Thursday, May 09, 2013

He who sacrifice Freedom for security deserver neither.....ben franklin

Remember if you want security vote UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB...@#$#
Now we have security no freedom.

Negotiation is underway with 25 MP for security & freedom.....can rakyat Malaysia accept this back door to UBAH!!??? UMNO-BN is lame duck with 41% popular votes.....

Now it is made clear how UMNO wants to rule forever with the power to make people poor, dependent on their drip feed RACIST ideology.  Never mind the 3 million malays and Indians who voted against UMNO racist malays.  They are all categorised as the Chinese malays now.  How insulting can you get if  you were a malay who wanted cheaper petrol, Abolish Tol, Free education, change, progress, good governence!! #%^&!

Not a single minute of air time in Malaysia Media, not even if one wants to pay and you call this a  MANDATE??#$%^&.  Go to Hell UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB.  Wear Black on Merdeka and on September 16.  Malaysia Rakyat of 60% will bring FEAR to UMNO-BN!!   Cheater will NOT PROSPER!!  Watch out Malaysian....economic Crisis coming, flood like in KL yesterday, disaster....until UMNO-BN is Obliterated with EC/SPR/NRD!!

Yet now UMNO racist and their perkakas(tools) trying to use EC/SPR as their shield and deflect the anger of a Rigged election.  TIPU PILIHANRAYA, TURUN JALAN RAYA!!  An indelible ink that can be wiped off after 5 years and Millions of ringgit into some product research by some EC/SPR cronies resulted in this SHAM?? They are ALL planned SHAM and SCAM.  In the similar way Singapore was sacked from Malaya, to continue UMNO racist ideology!!  It is an ideolgy that is losing it sting because population is increasing with even fewer opportunities to improve in this Current Racist UMNO run economy.  Now the trillions of Debt will make things Barang Naik and lets see if that can create the Hunger and Anger of the People.

Don't border with election then.  It is just another tool to legitimise an illegal racist UMNO-Baru government  and their SHAM.  Yet in their SHAM Pakatan manage to still take 3 states and increase their share of people and votes.  Nothing stopping this 3 states to KELUAR MALAYSIA and See what that does to malaya and Malaysia debt as a whole.  Now we have almost 60% of the population in support, don't forget that mandate to do something that UMNO-Baru Never Imagine.

After being Raped, tortured, insulted by UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS, the call for reconciliation???#$%^   What sick people would submit to that?  Some would, but if that is the kind of democracy you want then good luck to your principle.  After sending UMNO-Sulu Terrorist to bomb Sabah, UMNO says you vote UMNO for security???#$%^!  See the same ideology in their empty talk, maximised by Raja Petra and the media in malaysia.  Trust no one.  Dig a bunker and wait for the economic crisis to hit when the Boycott bring companies linked to UMNO-BN down.  We just take to the streets, take power and drag those Scumbags out like Gadaffi or soon Assad. 56 years, and UMNO have Perfected the election SCAM, Fraud Process and Sabahans was the first to taste the Scam.  Under UMNO how come Sabahans are neither a Selangor or Penang ??

Looks like Pakatan too have to cheat and  make deals with 25 MP to have the opportunity of new government....whether you like it or not the wheels are in motion for a September 16 UBAH.  A DPM and Finance from Sabah/Sarawak after 56 years......hmmmmm  ....... free from prosecution..... hmmmmm.  Is this better than deaths like in Sabah vs Sulu-UMNO terrorist....hmmmm.  More to follow.  Crime rate is rising and things are getting worst under the same regime.  All pillars of Democracy are flushed down the toilet.  The Sultan/Agong who sacked Singapore seems happy with UMNO-BN...... Perhaps a need for new Paradigm!!....stay tuned!!...Continue disrupt...disrupt disrupt....Boycott...boycott...boyctt!

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