Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Open your eyes to KPI- Key Performance indicator!!

At work you have a KPI goals to meet.  If you fail it miserably, you are sacked or demoted.  No one wants to hire you within the company if they know your performace and constant failing of KPI.

When you cheat and don't reach your KPI goals, you are sacked!

What is UMNO-BN KPI??  To make Malaysian prosper, be like Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and Developed Nation soon like Singapore in 2000.  If UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB fail in their KPI and Cheat to retain their position to prosper, take your money and make no progress to a nation, they should have been sacked long ago.  In spite of their cheating and shamming and scamming, Pakatan have managed to sack them in Some states for 2 term running now.  Now we have 56% Malaysian trying to sack this recalcitrant, useless, workers in UMNO-BN_PBB-PBS, yet we wonder how they are NOT Sacked after their constant corruption, murder, election dismal performance.

What about the so called referee for election??  The Election Commission, Suruhanjay Pilihanraya.   What is their KPI.  If they cheat and abet with UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB to maintain the status quo, then we need to wake up to the Sham and SCAM and have EVERY RIGHT to either bring both UMNO-BN or EC down or Declare the Election 2013 Null and Void.

You see the EC/SPR KPI was to have indelible ink.  Now that is no small matter in an election.  People wants an honest legitimate government free of Scams and Shams.  When we have onle like Malaysia Gerry manderring sham where for PAS.DAP, PKR have a 100,000 voters to vote ONE representative.  For UMNO-BN its like 16-50,000.  Now we know why the mandate to govern Malaysia is no longer UMNO-BN but Pakatan.  Now we cannot sack the EC/SPR since they are the Bias Corrupted referee.  Rakyat Malaysia have only one more avenue which is to declare the ENTIRE Election Null and Void because the tool that was suppose to remove cheats - EPIC FAIL!!  When something Fail in an election, the result is compromised.  When the result is compromised, the result is not credible,  When the result is not credible then one needs to have ANOTHER Election.  UMNO-BN cannot use EC/SPR as their excuse because EC/SPR is part of the UMNO-BN machinery.  How to tolerate losing gracefully??  How to be sportsmans like?  It is PURE EVIL....@$#$#!!  Dont be a ROMANTICS to Cheating especially for 56 Years!!

If there is No new election in 3-6 months time then Rakyat have every right to Turun Jalan Raya and UBAH Kerajaan.

Of course we are angry when UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB + EC+NRD+Sultan all approve of this cheating process and condemn Malaysian to be slave and live in misery.  It is no secret then why the UMNO-BN regime will end one day and END in ways that is unexpected.  If Gadaffi, Assad, Egypt, and other western Revolution have not woken the Racist UMNO-BN up then you will eventually get what you deserve.  Mat Kilau now will continue disrupt, disrupt...disrupt until UMNO-BN Obliterated.  Sorry for the inconvenience and floods and those things that make things WORSE!!!  Some are Act of God / Allah of course!!

Some people like being cheated and let it go.  Others like to take it to the extreme.  Now we are looking at 60 years of UMNO-BN Rule to make misery of Malaysian. This is NOT the first time this SHAM occured.  Remember Sabah??  Same tactics used and is it a wonder Sabahans wants to keluar Malaysia after 25 years of that Sham!!   EVIL Must be fought till the end!!  Well done Malaysian, despite EC/SPR we the UBAH - ABU still manage to Whack them in their own game.  NOW UMNO-BN is lame duck adminstration and more Corruption and murder will take place.  Open eyes, video, report, youtube and GIVE UMNO-BN HELL !!!

We Don't have to be ROMANTICS to ELECTION CHEATS of UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB....+ Sultan/Agong Approval....  Not especially for 56 years.  Indelible ink, NOT Indelible means Election 2013 NULL & VOID...test the HIGH COURTS!!  The process is broken and Compromised.... SEKALI LAGI LAH!!

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