Monday, May 06, 2013

We Don't have to be be ROMANTICS to Election Cheats and Rorts!!...and Sultan /Agong approve of it!!


NOW SPR/EC says 85% Malaysian Voted and 44% Support UMNO-BN.  UMNO-BN is Thus Ruling without popular MANDATE!!    You really believe what the local media and EC/SPR says??  This is world record turn out to vote stuff!!
Bangkit Bantah!!

The indelible ink was not indelible means this ENTIRE Election is NULL and VOID.  Take it to the HIGH courts and see how the judges see this SHAM election SCAM.  There is a case and we should pursue it!!  There are so many irregularities and SHAM that EC/SPR in cahoots with UMNO-BN. 

In the mean time we should just Boycott all the UMNO-BN media, banks and use the 56% power to bring these Scumbag UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS  to the knees!!  56% did not vote BN and because of foreigners and illegals, UMNO-BN got 44%.  That means their real support only like 41%.  UMNO-BN and cronies and perkakas are a minority and you better watch out for a REVOLUTION.  Agong-Sultan said nothing means they feel safe with UMNO-BN.
We don't have to accept the election results that is similar to the project IC in Sabah previously done by Tun Dr kemerosotan Malaysia, to reduce christian influence in Sabah and bring in Islam.

Now UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS have used the same EVIL TRICK to deny the malay voice in how th country should run.  Then your progress will be like Sabah/Sarawak Now.  NOTHING Progress!!  Malaysia is officially govern by banglas, nepalese, burmese, pakistanis, sulus, illegals....etc.  Fast forward 20 years and there will be bombs, terror in ALL Malaysia because UMNO-BN cannot accept the verdict of the people of Malaysia in 2013 and had to cheat.  That is how UMNO-BN_PBB-PBS have condemned Malaysia to be a Pariah nation and not one like Singapore, Taiwan, Japan or South Korea.

The war in Sabah is ongoing like an on going war with communist previously.  Sadly this war against muslim UMNO-Sulu terrorist jihadist will not end soon.

UMNO racist cannot accept they are no longer loved by 56% of Malaysian....yes 56% because if you add in the illegals, foreigners voters...its 44% who love UMNO-BN =Barang Naik.  MCA-MIC-PPP-Gerakan have no choice but to merge and become new party called Macai UMNO !!  The reality is only 41% malaysian voted the Scums UMNO-PBS-PBB-BN.

Continue the Boycott and DDOS attack on ALL umno cronies and business!! Until there is another election or UMNO racist is obliterated.  Trust me nothing will improve in Malaysia....sack UMNO-BN sooner before Malaysia is in ruins!!

HERE-DDOS timing


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