Mahathir modus operandi and ideology from that young age.  Kill and cover up!!  No secret why altantuya died.  Mahathir wanted to cover up Bukit Cina in Malacca because the grave there predates Parameswara.  Other civilization that surpass the malay race are put under OSA.  That is how evil UMNO tried to create their legacy of lies.

All the biggest scandals have the Mahathir DNA in it.  All Major Race Killings have Mahathir Hands in it.
Lots of Sham and Scam and evils were done by Mahathir including the death of Fuad of Sabah!!

After the 87 UMNO spilt, Mahathir made a fake heart by-pass to win some sympathy votes.  There was no operations done.  It was a lie to fish some malay votes to undermine Razaleigh.  It was a sham, just like the sham that confirms Sudirman died from AIDS.  There is no scar on his chest.  Some nurses have revealed this.

Mahathir actually goes on yearly placenta injection with Ananda for USD$30,000 to Switzeland to continue looking young and healthy.  No problem there as the money is from the crony you build from Rakyat trears and hardwork.  Thank God human die and your day of reakoning is also soon.  Perhaps sooner than you thought and most unexpectedly in the most shameful manner...that is what Rakyat Malaysia hope!

Good luck to those police, army, airline engineers, people used by Mahathir to kill, maime, cover up citizen Malaysia.  As you depart this earth, the urge to speak to right the wrong is strong.  Sometimes its too late, you will rot in Hell anyway, together with the rest of Perkakas UMNO racist!  Some are coming out and speaking out to tell the truth about Mahathir involvement.  More power to you then but its stilll Allah/God's called where you end up eventually.

Mahathir other evils and coverup:
Project IC in Sabah
Project Land grab-Sarawak
Project take Petronas money
Project MAS - paying $8 for a $3.68 share. ( If this is how UMNO manages Rakyat money, malaysia is Finish)
Penan killings
taking of Orang Asli land to enrich family and cronies
Bank Bumi Sham
Plane crash that killed Mohd Fuad
Kg Medan Killings
Making Bahasa M the medium of education - Epic Fail
Media License
Granting of University status - MCA merdeka U
Sultan Shams Like Perak, Johor, Negeri 9, Kelantan, Selangor, Pahang...etc
Mokthar Hashim murder - pardon
Anwar Bashing in prison
Lim Guan Eng - Thamby Chik - ex Malacca Pedeofile act
...and the list goes on and on  AND WILL GO ON AND ON UNTIL UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS is Obliterated and Replaced with PAS, DAP, PKR, STAR....
Supporter of Gadaffi, Assad, Hezbollah, Sulu, Arafat,.....and the evils of this world Today!!

How did we allow one EVIL Racist man do so much EVIL and live happily in Malaysia, while others live in misery?

Fight Evil with Evil.....Perhaps Accept the Katak from PBS and PBB and Let Pakatan Run Malaysia from September 2013??...After all we need to compromise to get cheaper fuel, abolish tol, English medium education....those who are in we delay their Prosecution from Pakatan.....time to think outside square!!  Just 25-30 seats to change government...then can sack EC/SPR chief, police, army......quite compelling!!  Ponder and consider it!!  Sabah/Sarawak can also ABU- UBAH - KELUAR....SHORT CUT!!

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