Friday, May 24, 2013

UNITE May 25, 2013 all over Malaysia to Fight against People Who have No Love!!

How true, UMNO-BN, Zahid, Hissap, muhiddin, Najib are people who have hate and greed in their DNA.

We must unite like several length of individual thread so that the WILL and the power of UNITY cannot be broken by Tyranny, Evil and Hate.  When we are the rope we will have the strength to bind up the evil of UMNO-BN.  UMNO-BN agenda is that of making Malaysian submit to their hate, anger, greed. 

Malaysian are born of Love, freedom and unity.  Together we gather all over Malaysia today 25 May, 2013 to support a movement for a better Malaysia.

UMNO have no mandate to threaten, hate, convict and terrorise Malaysian.  We Terror back.  We unite and show them the unity.  Notice its always UMNO the shadow puppet when terrorism strikes Malaysian.  Those who oppose their calling to bow and submit to their terror will be sent to jail.#$%^&  and the Perkakas PDRM are their lap dog like those BN components in UMNO-BN + Sultan /Agong.

This is not the end of Rally.  Whenever the WISHES of the People is not carried out, we will rally to TOPPLE UMNO-BN down.  We were cheated of lower petrol price, Abolishing Tol and Free basic, so good for Malaysian.  We have the right to be angry and Not live in Misery.

Those who need in misery are those MPs and leaders in UMNO-BN if they still have not heard the hunger and anger of the people!!

ABU - ABCD and Kali INI Lah!!

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