Friday, May 03, 2013

Imagine.....Bayangkan.....Ini Kalilah - UBAH !!!

6 May - history Created in Malaysia - New Pakatan Rakyat (Price Reduce Government)

(Rush to the Palace and turun Jalan Raya to stop Perkakas UMNO- PDRM, or anybody stop Anwar from being Sworn in!.....Get ready for road block...UNBLOCK THEM - Ini Kali Lah!! Ubah)

7 May - Petrol Price Drop!!

8 May - Free Education

9 May - UMNO-BN(Barang Naik) in Opposition

10 May - UMNO-BN Leaders Cabut/Leave Malaysia

11 May - Tol Abolished!

12 May - Sultan Perak eat humble Pie  :handrub:

13 May - Public holiday

14 May - More UMNO-BN join Pakatan

15 May - Starting by one the corrupted UMNO-BN minister either in MACC office, lokup or already cabut country......  Boycott Foh Sun Yum Char in Ipoh - owned by Jelapang Hee Yit Foong, Ikan bakar Sekinchan, Starbucks, KFC, petronas, local banks....until they go bankrupt!  UMNO-Sulu Islamic terrorist in Sabah WILL be OBLITERATED!!!

16 May Raja Petra balik kampung, Ms Listen, Listen, Listen - unemployed lecturer!!


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